Beth Chapmans daughter Bonnie Chapman: Wiki-Bio, Sexuality, Family.

The death of Beth Chapman hit the Chapman’s like a rock. Even though Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2016, nobody thought she would be gone so soon. While Duane was the most affected by the death of his wife, his daughter Bonnie was there to share his grief. The 22-year old, mourned her mother alongside her father and was quite supportive of Duane through the whole process. Even after his relationship with Moon Angell, which caused most of his kids to speak against him, Bonnie maintained a close relationship with her father, helping him in all kinds of situations.

Little to say:

Bonnie Chapman was born on the 16th of December 1998, to Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Bonnie is one of the 13 children of Duane Chapman. While most of her siblings did not get to spend much time with their father, Duane was present for almost all of Bonnie’s childhood. After graduating from the Sacred Hearts Academy in Hawaii, Bonnie went off to college and recently graduated from University.

Bonnie Chapman: Daughter of Beth and Duane Chapman.
Bonnie Chapman: Daughter of Beth and Duane Chapman.

Apart from a few details in her academia and early life, there is little to know about Bonnie. Being a celebrity kid, Bonnie enjoyed a relatively comfortable childhood. By the time Bonnie was born, Duane had already come out of his drug addiction and was on his way to become clean. As such, Bonnie was left out of the family hardships.

Always on her dad’s side:

The Chapman’s have had a difficult 2019. Following the death of Beth, Duane hooked up with Moon Angell. The relationship was criticized by many fans including his own children. While Lyssa Chapman has publicly criticized her father and Angell for making a move on him, Bonnie has taken her father’s side of the argument stating that she simply wanted him to be happy. But Duane called things off with Angell and wasted no time in getting together with his new girlfriend, Francie Frane. The pair moved things quickly and got engaged in April of 2020. The news came as a surprise to fans, given that it had been just 10-months that Beth had died. Fans started questioning if Duane really loved Beth. But as the online hate against her father and his fiance increased, Bonnie Chapman took to social media to remind everyone to back off.

In an Instagram post, Bonnie pleaded with the fans to let her father be happy and enjoy his life, citing how hard it had been for him in the last year.

“My father has gone through so much this past year without my mother. It’s been extremely difficult to see one parent pass, and the other so intent on following. My father deserves to be happy. He’s still got my mother’s name on his chest, he’ll never forget her and the love she gave him. She would be happy my father is in love and finding peace. Please keep your comments to yourself, and if you can’t then it reflects more on you than him.”

Health problems:

Just after the death of her mother, Bonnie was rushed to the hospital for undisclosed reasons. The news was broken down by Duane who posted a photo of his daughter with a hospital band and the caption, back home. Fans and well-wishers flocked to Bonnie’s Instagram page with well-wishes, but Bonnie dismissed their concerns citing it was nothing serious.

Personal Life:

On 22nd March 2019 Bonnie came up with a huge secret about her personal life through a post in Instagram where she writes,

“For the past seven years, I’ve kept kind of a big secret to myself. I’m pansexual, now I’m sure the term is familiar with some people. It means to me I fall in love with personalities, rather than a gender. I haven’t told many people until now. I was so scared when I told my parents in November, but they welcomed me with open arms. I appreciate those who knew and kept it a secret, thank you for letting me take my time. I truly am so thankful to you all. If you are in anyway upset about this, please feel free to unfollow me 🏳️‍🌈.

Apart from that nothing personal has been on to the media light to date.

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