Bailei Knight bio– Daughter of infamous music industry entrepreneur and R&B singer.

Bailei Knight is the daughter of Suge Knight and Michel’le. Avid fans of music especially in the hip-hop genre would be familiar with Suge Knight  who  worked alongside Dr. Dre in album “The Chronic”(1992), and Snoop Dogg in his 1993 album “Dogg’s Doggystyle” as  music executive. He is cofounder and also former CEO of record label company, “Death Row Records.

Who is Bailei Knight?

Knight, a celebrity kid, was born on November 30, 2002 in the US. Her mother was a popular R&B singer and rapper in the 80’s era and early 90s. “No more lies” and “something in my heart” are notable chart-topper songs of Michel’le.  She also was cast in “R&B Divas: Los Angeles” as a reality show on TV one.

Bailei Knight- Daughter of infamous enterprenuer Suge Knight and R&B singer Michel’le

As we look into Bailei and her ethnicity, her ancestors were of African origin which makes her African-American.

Although born to celebrity, we can not say her childhood was filled with all rainbow and sunshine. At an early age, she had to go through separation of her parents and ultimately force to choose between them as a part of custody battle . Her parents Suge Knight and Michel’le Toussaint got divorced in 2007 when she was just at the tender age of 5. 


She is the only child from her parents though her parents have other children with relationships with other people. She had siblings from both her father and mother’s side. Her mother and Dr. Dre had a son, Taj. Bailei has siblings, two half -brothers from her father’s relationship too; Andrew and Legend plus one half-sister, Posh.

Education and Career Progression

Talking about her education, Bailei is a high school graduate. She is yet to follow in her parents footstep and if she does it won’t be an easy task to get out of their shadow. No matter what, for her, fame comes with territory, Bailei has featured in “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le”. It was a documentary that provided insight on her mother’s life. Other than this rare stint, there are no found instances of her taking roles on television or movies.

Bailei Knight has been living with her mother since her parents divorce

Despite being the daughter of famous parents, she seems to have her foot firmly attached to the ground. Ostensibly, she works in the Foot Locker Company in the sales department. This firm is a retail company and actively engages in the sale of sports shoes and casual slippers.

Net Worth

From an early age Bailei was used to lavish lifestyle and celebrity fame associated with her parents. Despite her upbringing she has followed grounded approach and refrain from showing off her possessions. Since there are no revelation on her salary and possessions like house and car we are leaving the net worth section for our finance sherlocks to find out in future.

Love Life

In an age where people like to show off romance, Bailei has not that kind of character. She prefers to be keep her life under the warp and favors to remain away from social media disturbances. Presently, she is currently putting more of her attention and effort on her education than dating and romantic relationships.

Short lived stint of her parents marriage and their tumultuous relationship

Suge Knight and Michel’le tied the knot in 1999. When they met initially, both parents were fighting their own demons. At the time of their marriage, Suge was also imprisoned for breaking his probation. “Nicety” singer saw Suge as a beacon of hope and motivation to break free from her addiction during the nascent stage of their relationship. Regardless of the initial hurdles, their love triumphed, and they ultimately chose to get wedded.

Her parents had a deeply affectionate connection that subsequently became contentious. When Bailei’s mother was struggling with alcoholism, they first connected in the most unlikely of ways. They both resolved to improve their destinies by accepting their imperfections. But the misery persisted because Suge spent six of their eight years together in and out of jail. Their lives were severely strained as a result. Additionally, “We’re all in the same gang” singer once disclosed that Suge had assaulted her in her own home.

After a while, everything fell apart to the point where she realized she could no longer handle it and filed for divorce  but it was rejected because it was later determined that their union was never valid to begin with. Suge was reportedly still married to Sharitha, his first wife, at the time he exchanged vows with Bailei’s mother. Additionally, Michel’le had requested child support at a rate of $13492 per month.

Where are her parents now?

In 2015, her father was evicted for assault towards Terry Carter and Cle Shaheed Slaon, violations of probation and parole. He had been sentenced to 28 years in prison.   Michele’le, who had Grammy nomination for her single “We’re all in the same gang” is currently active as a media personality and taking care of her children.

False birthday making rounds on internet:

Bailei Knight celebrates her birthday on November 30, and on the occasion of her 19th birthday her singer mother wished “Happy Birthday” on an Instagram post. However false information keep circulating on most of the biography sites which says she is born on November 28. In truth, Bailei was born on November 30, 2002.

Social Media Handle:

Bailei is not active on any kind of social media handle like Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, this could be because she must have limited her social media appearances to closed circle only. However Bailei do appear on her mother’s Instagram page time to time, and we can say her proud mother do like to show off her gem daughter to fan following of more than 190k.

Quick bio:

Birth NameBailei Knight
BirthdateNovember 30, 2002
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
ParentsSuge Knight, Michel’le
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net worthN/A
Social Media Private

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