Dr.Nowzaradan wife and children, has he moved on after divorce from ex-wife?

Relationships are fragile even the longest of marriage fall apart, so has been the case in Dr. Nowzaradan life.  Iranian-American surgeon and a TV star of TLC show ” My 600-Lb Life”, Dr.Now was married to  Delores McRedmond for 27  years before she filed for divorce. In the period couple gave birth to three children and raised them in a close-knit family. Also, Dr. Now mother was part of their married life as Delores took care of her, she lived for 21 years with the couple.

Despite together for a very long time, Dr. Now and his wife could not come in terms with their difference which eventually cost their marriage. The hardest part, their divorce was a mess causing several years of law entanglement. So, what happened between them, why they divorced? Does Dr. Now share happiness with a new lady in his life? Details below. Also, we will bring information about their three grown-up children.

Dr. Nowzaradan and his ex-wife Delores McRedmond married life. Reason for the divorce.

Dr. Nowzaradan and Delores married in 1975. She worked the secretarial job, but after marriage, she did not work beyond the home. Together the couple had three children. Eldest son Jonathan born on 6th February 1978 then came two girls Jennifer born on 21st February 1980 and Jessica born on 1st may 1983.

Dr. Nowzaradan ex-wife Delores Nowzaradan and daughter Jessica
Dr. Nowzaradan ex-wife Delores and daughter Jessica

The couple lived in Texas. As a stay home wife, Delores took most of the parenting responsibility, when not working Dr. Nowzaradan played his part in raising children.

Even the perfect of marriage has some turbulent period, in case Dr. Now and his wife they kept them away from public knowledge. Delores suffered lack of support from her husband. Also, she claimed to be treated cruelly by him.

Dr.Younan Nowzaradan and his wife Delores Nowzaradan divorce
Dr.Younan Nowzaradan and his ex-wife Delores Nowzaradan divorce

The indifference at home eventually made it in court, Delores filed for divorce in 2002. She stated the reason to be lack of support from her husband later also adding being cruelly treated by him. After the court hearing and final Judgement, Dr. Now was deemed guilty of the conviction. The couple finally separated in 2004.

Their Children

Their eldest Jonathan is CEO and director of Megalomedia, a media company in Texas. He pitched forth the idea of the “My 600-lb Life” through his company and performed as executive producer and director of the show. He is also known as the director of Heavy (2011), Quints by Surprise (2010) and Survival of the Half Ton Teen (2009). Johnathan is married to Virginia Amber Nowzaradan and has a daughter, Danielle with her.

Jennifer is second child of Dr. Now and Delores. She took art as major in college with graduating from St. Edward’s University. She is an Art Instructor at a South Austin high school. At personal level she is married and mother of a son. The third and youngest girl Jessica, like her sister, is interested in art, especially in photography.

Dr.Nowzaradan After Divorce, Has he married again?

Dr. Now has come a long way after divorce, professionally he has gained hero status among the people suffering from obesity. He is a highly regarded weight loss surgeon. Also as the main cast of TLC TV show My 600-lb Life his popularity has soared worldwide. Nevertheless, Dr. Now has been very private when it comes to his love life. He has not bothered to address if he is dating any lady or got married to someone.

Dr Nowzaradan and the mystery lady rumored his girlfriend
Dr. Nowzaradan and the mystery lady rumored his girlfriend walking out of a Mall

Despite all the effort to keep his affair in the blind alley, he has been spotted with a lady while together they were holding each other’s hand and later the lady was seen comfortably laying her hand around Dr. Now’s arm as they were getting out of the mall. Although there are rumors concerning the lady to be his girlfriend, Dr. Now has not acknowledged or commented regarding the matter.

For now, we do not know if this doctor married again after messy divorce. Also, we could not find any factual information on his love affairs besides some rumors.

Dr. Nowzaradan Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameYounan Nowzaradan
Date of birthOctober 11, 1944
Place of birthTehran, Iran
EducationUniversity of Tehran (MD)
OccupationSurgeon, TV personality, author
SpecializationVascular surgery, bariatric surgery
AffiliationHouston Obesity Surgery
PublicationsFive papers on obesity and laparoscopy
TV showsMy 600-lb Life, Body Shock
BooksLast Chance to Live (2017), The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do (2019)
NicknameDr. Now
Marital statusDivorced
Ex-wifeDelores McRedmond
ChildrenThree (one son and two daughters)
SonJonathan Nowzaradan (director and producer of My 600-lb Life)
DaughtersJennifer and Jessica Nowzaradan
Net worth$8 million (estimated)
AwardsFellow of the American College of Surgeons

Dr. Now is a respected and admired figure in the medical field and the media. He has helped thousands of people transform their lives through his surgery and guidance. He has also inspired many people with his own story of overcoming challenges and achieving success. He is a role model for many aspiring doctors and surgeons. He is a man of passion, dedication, and compassion.


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