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When the sixteenth season of Deadliest Catch rolled out, fans were surprised with a pleasant addition to the team. The Alaskan native Maria Dosal had joined Captain Josh Harris as a deckhand. The recruitment came after captain Harris revealed that he wanted to hire a new hand to speed up production. In comes, Maria Dosal. In her late twenties, Maria is an epitome of what women can accomplish if they put their minds to it. She is one of the best crew members in Captain Harris’s team and the captain himself is impressed by her skills. In this article, we take a closer look at what little is known about Maria Dosal.

Early Starter:

Maria Liliana Dosal has been a deckhand for quite a while. A self-proclaimed adventurer, Maria landed her first job as a deckhand in June of 2015. She got the chance to work as a deckhand for the vessel F/V Pacific Quest. She switched boats after a two-year stay and started working in the F/V Nicholas Michael. She made the switch to Cornelia Marie in the winter of 2019 and has been with them ever since. In her short time at the vessel, Marie has impressed the captain and her fellow mates. Talking about Marie’s appearance in the series, Captain Josh Harris revealed,

“I decided I’m going to go out one heavy so we can get production up a little bit. [Maria’s] a badass chick… She worked on boats for a long time. She knows what she’s doing. She could probably show some of the boys a thing or two”.

Deadliest Catch star Maria Dosal
Deadliest Catch star Maria Dosal

Overjoyed for her appearance:

When Maria was offered a chance to work on Deadliest Catch, she was more than happy. After all, the series was a gateway for Maria to achieve fame and also do what she likes best. She first teased her appearance in an Instagram post captioned,

” I did this thing last fall out on the Bering Sea called King Crabbing. It just so happens the boat I was on, The Cornelia Marie is featured on this show called Deadliest Catch. I think they might occasionally show me doing some really hard things on deck. So if you have cable and you’re stuck at home like everyone is, check it out!. Blood, sweat, and a lot of tears went into the making of this. I can absolutely vouch for that.”

A couple of days after teasing her appearance in Deadliest Catch, Maria revealed some more details on her appearance,

“Tonight on [Deadliest Catch] you’ll get to witness how I spent my winter. It was a long, hard, cold, tough, and rough season and I still can’t believe I did the damn thing.”

She continued to recount her experience in the series and revealed that it was fun to work in a crab boat, she had to go through massive pains. She summarized her enter experience in few words, “It’s been real, and it’s been fun, but it ain’t been real fun.”

Personal Life:

Talking about her relationship, Maria has moved on after split from ex-boyfriend Ry MacDonald. Ry is in the same line of profession as a commercial fisherman. The two were committed for over a year, Maria even posted adorable pictures alongside him on Instagram since deleted. Neither Maria nor her boyfriend disclosed the reason for the breakup.

Maria Dosal ex boyfriend Ry MacDonald
Maria Dosal ex-boyfriend Ry MacDonald

After the split, Maria Dosal spun the love wheel and landed on Mark Schwantes. The pair began dating recently in 2020.

Maria Dosal Boyfriend Mark Schwantes
Maria Dosal dating boyfriend Mark Schwantes as of 2020

Like her Mark shares a passion for adventure and even works as an Assistant Guide at Lockey U Outfitters. Mark is also owner and operator at Schwantes Welding and Fabrication.


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