Dave Turin wiki/bio: net worth, wife, why did he leave Gold Rush?.

Dave Turin is best recognized for his appearance on reality TV show “Gold Rush“. He is a successful Businessman along with famous TV personality. He appeared through seven episodes of Gold Rush during which his extensive hours bulldozing mining grounds gained his nickname, “Dozer Dave.”

Follow with us to know more about this star and what he is doing now. Also, we will explain why did he leave gold rush?

Dave Turin Wiki/Bio

David Turin widely known as Dave was born in Sandy, Oregon, U.S on 21st April 1959. He was raised on his native land with five siblings by his father Jim Turin, where he attended Sandy Union High School. He was a good football player as well as a good athlete at the time. During college, he focused on academics as well did not leave playing football. Dave graduated in Civil Engineering from Portland State University.

Gold Rush Dave Turin
Gold Rush star Dave Turin

Dave learned about his family rock quarry business growing up. After college, he involved full time with his father and three brothers. His extensive knowledge in driving heavy equipment and natural leading quality distinguished himself as a successful entrepreneur in the mining field. According to Discovery bio, Turin worked three decades on the family company which currently stands as ” Mt. Hood Rock Company” .

Dave Turin and Gold Rush career

Dave Turin gold mining career kick-started after his old friend Tod and Jack Hoffman hired him outside consultant for their mining operation. In season two of gold rush Jack and Todd called Dave for a full-time role, he joined the Hoffman crew and left his family business to his father and brothers with the promise to bring gold back, at the Quartz Creek Claim.

From then he became one of the main cast of the show and earned a huge fan following. Unfortunately after appearing through seven seasons Dave quit gold Rush.

The reason for his departure is attributed to the dispute with the crew member. At the end of season 7, he had a fistfight with Trey Poulson. As a concerned leader Turin apologize the entire crew, but apparently, this was not the end of the story. He later shared a Facebook post revealing his departure from Gold Rush however he expected otherwise.

Also, discovery ran a special about him “The Legend of Dozer Dave” aired on October 20 , 2017, reviewing the course of action during seven seasons he was part of.

What is he doing now, coming back to Gold Rush?

Currently, Dave is not part of Gold Rush or any other reality TV show. Cheers to fans, Dave has not lost all hope in his mining career. He is optimistic about return on the show and working hard without limelight.

After leaving show Dave gathered his crew of own and worked in gold extraction. Indeed he has been successful too. In a recent Facebook post he updated fans with a peak in his gold adventure and seemingly happy.

Whether he will return to Gold Rush, although fans hope him to make comeback like Dakota boys,(spearheaded by veteran miner Fred Hurt) who have their own show “Gold Rush: White Water”, Discovery has not presented Dave with a new contract.

What is Dave Turin Net Worth?

Dave has not publicly shared his net worth or property. According to some wiki source currently, it is estimated at $2 million.

Dave Turin Married Life, Wife, and children

Dave is a married man. He enjoys a blissful relationship with Shelly Turin and has given birth to three children. Shelly is the same girl he was in love during High School.

Dave Turin and his wife Shelly Turin
Dave Turin and his wife Shelly Turin

The couple has kept their marriage date to themselves. Considering they have grown up children who extend the family line with children of their own it is safe to say Dave and Shelly are married for many years.

More about Dave Turin

When Dave isn’t moving rocks and pursuing gold he enjoys being with family. He also indulges his passion for hunting and golf. He is an advocate for faith in Christ, building relationships, investing time with family, and mining and reclaiming the land responsibly.


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