Ashton Pienaar cast of Below Deck: Wiki-Bio, Accident, Affairs.

Ashton Pienaar had has his fair share of controversies. From arguments with the head stewardess Kate Chastain to his attitude towards women, fans always seem to have an opinion about Ashton. While many think that Ashton’s actions are just for the drama, some have had enough of his actions. Questions are being raised to Andy as well and his leniency towards male crew mates. Things took a tumble at the season seven reunion. With the departing Kate Chastain making one final appearance, her fights with Ashton was much talked about. Even though Ashton apologized for his actions, fans were having none of it. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Ashton Pienaar. 

Early Life:

Ashton Pienaar was born on the 16th of June 1989 in South Africa. After finishing his early schooling at Fourways, Ashton graduated from the Glenvista High School. Right after high school, Ashton decided to enroll at the University of Johannesburg. He later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management. As a young kid, Ashton was into sports of all kinds. He represented his country in the JKA Karate fighting style and also served as the captain of cricket and rugby teams at provincial levels. Not only that, but Ashton was also into bodybuilding and prepared to participate in bodybuilding and CrossFit competitions. 

Ashton Pienaar, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.
Ashton Pienaar, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Professional Career:

After graduating high school, Ashton started working as a Senior Verification Analyst at Simunye. He held the position for two years before moving onto Frog Productions. He served as the production manager at the company and started learning the ins and outs of the production industry. Ashton stayed at Frog Productions for a couple of years before moving to  Oomph! Africa as a client service & sales manager. During his time at Oomph! Africa, Ashton became fed up with his desk job and wanted to break out. Following his yearning for adventure, Ashton signed up for yacht training in the South of France. After finishing his training, Ashton joined the Yacht Gene Machine, as a deckhand and Personal Trainer.

Life on Below Deck and Relationships:

Ashton joined the cast of Below Deck on the sixth season of the show. Abroad the Seanna, Ashton developed a budding bromance with a fellow cast member, Ross Inia. The pair shared their love for sports and instantly bonded. Over the seasons, the friendship took hold, and the pair constantly looked out for each other. 

During his time on the ship, Ashton was associated with Laura Betancourt. The pair spent quite a few nights together and also walked together at the end of the season. But at the seventh season reunion, both Laura and Ashton mentioned that they were just good friends. 

A near-death experience:

Ashton had a near-death experience during the 11th episode of the season. Ashton who worked as the deckhand during the time, stepped on the line to tow the tender. But to the contrary, the line wrapped around his ankle and started dragging him down water. One of the cameraman Brent, quickly saw what’s happening and dove in to rescue Ashton freeing his ankle. Following his experience, Ashton perused his Master of Yachts 200GT license, which allowed him to work as a mate. 

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