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It is not a secret that JJ Da Boss does things a bit differently in the streets of Memphis. After all, his title of King of Streets is not just for show. So, when his son Doughboy decided to get into racing, JJ Da Boss wanted to make sure his eldest was ready. In the second episode of the first season, JJ invited racers from Mississippi and Missouri, to see if his boy could take the heat. While Doughboy didn’t win all his races, his skills show a glimpse of what’s to come. Passion runs in the family and JJ wouldn’t be disappointed after seeing his son race. In this article, we take a closer look at the Wiki bio of Josh Day.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Real nameJoshua Day
Date of birthDecember 31, 1990
Age32 years old
Place of birthJoiner, Arkansas, United States
Height5 feet 8 inches (approx)
WeightA Brother named Jonathan Wayne (Little JJ) and sisters named Aubrey, Vada, Whitney, and Annaline Day
Hair colorLight brown
Eye color
FatherJJ Da Boss (real name Jonathan Day)
MotherTricia Day (step)
SiblingsBrother named Jonathan Wayne (Little JJ) and sisters named Aubrey, Vada, Whitney, and Annaline Day
EducationLake County High School
CareerTV personality and street racer
TV showStreet Outlaws: Memphis
WifeChelsea Day
ChildrenTwo children: a son named Kamden and a daughter named Novaleigh
CarA 1962 Chevrolet Impala named Debo
Racing debutJanuary 2018 (documented in Street Outlaws: Memphis)
Racing styleAggressive and fearless
Racing recordUnknown
Net worthUnknown
FacebookN/A (not active on Facebook)
TwitterN/A (not active on Twitter)
YouTubeN/A (not active on YouTube)
TikTokN/A (not active on TikTok)
SnapchatN/A (not active on Snapchat)
TriviaHis nickname Doughboy comes from his chubby appearance as a child-He is close friends with Mallory Gulley, another street racer on the show
Josh Doughboy Day street outlaws
Street Outlaws: Memphis star Josh “Doughboy” Day 

Early Life

Josh Day otherwise known as Doughboy was born on Dec 31, 1990, in Joiner, Arkansas. The eldest son of JJ, little is known about Josh’s mother. This is not surprising given that JJ is said to have 10 children but only four of them with his current partner Tricia Day. To be fair to JJ, he met Tricia late in his career and already had 6 kids by then. Like all of JJ’s kids, Josh spent almost all of his early life around the racing courses. What little is revealed of his education, Josh went to Lake County High School.

Growing Without a Father

It is well known that JJ went to prison for some eight years. While it is not known if he had Josh before or after he went to prison, it is safe to say that JJ wasn’t always around. While young Josh spent much of his early life without his father, JJ’s influence was always with the family.

Life as a Racer

Akin to all the street racers in his family, Josh began driving at a relatively young age. However, his first real race came in January 2018. The race was documented in the reality TV series, Street Outlaws: Memphis. The race was aired on the second episode of the first season. Entitled Doughboy Fresh, the episode saw JJ bring all of his family members to test if his eldest is ready to take on the tracks. Equipped with his father’s 1962 Impala (Debo), Josh took the streets for the first time.

Doughboy JJ Da Boss street outlaws
Doughboy learning the ropes from his father JJ Da Boss

While Josh’s skills are a far cry from his father, he shares the same passion. Behind the wheel, Josh gives a glimpse of a young JJ, passionate and aggressive. And while Josh didn’t win all his racers, we for one think that JJ is glad to see his son get in on the act.

The Accident

Back in his early racing days, Doughboy had a terrible accident. He lost control of the car and went on a tumbling barrel run to stop on the side of the street. While few say that the car was caught on the tape, many think that Doughboy was just rubbing his win. Fortunately for Doughboy, he walked out without any injuries and lived to race another day.

Life Away from Television

Doughboy has shown his passion and skill for racing in many episodes of Street Outlaws: Memphis, and he has also faced some challenges and setbacks along the way.¬†He once crashed his car, a ’62 Impala named Debo, and contemplated quitting racing altogether. However, he overcame his fears and got back behind the wheel, proving himself a worthy competitor and a loyal member of JJ‚Äôs team.

Street Outlaws: Memphis had a run of five seasons before wrapping up in 2021. And ever since Doughboy has stayed away from television scenes but it does not mean that he has given up on his racing dreams. He may be going through some hard times right now, but he may also be working on his comeback. As of 2023, Doughboy’s current status and whereabouts are unknown. He has not posted anything on his social media accounts and neither his family nor the show’s producers have given any official updates on his situation. 

Net Worth

Not just pride, every time Josh takes on the race money is at stake. And the winner takes it all. Somewhat unorthodox but the earning from bets is part of his income but not always guaranteed. He has a more steady income from the TV show “Street Outlaws.” With all the talks about his income source, it is frustrating not to point out his net worth. And the fact Doughboy has successfully concealed information about his properties makes it hard to figure out his net worth.

Personal Life

Doughboy is married to the badass Chelsea Day. Like Josh, Chelsea is also a street racer and is quite good at what she does. Chelsea has been learning more about the world of street racing under the wing of JJ. In their years as a married couple, Josh and Chelsea are parents to two lovely children, Kamden and Novaleigh Day.

Josh Day Doughboy wife kids
Josh Day, his wife Chelsea Day and their kids


While JJ¬† calls his youngest¬†Jonathan Wayne “Little JJ,” Josh is the only child who takes after him. Nevertheless, it is too early to judge Jonathan based on his racing ability. The fourth child of JJ and¬† Tricia Day, Jonathan is just a minor of three years¬† (born March 31, 2017). JJ and Tricia’s other three children are¬† Aubrey (eldest), middle daughter Vada, and¬† Annaline Day. Josh’s other know sibling is Whitney Day from JJ’s previous relationship with Liz Slack.


What is Doughboy’s real name?Doughboy’s real name is Josh Day.
Who is Doughboy’s father?Doughboy’s father is Jonathan Day, also known as JJ Da Boss, who manages the racing circuit of Street Outlaws: Memphis.
What car does Doughboy drive?Doughboy drives a¬†’62 Impala, which he calls¬†Debo.¬†He wrecked his first car, a ’64 Chevy Nova, in his early days.
Why is Doughboy not on Street Outlaws?There are different rumors about why Doughboy is not on Street Outlaws. Some say he got into some legal troubles that kept him from doing the show. Others say he injured a disc in his back, which is preventing him from getting behind the wheel. However, there is no official confirmation on what exactly is keeping him away from the show.
Is Doughboy dead?No, Doughboy is not dead. Some fans confused him with another cast member, Tyler Priddy, aka Flip, who passed away in 2013 due to a suspected suicide or accidental shooting. Doughboy is still alive, but his current whereabouts and condition are unknown.

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