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Having born to the narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar, life didn’t come easy for Manuela Escobar. Her father ran Medline Cartel during 70’s, and 80’s  and earned the billions of fortune from the drug smuggling while also made in Forbes top 100 wealthiest people list from 1987 to 1993, seven consecutive years. With his riches and unconditional love, he kept Manuela as a princess. However, in fear of rival Pablo couldn’t afford her a normal life. She was homeschooled and even lived in bunkers while he was on the run from rivals and authorities. The child grew up knowing her father as a hero was left broken when Pablo was killed in an encounter with police in Medline, Colombia in 1993. So what happened to Manuela? Is she dead? Where is she now? Get answers below in this wiki like a biography.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameManuela Escobar Henao
Date of birthMay 25, 1984
Place of birthColombia
Zodiac signTaurus
FatherPablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord and leader of the Medellín Cartel
MotherMaria Victoria Henao
BrotherJuan Pablo Escobar, also known as Sebastián Marroquín, an architect and author
EducationAttended public school in Argentina after changing her identity
Relationship statusUnknown, possibly single
ChildrenNone known
OccupationBusinesswoman and homemaker
Net worthEstimated to be around $600 million, inherited from her father’s fortune
HobbiesUnknown, possibly likes reading and writing
PersonalityShy, introverted, and reclusive
ControversiesFaced legal troubles and social stigma due to her father’s crimes
TragediesWitnessed her father’s violence and death at the age of nine
AchievementsSurvived the threats and dangers posed by her father’s enemies and the authorities
ChallengesHad to change her name and identity several times to escape her father’s legacy
Childhood dreamOnce asked her father for a unicorn, which he tried to create by stapling a horn and wings onto a white horse
FearsLived in constant fear of being killed or captured by her father’s rivals or the law enforcement
WishesWanted to have a normal life and a happy family
RegretsNone known
InspirationsNone known, possibly admires her mother for being strong and resilient
AspirationsNone known, possibly hopes to find peace and happiness in her life
SecretsKept a piece of her father’s beard under her pillow after his death
RumorsRumored to have burned $2 million in cash to keep herself warm while hiding in the mountains with her father
FactsThe only member of her family who has never been accused of any crime

Manuela Escobar Early Life, family

Born on 25 May 1984 in Colombia, Manuela Escobar is the daughter of Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao. She has an elder brother Juan Pablo Escobar who goes by name Sebastián Marroquín now. While growing up in Colombia, Manuela didn’t get chance to attend school. Her father arranged tutors at home even when the family was on the run for safety reasons she had teachers around.

Manuela loved singing from an early age, pampered by the love of her father she thought herself of a princess. At one birthday she asked for a Unicorn since her billionaire father couldn’t bring, he made one. His deadliest hitman Popeye took a beautiful horse from his farm and hit a cow ‘s horn on the forehead, the animal suffered infection and died days later.

Pablo Escobar wife daghter
Caption: Maria Victoria Henao with her parents

Despite Pablo’s best effort to keep her daughter away from danger, Manuela faced life threating situation at the age of three. The car exploded at her father’s apartment on January 13, 1988, was meant to kill Escobar but nearly left her deaf. According to her brother Sebastian Marroquín, when the family was on the run hiding in the Medellin mountainside, Manuela got sick in need of warmth, to escape hypothermia Pablo burnt the $2M stack of cash. While Pablo loved his family, his deed eventually became the wrath of the family. The location Pablo was hiding was tracked when having a phone conversation with his son, Sebastian. He was shot dead by Colombian authorities forces on December 2, 1993, in Madelin, Colombia.

What happened to Manuela after her father got killed? Where is she now?

Nine years of Manuela suffered the loss of her father until then she was raised as a princess. Pablo’s death made the family vulnerable to enemy cause. Looking for asylum Manuela, her mother and brother tried to take refuge, on denial from entering America and Germany they returned to Colombia. It is said she slept with the shirt of Escobar the day he was killed and mustache under her pillow. Colombian government provided them a new identity in November of 1994. According to documents Maria had the name “Maria Isabel Santos Caballero,” her son Juan Pablo Escobar name was changed to “Juan Sebastián Marroquín Santos” and her daughter Manuela Escobar to “Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.” The family got the opportunity to live in Mozambique, an African country. After staying there for less than two weeks, they left searching for a new place. On December 24, 1994, they arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentine as the tourist.

Manuela Escobar now
Caption: Manuel Escobar, the daughter of Pablo Escobar in 2017

Chapter Argentin

The family lived a regular life while Maria performed designing works and her children attended the school like usual kids. They lived an entirely unrecognized life until the Argentine government revealed their identity. Her mother Henao and brother Sebastian got arrested for false document and money laundering in 1999. While they served jail time being a minor Manuela was not arrested. Due to insufficient evidence later the family was cleared of charges. The family have embraced the life in Argentina and live now in the city of Buenos Aires, Palermo.

After the government revealed their true identity, Manuela was hard hit by the situation. She refused attending public school so tutored at home. She went through deep depression. When mother and son regained freedom, they arranged her Psychological treatment. While she went through one after another psychologist at one point, she tried to take her own life. Unlike her mother and brother, she hasn’t talked to press or gave an interview about her father.

Manuela Escobar Net Worth

Manuela Escobar’s net worth is Estimated to be around $600 million, inherited from her father’s fortune. However, these figures are not verified and may not reflect her current financial situation. Manuela is reportedly involved in her mother’s real estate business in Argentina, which may be a source of income for her. Her brother, Sebastian Marroquin, is an architect and an author, who has written books and participated in documentaries about his father’s life. Manuela Escobar’s family was once worth an estimated $30 billion dollars, but most of their assets were seized by the Colombian authorities after Pablo Escobar’s death. 

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