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When Zsalynn was introduced to fans in the second season of the show, plenty of things were wrong with her. In addition to her weight, Zsalynn had a really unsupportive husband who didn’t want her to lose weight. The mother of a single child, Zsalynn wanted to be in the life of her daughter for as long as possible. So, when she realized that following the same eating pattern meant death, she decided to make the journey to Dr. Nowzardan‘s clinic and do something about her weight. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Zsalynn Whitworth.

Early Life:

Zsalynn Whitworth was born on the 28th of June, 1970 in Kerrville, Texas. Born to parents Worth Whitmore and Peggy Whitmore, Zasalynn was raised alongside her siblings. Growing up in her hometown Zsalynn struggled with weight and fell into a circle of overeating. Her mother Peggy was concerned and constantly harangued in the fear Zaslynn might not find men or achieve success due to her overweight. By the time Zsalynn attended Harper High School she had reached 375 pounds.

Zsalynn Whitworth
My 600 lb life star Zsalynn Whitworth

Finding a place:

It was different in her hometown as Zaslyn puts, “There were no boys in Kerrville who liked fat girls.” But soon things changed as she discovered a community of fat girls. In her early 20’s Zslynn joined  National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance and fostered in the community of Big Beautiful Women. During those days she was also into internet dating through yahoo. Men flew her across Germany, London and Spain and that’s how she met and married a British man, Gareth Wainwright. After marriage, the couple lived together in San Antonio, Texas.

Getting out of control:

Zsalynn had always been a fat girl but the fact her husband encouraged to eat more rather than losing weight did not help at all. In the years that followed, Zsalynn gained significant weight and peaked at 694 lbs. She had a daughter with Gareth and wanted to make sure that she remained in her daughter’s life for years to come. So even after much debate with her husband, Zsalynn made the journey to Houston to meet Dr. Nowzardan.

Zsalynn Whitworth ex-husband Gareth Wainwright
Zsalynn Whitworth along with Gareth Wainwright

Life on My 600-lb Life:

Way before Zsalynn rose to fame following her appearance in My 600-lb Life, her story was covered by a documentary All of Me: A Story of Love, Loss, and Last Resorts. Fed up with her weight, Zsalynn decided to make the journey to Houston and was introduced to viewers in the first episode of the second season. Zsalynn who was 42 at the time had a starting weight of 596.7 lbs. She revealed on the show that she had once reached peaked at 649lbs.

After working on her diet and exercise, Zsalynn was ready for the gastric bypass surgery and lost a considerable amount of weight. At the end of the year, Zsalynn weighed at 349.9 lbs. She had shredded 248 lbs and was fully fit.

Unsupportive husband:

Zsalynn’s condition was made worse by her unsupportive husband who wanted her to gain weight for his fat fetish. She met her husband Gareth Wainwright at a time of financial distress. At the bequest of Gareth, Zsalynn started modeling for fat fetish websites. While this did solve the money problem, it also made sure that Zsalynn could never lose weight. When asked about her ex-husband’s fetish, Zsalynn revealed,

“He has a physical preference for his sexual needs…that requires me to be bigger than just fat.”

She also retold a story of the time Zsalynn ordered a salad. When asked if she could order a salad, Gareth replied,

“I’m not buying you a salad. If you want to eat grass, you can go in the garden and graze.”

While Zsalynn has cut her weight to half, she had her fair share of troubles. She revealed that her husband tried to sabotage the whole process by taking her to a burger joint and ordering a burger. In the follow-up episode, Zsalynn revealed that it was difficult for her to go through the process alone.

“Being alone a lot has been a bit of an adjustment for me, so I’ve struggled with being depressed when I don’t see (my daughter) Hannah for a while. And being alone has made it even harder for me to deal with my cravings.”

Zsalynn Whitworth daughter Hannah Wainwright
Zsalynn Whitworth daughter Hannah Wainwright

In the time of togetherness, Zsalynn and Gareth had a daughter Hannah Wainwright in 2004. Zsalynn is now divorced and has custody of Hannah.

Moving on:

Looking forward and moving on is a way of life and seems so for Zsalynn. After divorcing ex-husband, Zsalynn spun the love wheel and found in Jack Lapp. Zsalynn and Jack got engaged after dating for some time. The pair is yet to announce the news of marriage.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameZsalynn Whitworth
Age50 years
BirthdateJune 28, 1970
BirthplaceKerrville, Texas
ParentsWorth Whitmore, Peggy Whitmore
SiblingsWorth Whitmore II, Whitney Whitworth, Zack Whitworth, Zane Whitworth
CareerReality TV star
Net worthNot Known
Husband/PartnerGareth Wainwright(ex), Jack Lapp
ChildrenHannah Wainwright
Star SignCancer


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