Dr. Buckeye Bottoms death rumors are false, know about him and his wiki, bio, career, net worth.

The Internet is a crazy place to be especially when false rumors of someone’s death circulates around the web. Those who watch and follows reality show “The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms” then you well know there is nothing such as the death of Dr. Bottoms. Offcourse Hawaii has lost a highly recognized and appreciated veterinarian Dr. Scott Sims in 2015 but the rumors regarding Dr. Bottoms is false, he is alive and healthy.

Dr Buckeye Bottoms with his companion dog Kevin
Dr. Buckeye Bottoms and his companion dog Kevin

Dr. Bottoms has emerged as a major name in mobile animals health practitioner in Hawaii. He has been taking care of animals around Hawaii Island since 2007. He lived in Maui for ten years before relocating to Kauai in 2017.

Also, Kauai is the location where late Dr.Sims ran his animal health practice called Pegasus Veterinary Clinic. Scott had made himself a favorite veterinarian in Hawaii through his impressive work and dedication to attend the patient house even through the difficult of circumstances. It is obvious Dr. Bottoms has some big shoes to follow, and we know he is very much capable.

Like Scott, Dr. Bottoms is passionate about treating animals and not afraid to face the difficulties in travel. He is always ready to taste the mud or take a kick while treating the needy or ill animals. Dr. Bottoms carries necessary medicine and equipment on his pick up truck which is his clinic too. He oversees large as well as small animals like horses, cows, cattle, pigs, bull, alpaca, and Pygmy in general goats and even dogs. Read below to learn more about this animal doctor.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBartholomew Buckeye Bottoms
Date of birthJanuary 25, 1977
Place of birthSanta Barbara, California, USA
Zodiac signAquarius
EducationBachelor of Science in Animal Science from California Polytechnic State University; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College, Canada
FatherTimothy Bottoms, an American actor
MotherAlicia Cory
Marital statusSingle
ResidenceMaui, Hawaii, USA
OccupationMobile veterinarian, TV personality
TV show“The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms”
VehicleA customized Ford F-250 truck with a mobile vet clinic in the back
Canine companionKevin, a yellow Labrador retriever who accompanies him on his travels
SpecialtiesLarge animals, especially horses and cattle
ServicesVaccinations, castrations, dental care, wound treatment, acupuncture, and more
ClientsFarmers, ranchers, pet owners, animal sanctuaries, and wildlife rescue centers
Area coveredMaui, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, and Big Island
Challenges facedRough terrain, unpredictable weather, limited resources, and diverse cases
MotivationHis love for animals and his passion for helping people
Philosophy“Have vet, will travel” 
Awards and honorsNone known
Hobbies and interestsSurfing, hiking, camping, and playing guitar

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms Early life and Education

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms was born on January 25, 1977, in Santa Barbara, California. His father is Timothy Bottoms, a famous actor who starred in films such as “The Last Picture Show” and “The Paper Chase”. His mother is Alicia Cory who is a singer. His parents divorced when he was only a year old, and he grew up with his father’s new family, which included his stepmother and three half-siblings. Despite the unconventional family situation, he had a happy childhood and developed a love for animals at an early age.

Dr Buckeye Bottoms
Dr. Buckeye Bottoms attending the home of suffering animal

He attended high school in California and then enrolled at California Polytechnic State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science in 2000. He then pursued his dream of becoming a veterinarian and obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada in 2004. After graduation, he worked as a mobile large-animal veterinarian in Santa Cruz for two years from 2004 to 2006. He then moved to Hawaii to study ocean veterinary medicine and eventually settled there.

Career and Net worth

In Hawaii, he established his own mobile veterinary practice, which allowed him to travel across the islands and provide care to animals that otherwise would not have access to veterinary services. He also became involved in wildlife conservation projects, such as rescuing sea turtles and monk seals. He gained a reputation as a reliable and friendly veterinarian who could handle any animal situation with ease and grace.

In 2017, he was approached by National Geographic to star in his own reality show, “The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms”. The show followed him as he visited different locations in Hawaii and treated various animals with his mobile clinic. The show also featured his dog Kevin. The show aired for three seasons and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The show showcased Dr. Buckeye Bottoms’ passion for animals, his expertise in veterinary medicine, and his adventurous lifestyle.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms has an estimated net worth of $1 million, which he has earned from his successful career as a veterinarian and television personality. He owns multiple trucks, one on each major island of Hawaii, which he uses for his mobile practice. 

Marital status: He is believed to be married but has never confirmed or denied it publicly. He prefers to keep his personal life private and focus on his work and his animals.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms is an inspiring example of someone who has followed his passion and made a difference in the world. He is a talented and dedicated veterinarian who has helped thousands of animals in need.

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