Denzel Washington daughter Katia Washington: Wiki-Bio, Career.

The oldest daughter of the Washington household, Katia Washington was born to Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington. Both of her parents are world-renowned actors, and most of her siblings followed their parents into the field of acting. While Katia was born as a celebrity kid, her parents did an incredible job of making sure their kids remained grounded and knew humility. Not able to emulate the same level of success her parents or older siblings had, Katia decided to stick to the other side of the camera and work as a director. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Katia Washington.

Early Life:

Katia Washington was born on the 27th of November 1987 to Denzel Washington and Pauletta Washington. By the time Katia was born, both Denzel and Pauletta had received worldwide recognition for their acting credentials. Even though Katia was born in an affluent household with everything she could ask for, Denzel and Pauletta made sure that their kids knew the importance of humility. Talking about his unique parenting style, Denzel revealed,

“If you have kids, you know there is no style! It’s a hybrid. It’s what my wife and I learned from our parents, and applying religious instruction, discipline, athletic activity and academic excellence whenever possible. My wife’s done a great job.”

Katia Washington with her father Denzel Washington.
Katia Washington with her father Denzel Washington.

Professional Career:

After graduating from high school, Katia went off to college. Following her graduation, Katia wanted to follow her father into acting and decided to try out a few movies. After an unsuccessful stint at the other end of the camera, Katia decided to be involved in the creative process of film making. She got lucky on her first job and started working as an editorial production assistant in Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 project ‘Django Unchained’. The news was surprising given Denzel’s feud with Tarantino. When asked about how he felt about his daughter working for Tarantino given the pair’s feud in Crimson Tide, Denzel replied that he had long buried the hatchet between the pair.

“I sought him out ten years ago. I told him, “Look, I apologize.” You’ve just gotta let that go. You gonna walk around with that the rest of your life? He seemed relieved. And then here we are ten years later, and my daughter’s working with him. Life is something.”

Making her parents proud:

Of all the siblings, Denzel sees himself in his eldest daughter. From a young age, Denzel strived for independence and believes that Katia is doing the same. Recalling his early days of struggle Denzel talked to GQ about his daughter’s quest for independence.

“My oldest daughter—I see her digging her independence. She doesn’t like me talking about it, but she’s working with Tarantino.”

Personal Life:

As far as her personal life goes, Katia Washington has never disclosed any details to the media. The 32-year old is not a huge fan of social media and is not the one to update her fans and followers regularly. As of now, Katia has never revealed any news of her relationships. She is close to her family and siblings and can be often seen with her father on red carpet events.

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