Toya Bush-Harris: Wiki-Bio, age, husband, kids, career facts.

For all their fame, celebrities are often guilty of hiding their pains in hopes of maintaining a perfect image. This is especially true in cases of mental health, sexual orientation, and motherhood. Most people think that having celebrities talk about normal problems shatters the image of a perfect human. But like it or not, celebrities are human and go through the most humane experiences as we all do. But unlike most of her peers, Toya Bush-Harris candidly presents her experience. The socialite is known for her honest portrayal of motherhood and what it’s like to raise a child in the ever-changing world. Over the years, Toya has documented her struggles in raising a child on social media. Over the years Toya’s #Mommychronicles gathered fans from all over the world, who could relate to Toya’s experiences. The honest portrayal of her life as a celebrity and mother is what makes Toya one of the best cast members of Married to Medicine.

Early Life:

Toya Bush-Harris was born on the 15th of April 1976, in Detroit, Michigan. While Toya has never talked about her parents, her mother’s name is Temeka. There is little to no information on her father, and the family is said to be of the African-American heritage. Born and raised in Michigan, Toya studied at a local high-school before going onto Tennessee State University. She sought to continue her education and enrolled at the University of Phoenix, where she got her master’s degree.

Toya Bush-Harris married to medicine
Married to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris 

Professional Life:

Fresh out of college, Toya moved back to her hometown of Detroit and started working at a local pharmacy. Over the years, Toya established herself and represented over 500 pharmaceutical companies. After working in local pharmacies for quite a while, Toya decided to move to NOMAD MD. The company is devoted to building a wellness echo system of alternatives from Emergency Room (ER) visits via elective Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy (Replenish by NomadMD), Large Event Medicine (L.E.M by NomadMD) to Concierge and Tele-Health non-emergent care (CSG by NomadMD).


Toya strongly believes that one of the best gifts she can give is a colorful, inspirational book for young readers and parents to enjoy. Her background as an educator within the public school system helped her immensely when Toya decided to write a children’s book. Entitled ‘SleepyHead Please Go To Bed!’, the book is targeted to motivate children to dream while sleeping and look forward to a good night’s rest. The book was published on the 26th of January 2019 and was well received by fans and critics alike.

Personal Life:

Toya Bush-Harris is a married woman. She is married to Dr. Eugene Harris whom she met on a speed dating session while living in Detroit, Michigan. Toya first met Eugene while he was working on his medical degree, and the pair have been together ever. Over the years, Toya and Eugene worked as the co-owner of NOMADMD and also worked with the Schumacher Group. The pair are proud parents to two baby boys, Ashton and Avery. Toya regularly takes to social media to document the struggles and journey of motherhood. The family of four is currently living in Atlanta, where Toya has given up her medical career to take care of her sons.

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