What happened to Lewis Family on The Last Alaskans? Now?

When the US government banned human occupation in the Alaskan refuge, the people were forced to make a decision. To either leave the refuse and relocate or move to cabins. While many chose to head away in search of better opportunities, few decided to remain. And over the years, few people have migrated back to Alaska in search of that tranquil life away from the grid. But life in Alaska is not as easy as it seems. Everything from the climate to jungles, seem to be against you. But be in one with nature and you find yourself succeeding. This is also one of the major take-outs of the reality TV series, The Last Alaskans.

Meet the last Alaskans:

The reality series featured different families trying to make it out in Alaska. The legendary Bob Harte and his family, Tyler and Ashley Selden, Heimo Korth and his family, and the Lewis family. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Lewis family.

Lewis Family Last Alaskans
Lewis Family The Last Alaskans

The Lewis Family:

The Lewis family is run by the patriarch Ray Lewis. Ray is married to Cindy and the pair have three lovely daughters, Molly, Emma, and Sarah Lewis. Both Ray and Cindy are Alaskan natives. The pair were born and raised in Alaska and are familiar with the terrain and climate. With more than 30-years of experience on their back, the Lewis family made an appearance in the reality TV series, The Last Alaskans. Their debut came during the first episode of the series, No Man’s Land. The episode premiered on the 25th of May 2015. Their debut appearance was a huge success, and fans quickly took to the Lewis family. The strict yet kind Ray, the loving and joyful Cindy, and their three lovely daughters who were starting to learn what it meant to live in Alaska.

What happened?

After making regular appearances in the first and second season, the Lewis family was nowhere to be seen during the series’s third season. This left fans concerned and fearing for the worst. Discovery confirmed their fears by later announcing that Ray and his family had been cut off from the show. The channel also came out with an explanation. During the previous seasons of the series, it was shown that Ray was passionate about houseboats. When the second series wrapped up, he completed the boat he was working on and took the family across Alaskan waters. As Ray started to spend more time on the sea than on land, it became a nuisance for producers to include them in the series. Also, since Ray was no longer living in the Alaskan refuge, he didn’t match the context of the show. As a result, the Lewis family was let go from the series.

Ray lewis with his wife Cindy Lewis
Ray Lewis and his wife Cindy Lewis, together in front of their cabin

Where are the Lewis family now?

The Lewis family are still at sea and are constantly on the move. After heading out from the refuge three years ago, the family has revealed very little about their current whereabouts. While Ray and Cindy continue to live on the boat with their youngest daughter Sarah, their other daughters have taken to land. Molly went south and started working as a guide for expeditions in Oregon. Emma, on the other hand, paired up with Charlie Jagow and started training sled dogs.

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