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JJ Da Boss is a story of redemption that we all need in our lives. The man is a free-spirited street racer, who stars in the reality TV series, Street Outlaws. And while JJ has not always been on the safe side of the law, he has managed to change his life around since his early years. Now, JJ tells a story of success and redemption and hopes to inspire younger generations going forward. A car fanatic, cars became a saving grace for JJ who is now a reality TV star. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of JJ Da Boss.

Wiki/Bio facts

Full nameJonathan Day
NicknameJJ Da Boss
Date of birthAugust 10, 1973
Place of birthMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Zodiac signLeo
EducationHigh school
ProfessionStreet racer, television personality, Entrepreneur
TV showStreet Outlaws: Memphis
Net worth$2 million (as of 2023)
Marital statusMarried
SpouseTricia Day (aka Midget)
Children11 (not all from Tricia)
Parents Unknown
Crew membersBrian Britt (aka Roadblock), Dennis Bailey (aka Dennis The Menace), and others
CarsZiptie, Ole Heavy, Heifer, Zipper, Honey Bun, and others
Racing inspirationHis father and uncle who were also street racers
Racing troubleSeveral accidents and arrests, prison time for illegal activities
Racing successLeader of the Memphis racing family, star of Street Outlaws: Memphis
Racing mottoFamily and honor above money and fame
TV debutStreet Outlaws episode “Street Mission” in December 2016
TV spin-off showStreet Outlaws: Memphis in 2018
TV networkDiscovery Channel
Street outlaws JJ Da Boss
Street Outlaws streetcar racer JJ Da Boss

Early Life

Jonathan Day otherwise known as JJ Da Boss was born on the 10th of August 1973 at St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in Memphis, JJ later moved to Joiner, Arkansas, and spent much of his early life in the city. He attended the Rivercrest High School and graduated in 1992. JJ comes from humble beginnings and his parents often worked in construction. JJ’s love for racing arose after watching his father and uncle competing in several races. JJ comes from a family of racers and is known for his real steel-bodied cars. JJ didn’t go to college and chose to pursue his work in race cars.

On the other side of the law

Early on in his career, JJ was arrested by the federal authorities in response to a federal complaint filed by Chad and Genny Larkin. The lawsuit was filed in the Tenessee High Court. Chad and Genry charged JJ with counts of bodily harm and several other claims. The lawsuit found JJ to be guilty and sentenced him to prison for eight years. JJ was also charged on several other accounts including his street racing endeavors. When asked about his time in prison, JJ often mentions that his desire to provide everything for his family led him down the path.

Getting out

After getting out of prison JJ decided to turn over a new leaf. He returned to the world of street racing and was later snapped up by the reality TV series, Street Outlaws: Memphis. The series first aired on the 15th of January 2018 and JJ is the only permanent cast member. With a crew comprised of family, JJ takes on challenges from racers looking to taste the thrill of Memphis. After all, JJ and his family are nothing sort of legendary when it comes to street racing in Memphis.

Personal Life

JJ Da Boss is currently married to Tricia Day. Short for Patricia, Tricia is also a street racer and quite a good one. The couple has been together for more than a decade, but they have kept their early life and wedding details private. JJ Da Boss is also secretive about his previous marriages. The man is said to have 11 children from different marriages.

JJ Da Boss and wife Tricia Day along with their four children
JJ Da Boss and wife Tricia Day along with their four children

Wife Tricia Day

Tricia is a professional racer and a close friend of JJ Da Boss. She was born in Memphis, U.S., and is also a homemaker and a mother. She is part of JJ’s crew and has competed with every car in his garage, winning with each one. She has a confident and impressive racing style, regardless of the vehicle she drives. Her biggest prize so far is $30,000, which she earned by beating Detroit. Tricia looks young for her age, as she appears to be in her 30’s.

JJ Da Boss along with wife Tricia Day
JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia Day

JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day Children

JJ and Tricia have four children together: three daughters and a son. Their son, Jonathan Wayne, also known as little JJ, is the youngest of the four and was born on March 31, 2017. He is now six years old. Their daughters are Aubrey, Vada, and Annaline Day, in order of age. JJ also has seven other children from a previous relationship, making him a father of eleven and a grandfather of five. However, not much is known about his other children or grandchildren.

Who drives what?

JJ Da Boss, the fastest man and the biggest gambler on the streets of Memphis, is back and ready to race. He has his family by his side, as well as his loyal crew of street racers. He is determined to dominate the competition like he did in his early years of hustling. He introduced his crew members and their cars in a past interview saying:

“Tricia, she drives Heifer, that’s my car. Precious drives Ole Heavy. That’s my truck. And then there’s Jeffrey James who drives Big Block Killer. Jason Carpenter, he drives Sexy the Camero. Lee Roberts, he drives Night Force. Anthony Smith drives Hercules. Kenneth Gulley drives Bounty Hunter. Jason Ainsworth drives Prosecutor.”


One of the most serious controversies that JJ Da Boss faced was a lawsuit filed by another racer, Chad Larkin, who claimed that JJ Da Boss and his associates assaulted him during a race in 2018. Larkin alleged that JJ Da Boss invited him to a race in Memphis for a cash prize, but then attacked him with kicks and punches after he defended himself from verbal abuse. Larkin said he feared for his life and suffered multiple injuries, including a chipped tooth, a black eye, and a herniated disk. He sued JJ Da Boss, the Discovery Channel, and the production company for negligence, assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

JJ Da Boss denied the allegations and said that Larkin was the one who started the fight by disrespecting him and his crew. He said that Larkin was a sore loser who could not handle the pressure of street racing. He also claimed that Larkin was trying to get fame and money by exploiting his name and reputation. He filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that Larkin signed a waiver that released him from any liability for injuries or damages that might occur during the race.

Later, the lawsuit was eventually settled out of court , with both parties agreeing to drop their claims and pay their own legal fees. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the public. Neither JJ Da Boss nor Larkin commented on the outcome of the case.

Another controversy that JJ Da Boss faced was a car crash that he and his wife Tricia were involved in on January 12, 2022. The couple were reportedly filming the second season of Street Outlaws: America’s List when their cars collided with other vehicles on the road. JJ Da Boss suffered burns on his hands and face, while Tricia sustained hip injuries that required surgery. Their cars, Ziptie and Hummingbird, were severely damaged in the accident.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, but some fans speculated that it might have been due to mechanical failure, driver error, or interference from other drivers. JJ Da Boss and Tricia have not spoken publicly about the incident.

Net Worth

JJ makes most of his money through his profession as a Street Racer. Also having been featured in the TV show Street Outlaws gives him extra income and opportunity to explore other business endeavors. Pouncing on the fame from the TV show he runs a merchandise line called Memphis Street Racer with items such as hoodies, hats, keychains, t-shirts, license plates, and jackets on sale. The price range for his products is between $4 and $50. As of now, J.J has a net worth estimated to be around $2 M.

Physical Traits

Physical TraitDescription
Height5ft 7inch or 1.7 meter (approx.)
Weight75-95 Kg or 165.3-209.4 pounds
Body typeMuscular and athletic
Face shapeOval
PiercingNone visible
TattoosSome tattoos on his body
Eye colorBlue
Eye shapeAlmond-shaped with thick eyelashes
Hair colordark brown
Hair lengthShort and cropped
Hair styleSpiky on top with shaved sides
Facial hairStubble beard that covers his chin and jawline
EyebrowsThick and arched


Is JJ Da Boss his real name?No
Is JJ Da Boss married?Yes
Is JJ Da Boss related to Precious Cooper?Yes, she is his cousin
Is JJ Da Boss the leader of the Memphis racing family?Yes
Is JJ Da Boss from Memphis, Tennessee?No, he was born in Memphis, but grew up in Joiner, Arkansas.
Is JJ Da Boss a television personality?Yes, he stars in the Discovery series “Street Outlaws: Memphis” and its spin-offs.
Is JJ Da Boss a professional racer?No, he is a street racer who races for fun and honor.
Is JJ Da Boss accused of attempted murder?Yes, he was arrested and released on bond after an altercation with another racer and his wife in 2018.
Is JJ Da Boss bald?No, he has brown hair that he styles in spikes on top and shaves on the sides.
Is JJ Da Boss friendly?Yes, he is known for being charismatic, funny, and respectful to his crew and opponents.
Is JJ Da Boss fearless?Yes, he is known for being fast and fearless on the streets.
Is JJ Da Boss a mentor?Yes, he is known for helping his crew members with their racing skills and personal issues.
Is JJ Da Boss a cheater?No, he is known for racing by his own rules that are fair and honorable.
Is JJ Da Boss a fan favorite?Yes, he is popular among street racing fans who admire his skills and personality.
Is JJ Da Boss a rapper?No, he is not a rapper, but he does use some slang terms when he races.
Is JJ Da Boss an alcoholic?No, he is not an alcoholic, but he does drink beer occasionally.
Is JJ Da Boss religious?Yes
Is JJ Da Boss injured?No, he is not injured at the moment, but he has been involved in several accidents in the past.
Is JJ Da Boss retired?No, he is not retired from street racing or television yet.
Is JJ Da Boss famous?Yes, he is famous for being the star of “Street Outlaws: Memphis” and its spin-offs.
Is JJ Da Boss active on social media?Yes, he is active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
Is JJ Da Boss dating Precious Cooper?No, he is not dating Precious Cooper, she is crew member.
Is JJ Da Boss a good driver?Yes, he is a good driver who has been racing since he was 16 years old.
Is JJ Da Boss a good husband?Yes, he is a good husband who loves and supports his wife Tricia.
Is JJ Da Boss a good father?Yes, he is a good father who loves and provides for his children and grandchildren.
Is JJ Da Boss a good leader?Yes, he is a good leader who organizes and motivates his crew and challenges other teams.
Is JJ Da Boss a good friend?Yes, he is a good friend who treats his crew like his family and helps them whenever they need him.
Is JJ Da Boss a good person?Yes, he is a good person who has overcome many obstacles and achieved success through his hard work and dedication.
Is JJ Da Boss the best street racer in the world?No, he is not the best street racer in the world, but he is one of the fastest and most respected ones.

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