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If you are a fan of Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, you must be familiar with Chris Doumitt, one of the most trusted crew members of Parker Schnabel. Chris is not your average gold miner. He is a former carpenter who stumbled into the world of gold mining by accident, and became one of the most trusted and experienced members of the Gold Rush. Chris joined the cast as part of the Hoffman Crew. He stayed with Hoffman throughout seasons 2 and 3 and switched to Parker’s crew in season 4 and has been with them ever since. Chris is a guy who gets things done. Born and raised on a farm in Oregon, the term working hours don’t apply to Chris. He is the kind of guy who is ready to pull an all-nighter on the job. And while Chris’s skills are nothing to sneer at, his work ethic is what brought him such acclaimed success. His legendary work ethic is slowly rubbing off on his crewmates, and everyone is grateful for it. 

Early Life:

Chris Doumitt was born on August 17, 1951, in Portland, Oregon. The birthdate makes him 71 years old. Born into a farming family, Chris spent much of his early days on the farm. He would often help his father with machinery, which allowed Chris to pick up some basic skills for mining as well. During his early years, Chris also wanted to try his hands in carpeting. Besides, Chris is also a firearms expert and used to teach firearm safety to the Sandy Police Department.

Gold Rush star Chris Doumitt
Gold Rush star Chris Doumitt

Professional Career:

For the longest time, Chris employed his skills as a master carpenter and marksman. He worked as a plant carpenter for 25 years before he got an unexpected opportunity to join the gold mining adventure in the Klondike region of Canada.

Gold Rush:

In 2010, Chris was hired by Todd Hoffman to build a cabin for his mining crew Greg Remsburg and his family. The job was supposed to take only ten days, but Chris ended up staying with Hoffman’s crew for five months and learned how to mine gold through trial and error. This was his first introduction to the world of reality TV.

Chris soon proved himself to be a valuable asset to the team, with his skills, knowledge and positive attitude. He also developed a signature look: a cigar between his teeth and a smile on his face. He became known as the gold room operator, responsible for cleaning and weighing the gold at the end of each day.

Chris stayed with Todd’s crew until three seasons before joining Parker Schnabel’s crew in season 4. Parker was impressed by Chris’s work ethic and expertise, and offered him a job as an all-rounder. Chris accepted the offer and has been working with Parker ever since.

Chris Doumitt and Parker Schnabel
Chris Doumitt and Parker Schnabel

Chris has been part of some of the most successful and challenging seasons of Gold Rush, helping Parker achieve record-breaking gold totals and overcome various obstacles. He has also faced some personal hardships, such as his wife’s battle with cancer and his own back surgery. But he has always bounced back with resilience and optimism.


Here is a table of Chris Doumitt Television career & facts related to the show:

Year Title Role Episodes Fact
2011-2023 Gold Rush Self 210 Chris started his gold mining career by accident in 2010, when he was hired by Todd Hoffman to build a cabin for his crew.
2016-2023 Gold Rush: The Dirt Self 16
He appeared as a guest on the show’s spin-off that features behind-the-scenes interviews and footage
2019 Gold Rush: The Rise of Rick Ness Self (archive footage) 1 He was featured in the archive footage of this special episode that focused on Rick Ness’s journey as a mine boss
2019 Gold Rush: Breaking the Piggy Bank Self (archive footage) 1 He was featured in the archive footage of this special episode that showed how Parker Schnabel and his crew broke their own gold mining record

Why did he leave Hoffman’s crew?

Although Chris left Hoffman’s crew at the end of season 3 there is no official statement regarding his departure. Funnily during the same time frame, Chris had all his stuff stolen. His truck was equipped with his passports, cards, credit cards, and credentials in 2016. Chris was stranded and couldn’t make the journey back home. His wife Sharon also bought him a new truck and drove up with Justin to deliver it. Fortunately, he recovered his passport after authorities found his stolen truck in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada. 

Other Ventures:

Chris is more than just a gold miner and a reality TV star. He is also a co-founder of a cigar company called Doumitt Gold Cigar, which sells cigars, smoking accessories and golf equipment.  He is often seen with a cigar between his teeth on Gold Rush. His cigars are available online and in three retail locations in California, Tennessee, and Oregon.

Net Worth

A carpenter, a gold miner, a tv actor, and a businessman Chris is not the one to lay all the eggs on one basket. His transition from carpentry to gold mining in 2010 came as a bit of a surprise but it is well justified now. He earns about $25000 per episode from appearing in the TV show Gold Rush. He also earns a share of gold found as a crew member of Parker Schnabel. Apart from his TV career, Chris also has a side business that adds to his wealth. As of 2023, Chris has a net worth estimated to be around $1 Million.

Personal Life:

Chris Doumitt is not only a gold miner and a reality TV star, but also a family man who has been married for 47 years. He met his wife, Sharon Doumitt when they were both in high school in Portland, Oregon. They fell in love and tied the knot soon after graduation.

Chris and Sharon have two children: a son named Justin and a daughter whose name is not publicly known. They also have several grandchildren who often visit them. Chris loves spending time with his family and enjoys taking them on hunting and fishing trips.

Chris Doumitt wife Sharon Doumitt
Chris Doumitt wife Sharon Doumitt

Chris and Sharon have faced some challenges in their marriage, such as Sharon’s battle with cancer and Chris’s back surgery. Sharon suffered from a bout of two forms of cancer. She underwent treatment from February through July 2017. Sharon is a professional vlogger and took a break from vlogging after her surgery but is back at it. They pair have supported each other through thick and thin and have overcome their health issues. They are still very much in love and are proud of their long-lasting relationship.

Chris and Sharon live in Oregon when Chris is not mining gold in the Klondike or other locations. They have a comfortable home where they welcome their friends and family.

Nationality, Ethnicity, Zodiac

Chris is American by nationality and if ethnicity is concerned he is of  Arab descent. His zodiac is Leo and and has traits like confidence, charisma, drama, ambition, loyalty, protectiveness, generosity, luxury, and warmth.

More about Chris Doumitt

A wine connoisseur, Chris is often seen experimenting with new wines. The man is also fond of Cigars and Golf and enjoys spending his off-season in Palm Springs, California, where he likes to fish, play golf, or make his own wine. He is also interested in space exploration and astronomy. He is one of the most popular and respected members of Gold Rush.

Wiki/Bio facts:

Fact Value
Full name Chris Doumitt
Date of birth August 17, 1951
Place of birth Portland, Oregon
Nationality American
Ethnicity Part-Arab Descent
Height (approx) 5 feet 10 inches
Weight (about) 78 kg
Occupation Gold miner, reality TV star, former carpenter, cigar maker
Current residence Palm Springs, California
Marital status Married
Spouse Sharon Doumitt
Children Two (one son and one daughter)
Education David Douglas High School
Net worth Estimated at $1 Million
TV show Gold Rush
Current crew Parker Schnabel’s crew (since season 4)
Former crew Todd Hoffman’s crew (until season 3)
Cigar company Doumitt Cigar
Hobbies Fishing, golfing, making wine

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