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Mitch Blaschke is a tough nut to crack. The mechanic of the Hoffman crew, Mitch is one of the strongest guys around. Over the years, Mitch has suffered from quite a few scares while working, but the man is resilient. An automobile enthusiast, Mitch is a self-taught mechanic. And while hearing that causes many to doubt his skills, seeing him at work is more than enough to see his expertise. And while Mitch is one of the best in his job, he often explains that cars are his true calling. Mitch loves speed before everything and has a huge love for sports cars. He also loves racing and often participates in local races. 

Early Life:

Mitch Blaschke was born on the 4th of December 1984 in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Born and raised in Oregon, Mitch started working at the age of 14. He needed the money to pay for kart racing. After graduating from Sam Barlow High School in Oregon, Mitch started working as a mechanic on his own. Even though Mitch is a self-taught mechanic his skill is top-notch.

Gold Rush cast Mitch Blaschke
Gold Rush cast Mitch Blaschke

Professional Career:

Mitch started working as a full-time mechanic after graduating from high school. He came in touch with the Hoffman crew after they brought a piece of equipment from him. At the time, Hoffman was without a full-time mechanic and was looking for someone to fill the post. After much convincing, Mitch agreed to join Hoffman’s team and has been with them ever since. 

Gold Rush:

Mitch Blaschke joined Gold Rush in 2012 as a member of the Hoffman crew, led by Todd Hoffman. He met Todd when the crew bought a piece of equipment from him and he realized they needed a full-time mechanic. He agreed to join them and help them mine gold in Alaska and later in South America. In 2014, Mitch Blaschke switched to Parker Schnabel’s team and became his main mechanic. He helped Parker achieve record gold totals by keeping his washplants running smoothly. He also faced many challenges and adventures on the show, such as breakdowns, accidents, injuries, and conflicts. He broke his arm in a jet boat crash with Parker, but recovered quickly and returned to work. Mitch has appeared in more than 180 episodes of Gold Rush and its spin-offs, such as Gold Rush: The Dirt and Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. He is currently working with Parker Schnabel, one of the most successful young miners on the show.

Gold RushSelf / Mechanic2012-2023181He joined the Hoffman crew in Season 3 and later switched to Parker Schnabel’s team in Season 5. He has faced many challenges and injuries on the show, such as breaking his arm in a jet boat crash in Season 11.
Gold Rush: The DirtSelf / Mechanic2013-202329He appears on this spin-off show that features behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast members of Gold Rush. He often shares his insights and opinions on the mining operations and the crew dynamics.

Net Worth:

 Mitch Blaschke is a reality star and a mechanic who has been featured on the popular show Gold Rush since its third season. He is known for his expertise and ingenuity in fixing and maintaining the equipment used for gold mining. But how rich is Mitch Blaschke and how did he earn his fortune?

Mitch has earned his wealth through his hard work, passion, and talent as a mechanic and a reality star. Mitch has an estimated net worth of around $400,000 as of 2023. Most of his income comes from his appearance on Gold Rush and his work as a mechanic.  He also owns an equipment sales store in the United States.

Personal life:

Mitch Blaschke is currently married to his long-term girlfriend, Hailey Pienovi. The pair dated for over seven years before tying the knot on the 23rd of July 2016. In their years followed as a married couple, the pair have given birth to one child Mia Lou Blaschke. She was born on the 8th of October 2019. Hailey is supportive of her husband’s career and is his source of inspiration. Over the years, Hailey has also made several television appearances on Gold Rush. They live in Oregon and enjoy traveling and spending time with their dogs.

Mitch Blaschke wife and daughter
Mitch Blaschke & his wife Hailey Pienovi and daughter

Social Media:

Both Mitch and Hailey are huge on social media and often post pictures on Instagram. While Mitch mostly shares pictures and videos from his work, Hailey often shares pictures of their daughter. On the other hand, both of their dogs have separate Instagram handles. 

A motor fanatic, Mitch loves fast cars. He currently owns the GT2 sportscar which was gifted by his wife. He is also a huge fan of adventure sports and nearly broke an arm while skiing.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameMitchell Blaschke
Date of birthDecember 4, 1984
Age38 years old
Place of birthEagle Creek, Oregon
Zodiac signSagittarius
OccupationMechanic and TV actor
ShowGold Rush
CrewParker Schnabel’s team
First appearanceSeason 3
EducationSam Barlow High School
Marital statusMarried
SpouseHailey Blaschke
Wedding dateJuly 23, 2016
Children Mia Lou Blaschken October 2016)
HobbiesSnowmobiling, dirt bikes, quad bikes, kart racing
InjuryBroke his arm in a jet boating accident with Parker Schnabel in season 9
Net worthEstimated at $400,000


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