Who are Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren all three children?

For many, Tiger Woods is a name that is almost synonymous with golf. As one of the first African-Americans to reach such heights, Woods’s journey was lived by millions worldwide. While his success inspired fans and fellow golfers alike, his personal life had seen better days. In 2009, Tiger Woods was accused of having a relationship with multiple women, all while he was married to his then-wife, Elin Nordegren. The pair’s marriage fell apart following Woods’s admission of the relationship. However, as they had two kids, Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Axel Woods, they maintained a cordial relationship.

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Tiger Wood and Elin Nordegren Marriage & Divorce

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren seemed to have it all: fame, fortune, and a fairy-tale romance. They met in 2001 through a mutual friend, Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik, who had hired Nordegren as a nanny for his children. Woods was instantly smitten by the beautiful blonde, who had aspirations of becoming a child psychologist. He proposed to her in 2003 during a safari trip in South Africa, and they tied the knot in 2004 in a lavish ceremony on the Caribbean Island of Barbados.

Tiger Woods with his girlfriend Erica Herman(L), Daughter Sam Alexis Woods and son Charlie Axel Woods(R).
Tiger Woods with his girlfriend Erica Herman(L), Daughter Sam Alexis Woods and son Charlie Axel Woods(R).

They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Sam Alexis, in 2007, and their second child, a son named Charlie Axel, in 2009. They settled in a mansion in Florida, where they enjoyed playing golf, boating, and spending time with their kids. They appeared to be the perfect couple, with Woods often praising Nordegren for her support and love.

However, behind the scenes, their marriage was crumbling. Woods had been leading a double life, cheating on Nordegren with multiple women, including porn stars, waitresses, and models. His infidelity was exposed in 2009, when he crashed his car outside his home after a fight with Nordegren. The media frenzy that followed revealed dozens of Woods’ mistresses and tarnished his reputation as a golf legend and a family man.

Nordegren was devastated by the betrayal and humiliated by the public scandal. She tried to save their marriage by attending counseling sessions with Woods, but she ultimately decided to file for divorce in 2010. She received a reported $100 million settlement and custody of their children. She also bought a new home in Florida and enrolled in college to pursue her psychology degree.

Despite the bitter end of their marriage, Woods and Nordegren have managed to remain friends and co-parents for the sake of their children. They have both moved on with new partners: Woods dated Erica Herman, a restaurant manager, until they broke up in 2022 amid a legal dispute over their nondisclosure agreement, while Nordegren is dating Jordan Cameron, a former NFL player. They have also welcomed new additions to their families: Nordegren has a son named Arthur with Cameron, while Woods does not have any other children besides Sam and Charlie.

Tiger Woods Children

Sam Alexis Woods

Sam Alexis Woods was born on the 8th of June, 2007. Sam was born just 24 hours after her dad had been crowned as the runner-up in the 2007 US Open. Woods wanted to give his daughter a meaningful name and took inspiration from the name his late father used to call him. Earl’s nickname for Tiger was Sam. In an interview, Woods revealed that the name seemed right for the family.

“We wanted to have a name that would be meaningful to either side of the family, my side or Elin’s side because she was born the day after Father’s Day, It just happened to fit. My father had always called me Sam since the day I was born. He rarely ever called me Tiger.”

Sam grew up with a love of sports, especially soccer and golf. She often accompanied her father to his golf tournaments and even served as his caddy at one point. She also supported him during his induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2022.

Sam is currently 16 years old and attends high school in Florida. She has a passion for fashion and often wears stylish outfits and accessories. She has inherited her father’s charisma and confidence, as well as her mother’s beauty and grace. She is admired by many for her positive attitude and cheerful personality.

Charlie Axel Woods

Charlie Axel Woods was born on the 8th of February, 2009. Around the same time, Tiger’s marriage with Elin was already falling apart. While Sam doesn’t show much interest in golf, Young Charlie takes after his father in terms of interests. Charlie has inherited his father’s passion and talent for golf, as well as his mother’s Scandinavian roots. His middle name, Axel, is a tribute to his uncle, Elin’s brother. In the US Kids Golf event in 2016, Charlie tied for the second position and looks to continue his golf journey.

Charlie started playing golf at an early age, and has already shown impressive skills and potential in the sport. He has participated in several junior tournaments, such as the U.S. Kids Golf event in Florida in 2016, where he finished second. He has also played alongside his father in major events, such as the PNC Championship in 2020 and 2021, where they finished seventh and second respectively. Charlie’s swing and style have drawn comparisons to his father’s, and Tiger has praised his son’s abilities and enthusiasm for golf.

However, Charlie is not only defined by his father’s legacy. He is also a person with his own interests and personality. He enjoys playing soccer and other sports with his friends. He is close to his sister, Sam Alexis Woods. He supports his father at his tournaments and awards ceremonies, such as the Golf Hall of Fame induction in 2022, where Sam gave a speech.

Coming Clean with Kids

Tiger is incredibly close to his kids and loves spending time with them. Following the notorious scandal in 2009, Tiger has come clean with his kids admitting that it was his fault that he and Eilin were no longer together.
In an interview with Times magazine, Tiger admitted that he talked to his kids about the divorce.

“I’ve taken the initiative with the kids, and told them up front, ‘Guys, the reason why we’re not in the same house, why we don’t live under the same roof, mommy and daddy, is because daddy made some mistakes.”

But Elin and Tiger remained good friends over the years and have always focused on raising their kids. As of now, Tiger is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend, Erica Herman.

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