Tia Torres Wiki/Bio, married, husband Aren Marcus Jackson, kids, age, net worth.

You can ask others to love and care for animals, but at the end of the day, it is the heart of a person that will lead them to act on the cause. Tia Torres is a rare individual who acts on the rescue of dogs especially called a dangerous species Pitbulls. The women in mission hope a day will come when everyone realizes their part to rescue Pitbull and she would gladly retire from her mission. Tia is the founder of Villalobos Rescue Center the largest pit bull rescue facility in the U.S.

Tia Torres
Pit Bull and Paroles star Tia Torres

In this article, we will bring everything about Tia Torress with details like her age, net worth, family, married life, husband, and kids.

Tia Torress married life and husband. Her Kids.

Tia has been married a couple of times. Her first husband was a cocaine addict and used to exploit her under the influence of the substance. For a couple of years, she suffered abusive behavior and decided to move out of the house. To escape from her husband she even lived on a trailer outside the house for some time.

While together with her ex-husband she was once attacked by a rooster and Pitbull named Duke rescued her. Since Torres got a Tattoo of the dog’s Paw to cover for one she had of her ex.

Tia torres Husband Aren Marcus Jackson
Tia Torres Husband Aren Marcus Jackson

Torres is now married to Aren Marcus Jackson and how they got together is an interesting story. The couple shares a common interest in the dogs. Back in the early 80’s Tia was trying to locate the owner of a dog so that she could take the responsibility. She used online tracking and found out the person was Aren Marcus Jackson. At the time Jackson was serving 14 years sentence in California prison for a shootout with Orange County sheriff’s deputies. Despite the fact, he was in prison Toress kept in touch. When Aren was released from Jail in 2006, the two got married on 31st October.

Together the couple gave birth to a daughter Mariah Torres. Mariah is the second time she had birth to a baby. Her first child a daughter, Tania Torres was from her late gangbanger ex-boyfriend. She adopted two more children twin Hawaiian brothers Kanani and Keli’i.

Tia Torres children
Tia Torres children Mariah, Tania, Kanani, and Keli’i

Practically Tia’s married life with Aren was short-lived. He was arrested again in September of 2007 for the possession of theft property and sentenced to 15 years in Jail. Tia maintains a good relationship with Aren and time to time visits him.

Her net worth

Tia Torres has an estimated net worth of $300,000. She collects her income mainly through the TV show. Tia is the main cast of Animal Planet’s TV series “Pit Bulls and Parolees.” The show focuses on the interaction between Tia, the dogs, her children and the eponymous parolees who work for her during daily care, training duties, and pitbull rescue missions. Its first season premiered on 30th October 2009 and currently running in its ninth season.

Tia was initially opposed to the idea of getting a show. As she was running low on the donation and had to cover a monthly $25,000 expense on dogs, she eventually accepted the proposal. The expenses significantly increased over the years. According to the data released on Villalobos Rescue Center’s official website,  the average cost per day to run VRC is $10,000 with approximately $4 million a year.

Tia Torres Net Worth
Tia Torres Net Worth

Tia got the taste of a hybrid, a wolfdog from her estranged brother. Initially, her organization VRC used to rescue Wolf and Wolf Hybrid. However, after her first Pitbull rescue named “Tatanka”, her focus shifted towards the species. As of today, Villalobos Rescue Center stands with a mission to rescue and adopt homeless Pitbull in U.S.

Getting to know Tia Torres Children

The philanthropic lady has passed down some of her good heart to her children as well. She is accompanied by her children during rescue and caring for Pitbulls. Tania works as an assistant animal trainer. Her other daughter Mariah is a public speaker and an aspiring fashion designer.

Her two sons Kanani and Keli’i had a rough childhood. This big-hearted woman took them as her own. They involve in her organization tending to the dogs. When not working they indulge in bike riding,  making paintings and playing music.

Tia Torres Wiki/Bio

She was born on 11th  June 1960 in California, U.S. which makes her 59 years of age. Tia’s love for animals is especially down to upbringing. She was raised on a farm by her stepmother that’s where she learned to love animal especially horses. However, early at the age of 17, she left home with few things and several pets such as two Arabian horses, an Angora goat, and her Catahoula Leopard Dog – Cougar.

Down the road, she had to struggle and was merely living, sleeping on the van sometime in the horse trailer. Meanwhile, the teenage years did not shaped up like one particularly imagine she got into a bad friend circle. She was hanging out with the gang in Los Angles, and as the story goes, several times she escaped being shot.

Later somehow her path turned as she joined U.S Army. She served six years as a Truck Driver. After her service, she was hired by the City of Los Angeles as a youth gang counselor which indeed led her to work with parolees. She continues to employ them for daycare, rescuing and training of Pit Bulls in her VRC foundation.


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