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Captain Casey McManus is a man of the sea. A third-generation fisherman, Casey has been fishing as far as he can remember. One of the old generations of fishermen, Casey believes in the traditional methods of fishing, which are tried and true. A veteran voice in the room, Casey speaks with decades of experience on his back. The man doesn’t shy away from confrontations and is quick to point out where his dissatisfaction. And while many take Casey as just the complaining type, the man has the skills to back up his words. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Casey McManus.

Casey McManus is a former reality TV star and crab fisherman who was the co-captain and co-owner of the F/V Cornelia Marie on the Discovery series Deadliest Catch. He left the show after Season 18, along with Josh Harris, who was fired by Discovery due to a sexual assault conviction. According to his LinkedIn page, he is now the Vice President of Paradigm Marine and Technical Services, a company that provides marine services such as towing, salvage, oil spill response, and vessel maintenance. 

Captain Casey McManus
Casey McManus

From Gillnet to Glory: The Story of Casey McManus, a Fishing Legend

Casey McManus was born into a fishing family on January 27, 1983, in Washington, United States. His parents, Jim and Lynn McManus, instilled in him a love for the sea and its bounty. Casey learned how to gillnet from his father when he was only 5 years old, and by the time he was 14, he had embarked on a career in commercial fishing. He also pursued higher education at the University of Washington, according to his LinkedIn profile, but his passion remained on the water. Casey followed his father’s footsteps and became a captain and an engineer, earning respect and fame in the fishing industry. He is best known for his appearance on the reality TV show Deadliest Catch, where he co-owns and operates the F/V Cornelia Marie with Josh Harris.

Birth NameCasey McManus
Other namesCaptain Casey
BirthdateJanuary 27, 1983
Age40 years old
BirthplaceWashington, United States

Professional Career

At the age of 21, Casey McManus became a captain and an engineer, and soon after, he earned a marine engineering license and worked for Trident Seafoods. In 2013, he joined forces with Josh Harris and took over the F/V Cornelia Marie, a legendary fishing vessel that had been featured on the hit reality TV show Deadliest Catch.

Casey McManus: A Star of the Sea and the Screen

Casey McManus had already made a name for himself in the crab industry when he got a chance to join the cast of Deadliest Catch, a popular reality TV show that follows the lives of fishermen on the Bering Sea. In 2014, he debuted as the captain and engineer of the F/V Cornelia Marie, a vessel that he co-owned with Josh Harris, the son of the late Phil Harris. For eight seasons, Casey and Josh entertained and inspired the viewers with their courage, skill, and humor. Casey left the show in 2022, after appearing in 110 episodes, but not before participating in several spin-offs, such as Deadliest Catch: The Bait, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, and Deadliest Catch: Battle Scars. 

Deadliest Catch captain Casey McManus
Deadliest Catch captain Casey McManus

Life after Deadliest Catch:

Josh owned and co-captained Cornelia Marie alongside Casey. Things went awry for the television as the news of  Josh’s assault against a 4 year-old-girl came to flash on the media in 2022. In prompt response, showrunners cut ties with the captain. Josh appeared in 193 episodes of Deadliest Catch from 2007-2022 and was part of its several spin-offs.

TV show Deadliest Catch. But their partnership and fame came to an abrupt end when Josh was accused of assaulting a 4 year-old-girl in 2022. The show’s producers quickly severed their ties with Josh, who had been on the show for 15 years and appeared in 193 episodes and several spin-offs.

Casey, who wanted nothing to do with Josh anymore, also decided to quit the show. He explained his decision on a Facebook Post:

“Not on the show. I moved to the Oil spill response/ salvage/ tug world. I have many adventures ahead, but crab fishing doesn’t really exist anymore, and I need to continue to make money.”

Now, Casey is the vice president of Paradigm Marine and Technical Services, where he commands a tug boat and does response work. The fate of the F/V Cornelia Marie remains unknown.

Television Career Timeline:

Casey McManus made a name for himself on the popular reality TV show Deadliest Catch and its spin-offs. His television career began when he joined the crew of the F/V Cornelia Marie as a relief captain and engineer. He quickly proved his skills and leadership, and became the co-captain of the vessel alongside Josh Harris, the son of the late Phil Harris. Since then, Casey has appeared in over 100 episodes of Deadliest Catch, documenting his adventures and challenges in the Bering Sea, where he and his crew brave harsh weather, rough seas, and dangerous crab fishing. He has also been featured in several spin-offs of the show, such as Deadliest Catch: The Bait, Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove, Deadliest Catch: Bloodline, and Deadliest Catch: Legacy.

Television showGenreYears ActiveRoleCredits
Deadliest CatchReality Show2014-2022Self/ Captain & Engineer/Co-captain110 episodes
Deadliest Catch: The BaitReality Show2014-2018Self/ Captain & Engineer/Co-captain22 episodes
Deadliest Catch: Battle ScarsReality Show2018Self/Captain1
Deadliest Catch: BloodlineReality Show2020-2022Self30

Casey’s television career has earned him recognition and respect from fans and fellow fishermen alike. He has also been part of nominations for several awards, such as the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Unstructured Reality Series and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program. But Casey McManus, one of the cast members, has not received any individual recognition for his role in the show or its spinoffs. He is still waiting for his moment of glory.

Social Media Presence:

Casey McManus has a moderate social media presence. He has a Facebook page with over 179,000 followers, where he posts updates about his life and work. He also has a Twitter account with over 30,000 followers, where he tweets about his opinions and experiences. He also has an Instagram account with over 87,000 followers, where he shares photos and videos of his adventures and family. He also interacts with his fans through live events and public appearances, such as the Deadliest Catch fan fest and the Cornelia Marie store.

Net Worth: How Rich is Casey McManus?

With his daring adventures on the ocean and his appearances on the screen, he has earned a stable fortune. By 2023, Casey McManus’s net worth surpassed $1 Million.

Physical Traits:

Casey McManus is a handsome man with light brown hair and hazel-green eyes. He has a fit and athletic physique, as he works as a tug boat captain and marine engineer. He often sports a beard and wears a cap. He also has a friendly smile and a charismatic personality.

Wife and Kids:

Casey McManus is married to Sarah McManus who is originally from Lynnwood, Washington. In addition to being a homemaker Sarah currently works at Lifeplus Health Centers in the position of administrative office assistant. Casey and Sarah took their wedding vows in 2007 and have been together ever since. They had their first child a baby boy Charlie McManus in February 2011. Their second child a daughter Kaia McManus was born in January 2013.

Casey and Sarah seem to have a happy and stable relationship over the years. They often share photos of their family on social media, celebrating holidays, birthdays, and other occasions. Casey also praises his wife for being supportive of his career and taking care of their kids while he is away at sea.

More Facts:

Full nameCasey McManus
Father’s NameJim McManus
Mother’s NameLynn McManus
Marital StatusMarried
WifeSarah McManus
SonCharlie McManus
DaughterKaia McManus
ProfessionReality Television Actor, Captain, fisherman 
Net WorthOver $1 Million
HeightN/A  (-feet -inches)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Beard ColorLight brown
Eye ColorHazel green
Zodiac SignAquarius
Social Media HandleFacebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, IMDb, Twitter

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