Who is Steve Jobs daughter Erin Siena Jobs? Wiki-Bio, Career, Siblings.

Steve Jobs is probably one of the greatest entrepreneurs to have ever lived. From his tenacity to determination and a pure mind for business, Jobs made Apple to what it is today. While the professional aspect of Jobs’s life has been explored to the minute detail, much is not known about his personal life. Of his family, Laurene Powell continues to shine on the limelight as one of the richest businesswomen in tech. His eldest daughter Lisa Brennan wrote a book on her father entitled, Small Fry. While Reed Jobs vanished from the media, Eve Jobs continued her illustrious career in horse riding. But of all the Jobs children, Erin Siena Jobs is the one who has completely wiped traces of herself from the media. In this article, we will explore what little is known about Erin Siena Jobs.

The Most Introverted of the Lot

Erin Siena Jobs was born on the 19th of August, 1995, to Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. Born and raised in California, United States, Erin lead a normal life shielded from the media’s attention. While this is a testament to Jobs and his parenting style, much is down to Erin herself, who never wanted to be associated with media. Growing up she was used to not getting attention from her father. He was always busy with his work, his inventions, his legacy. He rarely had time for her, or for anyone else in the family. She learned to cope with his absence, to find her own interests and passions, to carve her own path in life. She loved him, but she also knew he was flawed and human. After graduation from high school, Erin pursued architecture and design and reportedly enrolled at Tulane University. Given that Steve himself was interested in architecture, it is only fitting that Erin grew to share the love for architecture.

Steve Jobs daughter Erin Siena Jobs.
Steve Jobs daughter Erin Siena Jobs.

Unlike the other Jobs siblings, Erin attempts to keep her personal life away from the media. She is not a huge fan of social media and has no accounts on any of the platforms. She is rarely photographed by the media and refused to comment even after the death of her father. One of the rare occasions, when Erin was photographed, was on the Italian island of Ponza. The Jobs family had taken some time off to enjoy their vacation by the coast of Portofino.

Famous Siblings

While none of the Jobs children started working directly in Apple, they have found their successful avenues. Erin has three siblings- Reed and Eve are her full siblings, while Lisa is her half-sister from her father’s previous relationship with Chrisann Brennan.

Steve’s eldest daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, is a writer and publisher who wrote the book, Small Fry, a memoir about her relationship with her father. The eldest son of the Jobs household, Reed, is a graduated from Stanford University with an honors degree in history and international security. He works in management as managing director of Emerson Collective, an organization founded by his mother.

On the other hand, Eve Jobs is a Stanford University graduate and famous equestrian who was touted by her father to succeed him in the management of Apple Inc. While Eve is yet to venture into management she has diversified her career into modeling debuting in December 2020 as a model in Glossier’s holiday ad campaign.

Bits on her Parents

Erin Siena Jobs was born to Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell Jobs. A pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the 1970’s and 1980’s, Steve Jobs was an American business magnate, industrial designer, investor, and media proprietor. Alongside his work as the chief executive officer (CEO), and co-founder of Apple Inc., Jobs was also the chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar, a member of The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors, and the founder, chairman, and CEO of NeXT. He died on October 5, 2011, at the age of 56, from complications of a rare form of pancreatic cancer known as neuroendocrine tumor or islet cell carcinoma. He had been diagnosed with this cancer in 2003, but he delayed surgery for nine months and tried alternative treatments instead. Some experts believe that he could have lived longer if he had sought proper medical care in time.

On the other hand, Erin’s mother Laurene Powell is an American businesswoman, executive, and founder of Emerson Collective. While Powell’s accolades fall short when compared to Jobs’s, she has helped Jobs, directly and indirectly, to bring Apple to the heights it is today.

Net Worth

Erin Siena Jobs is one of the heirs of her father’s fortune, which he left to his wife Laurene Powell Jobs. However, Laurene Powell Jobs has stated that she does not plan to pass on the wealth to her children, as Steve Jobs was not interested in legacy wealth building. Erin Siena Jobs and her siblings have received millions of dollars from their father, but they have also pursued their own passions and interests without relying on their family name.

Personal Relationship-Boyfriend?

Erin Siena Jobs is a very private person who avoids media attention and social media exposure. She does not have an Instagram account. She has not revealed any information about her personal life, dating history, or marital status.

Zodiac & Personality Traits

Erin was born on August 19, 1995. Her zodiac sign is Leo, which means she has some distinctive personality traits that may reflect her father’s influence.

According to astrology, Leo is a fire sign ruled by the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion. Leo people are known for being ambitious, creative, kind, and generous. They also love luxury, comfort, and attention. They have a big heart and a strong sense of leadership.

Based on these traits, we can imagine that Erin Siena Jobs is a person who:

  • Has a passion for architecture and design. She may have inherited her father’s aesthetic sense and innovation skills.
  • Is selective about her partner and friends, as Leo people are very choosy and loyal. She may value quality over quantity in her relationships.
  • Enjoys being in the spotlight, but also respects her privacy. She may have a flair for drama and entertainment, but also knows how to avoid unwanted publicity.
  • Is generous and caring, but also proud and confident. She may have a big ego and high self-esteem, but also a warm and compassionate heart.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameErin Siena Jobs
Date of birthAugust 19, 1995
Age27 years old
Place of birthCalifornia, US
Marital statusUnmarried
Zodiac signLeo
FatherSteve Jobs
MotherLaurene Powell Jobs
SiblingsReed Jobs, Eve Jobs, Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs (half-sister)
Net worthN/A
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown

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