Dr. Jeff Young facts things TV show “Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” does not tell about him.

An outspoken person Dr. Jeff Young professional life is covered for reality TV show “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.” He is one of the respected and busiest Veterinarians in America and rightly in the place where he is right now.

While you may have learned about his professional life and different activities he performs in the room of his clinic (Planned Pethood Plus) in Denver, Colorado, there are several things which is not mentioned in the show. In this article, we will bring you facts about Dr. Jeff Young including his professional and personal life.

Dr. Jeff Young became a major contributor to pet animal population control due to abuse and Negligence of companion animal

Like many who takes motivation from real life, Dr. Jeff got himself after facing the negligence and abuse of companion animals in the real world. It was not hard for this incredible doctor to figure out what he needed to prevent the cause. Hence, he sought and act on controlling the overpopulation of pet animals. Personally, Dr. Jeff has sterilized more than 165,000 animals. He uses his star power to advocates on early age spay/neutering of pet animals.

Dr. Jeff Young
Pet Health Practitioner Dr. Jeff Young 

Dr. Young strives to provide affordable service and veterinary medicine for a broader range of people in America and all over the world. He also has contributed in many animal welfare projects, served on many humane society boards and given speeches at colleges.

Dr. Jeff Young is married to Second wife Petra Mickova yet no children between them

It is obvious the heights achieved by Dr. Young is down to dedication to his professional life. It may be good, but there are consequences in other facets of life which Dr. Young has felt. He is divorced from the first wife. We do not say his marriage dissolved entirely due to his profession. However, his notorious busy schedule in veterinary and other associated work played a part.

Dr. Young and his ex-wife have three children who are all grown up now. His daughter Melody Obuobisa works with him as practice manager in the clinic (Planned Pethood Plus).

Dr Jeff Young and his wife Dr Petra young
Veterinarian couple Dr. Jeff Young and his wife Dr. Petra young

Dr. Jeff is currently married to the Petra Mickova who is also an animal veterinarian. The couple works together at the clinic and even share the similar interest in animals. Like Jeff, Dr. Petra acts and advocates on controlling overpopulation.

The couple has not revealed when they got married however the exclusive report suggest they wedded in 2014. The two has not given birth to any children in between.

Dr. Jeff Young wife is from Slovakia

Dr. Jeff Young wife, Petra Mickova is from Slovakia. She came to America in her medical pursuit. Before marriage, she was one of the staff of Planned Pethood Plus. At clinic Dr. Petra was highly appreciated for her invaluable surgical skills and calmness she posses during the critical treatment procedure. On the other hand, her love relationship with Dr.Jeff Young flourished. After marriage, the couple lives above the clinic which helps them to deal with their notoriously busy schedule.

Dr. Jeff Birthdate makes his age in 60’s

Not only in the medical field but also in other professions, the physical ability to perform catches up with age, but it makes them more experienced and wiser. Similarly, this animal health practitioner has no potion to change the fact.

Dr Jeff Young 2018

Currently, 62 years of age Dr. Jeff performs fewer surgeries than before. However, his years of experience makes him an efficient worker. Dr. Jeff Young was born on April 14, 1956, in Indiana, U.S.

Dr. Jeff Young Wiki Facts

Jeff was raised with his mother Esther Stevens and stepfather who was a military man. He graduated from Rantoul High School as a military brat. He later pursued veterinary medicine degree at Colorado State University and graduated in 1989. He established Planned Pethood Plus(PPP) in 1990. PPP is best known for low-cost mobile neutering service, native American reservation work, and training of veterinarians all around the world in more efficient surgical techniques.

Name: Jeffery Dale Young
Place of Birth Indiana, U.S
Age 62
Birthdate April 14, 1956
Height 6ft 3in
Occupation TV actor, Veterinarian Doctor (DVM)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father N/A
Mother Esther Stevens
Sibling Jay Stevens (half)


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