Dr. Michael Lavigne Vet Wiki/bio, Age, Married life, children, net worth.

Michael Lavigne III is an American Veterinarian and a reality TV actor. For Lavigne performing treatment and surgery on animals is part of what he does at the Hospital. His clinic routines include all aspects of general treatment practice to soft tissue surgery and emergency medical care. The versatility he achieved is down to the over ten years of experience in the field and beforehand practice during veterinary studies.

Dr. Lavigne currently operates a full-service hospital and animal shelter named  Cy-Fair Animal Hospital in Cypress, Texas. His fellow professionals and friends Diarra Blue and Aubrey Ross partners with him in business. The trio forms an effective team with their combined experience of over 22 years helps them to successfully operate on extensive cases on the household as well as exotic animals. They also take on house calls for treating large animals.

The three also forms the cast of reality TV show “The Vet Life.” The show chronicles their juggling act running the full-service hospital and animal shelter while managing family lives filled with spouses, parents, in-laws, children, pets, and friends.

Dr Micheal Lavigne The Vet Life
The Vet Life TV show star Dr. Micheal Lavigne 

Read below as we unveil major details on Dr. Micheal Lavigne biography like his age, married life, family, net worth, and facts.

Dr. Micheal Lavigne Married life, wife, children

Dr. Lavigne is blissfully married to Anne who indeed was his girlfriend. The couple attended the same college even had class together. Although Dr. Lavigne and Anne knew each other, they did not talk much at the beginning. As Dr. Lavigne puts, his first car 1984 Ford Bronco played a big part in the couple getting along. Dr. Lavigne had himself locked out of the car with the key in the ignition. As he had no way of getting inside, he fished the keys out with a branch of a  small tree. Meanwhile, Anne was passing by and had noticed his effort, and she was impressed. It became the pushover for their relationship.

The young couple dated each other before they decided to get married. The date of marriage is not known, but in an interview, Dr. Blue mentioned about Lavigne having a family while in vet school (Tuskegee University) we are pretty sure he was married to Anne back then.

Dr Micheal Lavigne wife Anne Lavigne
Dr. Micheal Lavigne wife Anne Lavigne(R) with Dr. Diarra Blue wife Jessica (L)

Dr. Lavigne and his wife, Anne lead a blissful married life, so far they have two children a son and a daughter. The couple with their children lives in Huston where Dr. Lavigne is engaged in his Veterinarian profession and runs an animal health clinic with his business partners. The couple also raises two pet dogs, a Schnauzer mix dog named Woody and a French Bulldog named Yama.

Dr. Micheal Lavigne Net Worth

This incredible doctor collects his net worth from business venture as Veterinarian and as a reality TV actor. He has been part of Animal Planet TV show “The Vet Life” since it’s inception in June of 2016. The shows follow three black veterinarians (Lavigne, Aubrey, Blue) juggling their family and profession side by side. The show also brings awareness to kids looking for a career in veterinary.

The average salary of Vet doctor in Texas is $98,979 per year which is 19% above national average in America. As for Dr. Lavigne his shares in Cy-Fair Animal Hospital in Cypress, TX allows him to earn way above a normal pay grade. Further, his earning from TV show aids in his net worth. Although no factual data about his net worth has come out some source estimates at $250,000.

Dr. Micheal Lavigne Wiki/Bio, Age

Micheal Lavigne III was born on November 14, 1974, in San Francisco, California, U.S. The birthdate makes him 43 years of age. He grew up in Slidell and New Orleans in the later of place he attended school. His father Micheal Sr would ride him and drop off every day, after school, he would wait at his grandmother’s place for him to return from work.

Lavigne learned to drive in his mother car 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme which became his car in senior years in high school.  As for his professional career choice, Lavigne was unaware of what to pursue. It was in his undergrad study (Major Biology) at Xavier University in Louisiana he decided of becoming a veterinarian.

He then attended Tuskegee University in Alabama where he earned his degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Upon graduation, he took the job in Las Vegas where he honed the skill. There he also learned about his special interests within the field—soft tissue surgery and emergency medicine. In 2015 Dr. Lavigne with his friend Dr. Blue and Dr. Ross established a full-service hospital and animal shelter, Cy-Fair Animal Hospital.


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