Ghost Hunters Barry Fitzgerald now? His Wiki-Bio, Age, career.

While many paranormal investigators found fame following their appearances in Ghost Hunters, Barry is one of the few exceptions. Barry was already well-known in the paranormal society way before his association with The Atlantic Paranormal Society. During his early years, Barry was associated with two paranormal groups in Ireland. Impressed by his skills, Jason invited Barry to work with him in TAPS. This led to regular appearances in Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. Not only is Barry one of the best paranormal investigators around, but he is also an author and has written his fair share of books. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Barry Fitzgerald.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBarry Fitzgerald
Date of birth1972
Place of birthLisburn, Northern Ireland
Gender Male
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
OccupationParanormal investigator, photographer, author, scriptwriter
Years active2004-2012
Languages spokenEnglish, French, Latin, German, Romanian
TV showsGhost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International
First Ghost Hunters appearanceAttack of the Irish Elemental (2006)
Book publishedThe Complete Approach: The Scientific and Metaphysical Guide, The Influence & Others
Book genresParanormal, history, folklore, mythology, spirituality
Photography subjectsLandscapes, ancient sites, sacred places
Awards and honorsNone
Net WorthUnknown
Current residenceUnknown
Marital statusUnknown
Hobbies and interestsTraveling, exploring, researching, writing
Favorite foodUnknown
Favorite drinkUnknown
Favorite colorUnknown
Favorite movieUnknown
Favorite bookUnknown
Favorite music genreUnknown
Favorite songUnknown
Barry Fitzgerald Ghost Hunters
Ghost Hunters International lead investigator Barry Fitzgerald 

Early Life

Barry Fitzgerald was born in 1972 in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Born and raised in Ireland, Barry was interested in paranormal occurrences from a young age. For all his interests, Barry has not revealed if there was any specific incident that led him to ghost hunting. Growing up, Barry preferred solo investigation and tried solo investigations for quite a while. But he eventually joined a paranormal society operating within Ireland. By the time TAPS and Jason Hawes came knocking, Barry was a part of two different paranormal societies.

Ghost Hunters

It remains unclear as to when Barry joined the TAPS Team. However, his first appearance in Ghost Hunters came in 2006. The episode was entitled Attack of the Irish Elemental and served as an introductory episode for Barry. This was the third episode of the sixth season, and Barry had to wait another year for his next appearance. Since 2007, Barry started making regular appearances as part of the TAPS team.

In 2008, Barry was asked to lead the paranormal team in the spin-off series, Ghost Hunters International. The series began airing on January 9, 2008 and followed the team to several haunted locations across Europe. Barry co-led the team alongside Kris Williams and Robb Demarest. Barry made appearances in all 56 episodes of the series. The final episode aired on the 4th of April, 2012. After wrapping up Ghost Hunters International, Barry left the Ghost Hunters Franchise and focused on his work as an author and photographer.

Books and Cameras

From a young age, Barry was interested in writing and photography. Equipped with 30 years of investigations as a paranormal investigator, Barry wrote several books on the subject including The Complete Approach, The Influence, My Home Is Haunted Now What?, In The Mist Of Gods, Banshee, Searching The Sídhe and Legend Seekers. Barry has also dived into the world of fiction and released a trilogy of books entitled The Council Of Three, The Malice of Darkness, and Fracture.

Barry Fitzgerald Ghost Hunters International

An avid photographer Barry regularly documents the beauty at night. Barry opened a gallery exhibition displaying in 2011, displaying some of his collection in Lviv Ukraine.

Life after Ghost Hunters

After leaving Ghost Hunters, Barry has taken up the study of Irish History and Lore. Over the years, Barry has worked on Neolithic tombs which led to a rumor that Barry had disappeared. The rumor was heard in 2016, but Barry denied the claim on the podcast Stirring the Cauldron hosted by Marla Brook. Barry has also worked on his fair share of documentaries including The Serpents Mound, The Mysterious Bodies of Peru Pt1, and The Star that Fell.


  • Is Barry Fitzgerald fluent in several languages, including French, Latin, German, and Romanian? Yes, he is.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald mysteriously vanish in 2016 during a covert expedition in Ireland? No, he did not. He debunked this claim on a podcast.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald leave the Ghost Hunters International show to pursue a career as an author and photographer? Yes, he did.
  • Has Barry Fitzgerald written books about his paranormal investigations? Yes, he has.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald appear in every episode of Ghost Hunters International? No, he was absent in a few.
  • Is Barry Fitzgerald related to the Irish actor of the same name who won an Oscar for Going My Way? No, he is not. They just share a common name.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald investigate Dracula’s Castle in Romania? Yes, he did. It was one of the episodes of Ghost Hunters International.
  • Does Barry Fitzgerald have a podcast where he talks about his paranormal experiences? No, he does not. He has been a guest on several podcasts, but he does not have his own.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald participate in a live Halloween special of Ghost Hunters in 2010? Yes, he did.
  • Does Barry Fitzgerald have a tattoo of a Celtic cross on his arm? No, he does not. He does not have any tattoos.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald co-author a book with Dustin Pari, another paranormal investigator? Yes, he did. The book is called The Complete Approach: The Scientific and Metaphysical Guide.
  • Is Barry Fitzgerald married and has children? No, he is not. He is single and does not have any kids.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald investigate the Hellfire Caves in England? Yes, he did. It was one of the episodes of Ghost Hunters.
  • Does Barry Fitzgerald have a pet dog named Spooky? No, he does not. He does not have any pets.
  • Did Barry Fitzgerald investigate the Karosta Prison in Latvia? Yes, he did. It was one of the episodes of Ghost Hunters International.
  • Is Barry Fitzgerald planning to write a sequel to his book The Influence? No, he is not. He said that the book is a standalone story.

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