Remembering Randy Edwards from Swamp People, what actually happened?

Randy Edwards was a former star of the reality show Swamp People, which follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana. He was known for his adventurous and fearless spirit, his close bond with his family, and his love for the swamp. He tragically died in a car crash in 2018 at the age of 35.

Early Life and Family

Randy Dale Edwards was born in 1983, and raised in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana. His father, William “Junior” Edwards is a legendary gator hunter and commercial fisherman while his mother, Theresa, is a homemaker and outdoors person who has joined her husband in gator hunt and fishing trips. Randy had two brothers, Willie and Austin, and a sister, Letha.

Randy Edwards

Randy grew up in the swamp, learning to hunt and fish from his father. He also got into trouble with his older brother Willie, who was his best friend and partner in crime. They did everything together, from catching frogs to shooting guns.

Randy married Terri and had three children: Nathan, Randy II, and Sierra. He also had a daughter named Katelyn, who passed away. He loved his kids and took them on boat rides in the swamp when they were young.

Career and Fame

Randy made a living off the swamp, hunting alligators, fishing for buffalo, and selling frogs. He was one of the original cast members of Swamp People, a reality show that premiered on History Channel in 2010. The show featured him and his father Junior hunting gators in the Atchafalaya River Basin swamps.

Randy was featured on the first six seasons of Swamp People, along with his brother Willie, who often worked as a team on their boat. Randy was one of the most popular and successful hunters on the show, catching hundreds of gators every season. Randy enjoyed being on the show and sharing his stories with the fans. He also participated in live events and meet and greets with his fans.

Death and Legacy

Randy died in a car crash on September 15, 2018. He was driving south on LA 75 near LA 66 in  Iberville Parish, Louisiana when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a utility pole. He was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. State Police suspected that impairment was a factor in the crash. Randy’s death shocked and saddened his family, friends, and fans. His family confirmed his death on Facebook and asked for prayers and privacy. Randy’s funeral was held on September 20, 2018, at Wilbert Funeral Home, Plaquemine.

Randy’s legacy lives on through his children, his family, and his fans. He is remembered as a brave and passionate hunter who loved the swamp and his family more than anything. He is also remembered as a fun-loving and adventurous person who lived life to the fullest. He is missed by many who knew him and watched him on Swamp People.

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