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JJ Da Boss is a story of redemption that we all need in our lives. The man is a free-spirited street racer, who stars in the reality TV series, Street Outlaws. And while JJ has not always been on the safe side of the law, he has managed to change his life around since his early years. Now, JJ tells a story of success and redemption and hopes to inspire younger generations going forwards. A car fanatic, cars became a saving grace for JJ who is now a reality TV star. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of JJ Da Boss.

Early Life:

Jonathan Day otherwise known as JJ Da Boss was born on the 10th of August 1973 at St. Joseph Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Born in Memphis, JJ later moved to Joiner, Arkansas, and spent much of his early life in the city. He attended the Rivercrest High School and graduated in 1992. JJ comes from humble beginnings and his parents often worked in construction. JJ’s love for racing arose after watching his father and uncle complete in several races. JJ comes from a family of racers and is known for his real steel-bodied cars. JJ didn’t go to college and chose to pursue his work in race cars.

Street outlaws JJ Da Boss
Street Outlaws streetcar racer JJ Da Boss

On the other side of the law:

Early on in his career, JJ was arrested by the federal authorities in response to a federal complaint filed by Chad and Genny Larkin. The lawsuit was filed in the Tenessee high court. Chad and Genry charged JJ with counts of bodily harm and several other claims. The lawsuit found JJ to be guilty and sentenced him to prison for eight years. JJ was also charged on several other accounts including his street racing endeavors. When asked about his time in prison, JJ often mentions that his desire to provide everything for his family led him down the path.

Getting out:

After getting out of prison JJ decided to turn over a new leaf. He returned to the world of street racing and was later snapped up by the reality TV series, Street Outlaws: Memphis. The series first aired on the 15th of January 2018 and JJ is the only permanent cast member. With a crew comprised of family, JJ takes on challenges from racers looking to taste the thrill of Memphis. After all, JJ and his family are nothing sort of legendary when it comes to street racing in Memphis.

Personal Life:

JJ Da Boss is currently enjoying his marriage to Tricia Day. Short for Patricia, Tricia is also a street racer and quite a good one. While the pair have not revealed details about their early life, it is safe to say that they have been together for quite a while. The pair are said to have been together for over ten years after the wedding. Details on JJ’s marriage is every bit secret as his early life. The man is said to have 10 children from different marriages.

JJ Da Boss and wife Tricia Day along with their four children
JJ Da Boss and wife Tricia Day along with their four children


Wife Tricia Day

Tricia was born in Memphis U.S. Not just a homemaker and a mother Tricia is a professional buddy of JJ Da Boss.  She joins JJ’s crew in races.  She has raced with every car in JJ’s garage and has won with each. We can say she is confident in her ability, no matter what wheel she takes she is able to showcase racing self. Her biggest haul until now is $30,000  she won against Detroit. As for the age, Tricia looks young like someone in her 30’s.

JJ Da Boss along with wife Tricia Day
JJ Da Boss along with wife Tricia Day

JJ Da Boss and Tricia Day children

The pair is blessed with four children among which three daughters and a son. JJ and Tricia first welcomed their eldest Aubrey then middle daughter Vada and then Annaline Day. Their youngest and only son Jonathan Wayne called as little JJ was born on March 31, 2017, currently three years of age.

Ther is very little information about JJ’s other children. Besides the fact, his older daughter Whitney Day is from the relationship with Liz Slack and eldest son Josh “Doughboy” Day is from previous relationships. Josh is into racing and has taken the streets of Memphis alongside him. Josh and his wife Chelsea’s two children Novaleigh and Kamden Day, make him a grandfather.

Who drives what?

JJ Da Boss is back on the streets of Memphis and he is ready to race. He now keeps his family closer than ever and is looking to blow away competition just like in his early years. When asked about his crew JJ said,

“Tricia, she drives Heifer, that’s my car. Precious drives Ole Heavy. That’s my truck. And then there’s Jeffrey James who drives Big Block Killer. Jason Carpenter, he drives Sexy the Camero. Lee Roberts, he drives Night Force. Anthony Smith drives Hercules. Kenneth Gulley drives Bounty Hunter. Jason Ainsworth drives Prosecutor.”

Net Worth

JJ makes most of his money through profession as Street Racer. Also having been featured in the TV show Street Outlaws gives him extra income and opportunity to explore other business endeavors. Pouncing on the fame from the TV show he runs a merchandise line called Memphis Street Racer with items such as hoodies, hats, keychain, t-shirts, license plates, jackets on sale. The price range for his products is between $4 and $50. As of 2020, J.J has a net worth estimated to be around $2 M.

Wiki Facts

Full nameJonathan Day
Date of Birth10/8/1973
Place of Birth
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S
ProfessionTelevision personality, Street racer, Entrepreneur
Net worth$2 M
Wife Tricia Day
ChildrenAubrey, Vada, Annaline, Jonathan Wayne, Whitney, Josh Day
Grand ChildrenNovaleigh and Kamden Day


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