What happened to Ghost Hunters cast Kris Williams?

When the reality TV series Ghost Hunters wrapped up in 2016, fans were left dismayed. But the popular series changed networks and started airing on the History Channel. In the second cour, the producers wanted to introduce new faces all around. Even though Grant Wilson made the cut, long-time cast member and founder of TAPS, Jason Hawes did not. The second cour left out several cast members including the badass investigator, Kris Williams. Williams, who served as the paranormal investigator on the series had abandoned the series way back in 2011 and saw the 2016 end as a perfect way to cut all ties. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Kris Williams.

Not a huge fan:

Even though Williams was a huge part of the series, she revealed that she stopped paranormal investigations after her departure. In May of 2019, Williams released a blog on her website revealing what she had been up to since her exit.

‘Unlike other investigators – investigating was not something I was into my whole life. It was not a love or a passion. My family always enjoyed sharing odd stories we experienced over the years and had an open mind – but I didn’t live for the paranormal.’

Ghost Hunters star Kris Williams
Ghost Hunters star Kris Williams

Leaving the series:

Even though the 2016 ending was a perfect way for Williams to distance herself from the series, she had left the series way back in 2011. But that was not the only reason for her departure. Williams revealed that in 2015, there was an incident when one cast member had to cut herself for the bloodletting ritual. Talking with Bennington Banner, Willaims mentioned,

SyFy is amazing. I honestly couldn’t say that enough. But this never should have happened. The production company should have known better… It just backfired. Ratings for this show took a nosedive after this episode.”

A potential return:

Apart from her blog, Kris regularly uploads content on YouTube. One of the questions she gets asked the most is if she would return to Ghost Hunters. In 2015, Kris uploaded a YouTube video answering questions of her potential return.

‘I think, like any job, once you’ve been at it for a while, it’ll start to get a bit stale. After a while, I just kind of felt like every dark location looked the same… I’m very grateful for the opportunity that I got on Ghost Hunters. I just feel that I learned what I needed to learn when I was there, and I just don’t feel the need to go back.’

Kris Williams
Kris Williams

Life after Ghost Hunters:

After she left Ghost Hunters in 2011, Kris traveled for a while before finally settling down in Australia. She operates a travel and lifestyle blog under her name. Williams also owns a YouTube channel under the name of KrisWilliams and has amassed over 6K subscribers and more than 14K views. She calls herself the “Jane of all Trades” and is fond of storytelling. As her website reads,

“I love to travel to new places and tackle new things while sharing and inspiring people to try the things I am passionate about. All in all – there will be no shortage of stories.”

Kris Williams wiki/biofacts:

Kris Williams was on February 20, 1981, in Lowell, Massachusetts, U.SA. She is 39 years of age now. Talking about her physical stature, Kris stands with a height of 5ft 8 inches. She is American and belongs to caucasian ethnicity. Kris graduated from Alvirne High School in New Hampshire in 1999. Later she attended Rivier College in New Hampshire for two years and studied Communications for two years. In 2017, Kris married an Australian Pilot and travel writer who goes by Captain Wingit on his social media. Kris currently resides with her husband in Australia.

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