Who is Precious Cooper on “Street Outlaws”? Age, Husband

At a time when the entire focus was on reality stars and documenting their daily lives, Street Outlaws became a breath of fresh air. First aired in 2013, the series focused on the street racers around Oklahoma City. The series airs in the Discovery Television and is currently in its 13th season. Racers from all over the city are tearing down the tracks to prove their superiority on the tracks. Precious Cooper joined the series in its ninth season in 2017 and has featured in four seasons to date. A shy person by nature, copper completely changes her colors when she is behind the wheel. 

Early Life:

Precious Cooper was born in 1989 in Osceola, Florida. Growing up Copper had a little sister whose current whereabouts reaming unknown. As Cooper’s parents were involved in the roofing business, it came as a complete shock to everyone when she took up the wheel. The Coopers later moved to Wilson and Precious attended the Rivercrest High School located in Wilson, Arkansas. 

Street Outlaws cast Precious Cooper
Street Outlaws cast Precious Cooper

While it remains unclear if Precious went to college or not, we do know that she trained under the mentor-ship of JJ Da Boss.

Professional Career:

Cooper began her racing career as a street racer around Memphis, Tennessee. Her dominance on the streets and the fact that there were few females around earned her the nickname, Queen of the Streets. A huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, Cooper often quotes the character of Queen of Hearts from the movie. And “off with their head”, seems to be her clear favorite. After establishing herself around the circuits of Tenessee, Cooper was invited to join the cast of, Street Outlaws.

Queen of the street: Preciuos Cooper
Queen of the street: Preciuos Cooper

The series is dedicated to street racing and documenting the daily lives of racers their struggles, victories, and failures. Precious joined the cast in 2017 when the show was gearing up for its ninth season. The series is currently on its thirteenth season and Precious has established herself as one of the heavy hitters of the show. 

The controversy surrounding the series:

When Street Outlaws first aired on reality TV, many were taken aback by the nature of the show. As street racing is illegal in America, many thought it was a clever ploy by the law enforcement agencies to catch the racers in one fell swoop. But the show has been going on without a hitch. Viewers speculated that the producers must have a deal in place with law enforcement agencies to make sure they get to film.

Personal Life:

Even though Precious is often loud and bold when she is behind the wheel, she is a very shy person in real life. As such, she has not revealed any details about her personal life. And while precious has not talked about her husband and children, fans have shared photos of precious with young children. People were quick to speculate that the young children accompanying her are her children. 

Precious Cooper : The Queen of the Street
Precious Cooper : The Queen of the Street

Net Worth

Precious Cooper is new to this whole reality TV business. As such, she has not amassed a large net worth as compared to her fellow co-stars. As of 2020, Cooper’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 500,000. 

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