Dr. Petra Young [Dr. Jeff Young wife] is a Slovakian-American, her wiki/bio facts.

Tending to diseased, injured, or needy animals is often an occurrence at work for a practicing veterinarian but what if a thin line is separating the professional and personal life? This rings familiar to Petra Young who is a veterinarian by profession and works alongside her husband, Jeff Young, at Planned Pethood Plus. The pair knows how not to mix their life at home and successfully work together at the vet practice. For this article, we will bring everything to know about Dr. Petra Young, wait until you know her age difference with her husband.

Who is Dr. Petra Young?

Dr. Petra Young is a Slovakian-American veterinarian and a reality television star who leads an extraordinary life. She has a passion for animals and medicine that took her from her native Slovakia to the United States, where she met and married her husband, Dr. Jeff Young. Together, they run Planned Pethood Plus, one of the most diverse and busy animal hospitals in Colorado. They treat all kinds of animals, from pets to farm animals, and share their stories on the Animal Planet show, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.

Dr. Jeff Young & wife Petra Young

Early Life:

Petra Young was born Petra Mickova in Slovakia in November 1984. The birthdate makes her 39 years old. She grew up in Slovakia and began her schooling there however most of the information from her early days is missing. Personal information such as her hobbies, interests, or what she was like growing up are the things best known to her. Her biography information also lacks her family background. She came to the United States in her 20s and has since immigrated.


Petra Young is an accredited doctor in veterinary medicine. She has a DVM degree and is trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions in animals, including pets, livestock, and wildlife. She took Veterinary training from Dr. Jeff Young in 2010 and later was employed at “Planned Pethood Plus.” Over the years, Dr. Petra has traveled across the United States, Mexico, Slovakia, and parts of Europe for training new veterinarians including teaching them efficient surgical techniques for spaying/neutering.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet:

In addition to working as a veterinarian, Dr. Petra performs as a reality television actor. She is a regular cast member of the Aimal Planet channel show “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet” which follows Dr. Young and his team as they provide medical care to animals in the Denver, Colorado area. The 10th season of the show concluded on September 4, 2022, and as expected Dr. Petra was a cast member seen as wife and employee of Planned Pethood Plus. Another famous veterinarian & an employee at the pet service, Dr. Amy Hutcheson joined in for the season.

Personal Life:

Married to Jeff Young.

Performing surgery and rescuing animals is part of her job and Dr. Petra makes it looks easier. The other facet of her life is nothing short of praiseworthy and serves as a jewel to her accomplished career. She is blissfully married to Dr. Jeff Young who is also a veterinarian.

Dr Petra Young
Veterinarian Dr. Petra Young

The pair met in 2010 when she was taking lessons under Dr. Jeff and later began working alongside him. During that time, the pair went on to grow more than just a professional relationship. Dr. Jeff was previously married and had three children with his ex-wife. As often said, “Love has no age limit,” the pair despite sharing an age difference of 27 years took their chances. In 2014, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Petra Young tied the knot. The couple lives above the clinic to deal with their notoriously busy schedule.

Dr Jeff Young and his wife Dr. Petra Young
Dr. Petra and her veterinarian husband Dr. Jeff Young 

In the years of togetherness as a married couple, Dr. Petra has been a constant presence in her husband’s life. She is often present to take care of him and this was evident during the time Dr. Jeff suffered from cancer. Dr. Jeff was diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma, and she was the one who prepared him for chemo by cutting his long shiny hair. This part was also shown in the Animal Planet TV show “Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.”

In as many years as a couple, Dr.Petra and Dr. Jeff Young have no children. Dr. Petra is close to Melody Obuobisa, Dr. Jeff’s daughter who works as a practice manager in the clinic, Planned Pethood Plus.

Working alongside Dr. Jeff:

There are challenges in working with family members, especially in the profession of a veterinarian. In every procedure whether routine or urgent, there is a thin line between the life and death of patients. Petra Young understands her role as a veterinarian and knows where or when to draw a line between her professional and personal commitment to her marriage and family.

Dr. Petra Young performing pet surgery
Dr. Petra Young performing pet surgery

Dr. Petra and her husband mostly find themselves busy in the veterinary profession and during their free time, Dr. Jeff likes to spend time coaching high school cross-country runners and focus on karate at the dojo while Dr. Petra is an avid reader and likes to keep up her competitive side by learning new things.

Physical Traits & Measurement:

Dr. Petra Young has hazel green eyes and comes from a Caucasian household. She dyes her hair auburn red and her height is roughly 5 feet 2 inches.

Lyle Trachtenberg Wiki/bio Facts:

Full Name Petra Mickova Young
Birthdate November 1984
Age 39 years old
Birth Place Slovakia
Residence America
Nationality Slovakian-American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Parents N/A
Sexuality Straight
Gender Female
Relationship Status Committed
Marital Status Married
Husband Jeffery Young (m. 2014-present)
Children N/A
Education Doctoral Degree
Qualification Doctor of Veterinary medicine
Profession Veterinarian, Reality Television Actor
Net worth N/A
Height 5 feet 2 inches (approximately)
Wight N/A
Social Media Inactive


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