What happened to Duan’s son Tucker Dee Chapman? Family feud, Arrest & more.

When you have 13 children, things are sure to get out of hand. While Duane Chapman has had his fair share of heartbreaks, perhaps betrayals are the ones that hurt the most. Sometime around 2007, Tucker Dee sold an audio clip of his father where he had used racial slurs to insult Tucker’s then-girlfriend. While Duane later revealed that he said what he said by keeping his son’s safety and well-being in mind, Tucker wanted to hear none of it. After all, when your father has been away from your life for the entirety of your childhood, you are less likely to believe in him.

Early Life

Tucker Dee Chapman was born on September 8, 1983, to Duane Chapman and his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain. The couple’s second child, Tucker didn’t have the best of childhood. His father was absent for most of Tucker’s early life and it was only during his late teens that the pair coincided. Raised by a single mother, Tucker had an elder sister named Barbara Katie “B.K.” Chapman, who unfortunately passed away in 2006 near Fairbanks, Alaska. His younger sister Lyssa “Baby Lyssa” Chapman, shared Tucker’s harrowing upbringing, which later directed her towards drugs and early pregnancy.

Duane Chapmans son Tucker Dee Chapman (Truckers girlfriend).
Duane Chapman’s son Tucker Dee Chapman (Truckers girlfriend).


As growing up without a father and an irresponsible mother does to you, Tucker was quick to choose the path of violence and drugs. Things went from bad to worse for Tucker as he was arrested at the age of 18, for armed robbery. The court sentenced Tucker to 20 years of prison, but he was released on parole after serving four years of time. After coming to the realization that his son might be following the same route he did, Duane decided to intervene in his son’s life. However, Tucker paid no heed to his father and later used his father for profit.

The Audio clip

Tucker had a strained relationship with his father for most of his life. He blamed him for his troubles and resented him for his fame and fortune. He felt abandoned and betrayed by him. One of the most notorious incidents that caused a rift between them was when Tucker sold a secret tape of Duane ranting racistly about Tucker’s ex-girlfriend.

In 2007, Tucker released an audio clip that featured the conversation between Tucker and Duane. The pair were talking about Tucker’s girlfriend who came from African American origins. In the course of the conversation, Duane used the N-word to denote Tucker’s girlfriend. Tucker recorded the entire conversation and sold the clip at USD 15,000 in March of 2007 to The National Enquirer. The tape sparked a huge controversy and led to the temporary suspension of Duane’s TV show. Duane apologized publicly for his remarks and tried to reconcile with Tucker, but the damage was done.

Tucker also clashed with his father over his romantic choices. Duane disapproved of Tucker’s girlfriends and tried to interfere with his relationships

Building bridges

In an interview with Larry King in 2007, Duane revealed that he was trying to build bridges with his son and he wanted to make amends. Duane apologized for using a racial slur and said that he didn’t care if she was black or white.

“I tried to take control of his life (after this),” said Chapman, himself an ex-con. “I heard this girl was maybe not being the best for Tucker — and I’ll leave it like that — so I tried to interfere. I don’t care if she is black at all. He’s on parole for a 20-year sentence and if he messes up he goes back.”

Despite their conflicts, Tucker and Duane never gave up on each other. They both sought help for their issues and tried to mend their bond.

Tucker was devastated by the death of his sister Barbara-Katie in 2006, who died in a car accident. He was also heartbroken by the death of his stepmother Beth Chapman in 2019, who died of cancer. He attended their funerals.

Tucker is currently living a low-key life away from the spotlight. He maintains a good relationship with his sister Lyssa. 

Physical & Personality Traits

Tucker Chapman is a man of many contrasts. He is tall and muscular, with a rugged face and a piercing gaze. He has dark hair and a beard that he keeps neatly trimmed. He often wears a leather jacket and jeans, but also a gold chain and a Rolex watch. He is a bounty hunter, but also a family man. He is fearless and fierce, but also compassionate and loyal. He is a leader, but also a team player.


Tucker Dee Chapman is a son of a bounty hunter who has gone through many ups and downs in his life. He has made mistakes and faced consequences, but he has also learned from them and changed for the better. He is a survivor, a fighter and a lover. He is Tucker Dee Chapman.

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