Who is Chris Cornell ex-wife Susan Silver? Her net worth, divorce, daughter.

Even though Susan Silver had a short career in Band Management, she boasts an incredible number of bands that she has worked with in the past. The former manager of Soundgarden, Susan is also known for managing Alice In Chains. But for all her work, Susan was often criticized for her management techniques and the bands were none too happy with it. The former wife of Chris Cornell, Susan left band management for a while to focus on her family life with Chris Cornell. However, the pair divorced in 2004, and Susan continued her work. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Susan Silver.

Early Life and Career:

Susan Silver was born on the 17th of July, 1958 to Samuel and Emmogene Jean Silver. The oldest of three children, Susan graduated with a degree in Chinese from the University of Washington.

Chris Cornell’s ex-wife Susan Silver

Susan began her career in Band management in 1983. Some of her first clients were The U-Men and First Thought. Susan started managing Soundgarden in 1985 and was also dating Chris at the same time. Susan began managing Alice In Chains in 1988 after music manager Kelly Curtis, didn’t want to work with them anymore.

Susan also played an important role in helping Nirvana find its roots. When Kurt Cobain refused to sign the contract presented by the record label Sub Pop, Nirvana consulted Susan for opinions. Susan asked the band to get a lawyer and helped them secure a deal with DGC Records. Over the years, Susan worked with several bands including Hater, Inflatable Soule, Crackerbox, Sweet Water, Sponge, singer Kristen Barry, and producer Terry Date.

Net Worth:

After taking a brief hiatus following her marriage and birth of her daughter, Susan got back in the game and co-managed Alice in Chains along with David Benveniste and his company Velvet Hammer Management. Alongside her work in the music industry, Susan co-owns the club The Crocodile in Seattle along with Alice in Chains drummer Sean Kinney, Capitol Hill Block Party, co-founder Marcus Charles, Peggy Curtis, and “Portugal. The Man” guitarist Eric Howk. As of 2023, Susan has a net worth of around $5M.

Marriage with Chris and Legal Troubles:

Susan began dating Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell in 1985. The pair got married in 1990 and had their first and only child, a daughter named Lillian Jean, in June 2000. However, the pair called things off in 2004 and engaged in a long legal battle.

Following the pair’s divorce in 2004, Chris fired for a $1 million lawsuit, which claimed that Susan had cheated on Chris out of royalties and never returned his Grammys, recordings, and other memorabilia. In 2006, Chris claimed that Susan had violated California’s Talent Agency Act by booking shows without asking the band. After a drawn-out legal battle, Chris revealed in 2008 that he finally got his 15 guitars back from Susan. Talking about the divorce, Susan revealed that it never was her intention to go public with the divorce. 

“I turned the other cheek really up until this moment. I’ve never publicly talked about any of this. After he cut off the [Audioslave] guys, he seemed to surround himself with really bad choices. It didn’t ever have to be acrimonious. It’s incredibly painful, unnecessary, and expensive when someone is abusing the legal system to try to hurt another person.”

Moving on:

Following the divorce, Chris Cornell married Vicky Karayiannis in 2004. The marriage lasted until 2017 the year Chris took his last breath. Chris struggled with depression and was found dead in his hotel room on May 18, 2017. The cause of death was reported as a suicide by hanging. As for Susan, she is said to have remained unmarried following her divorce from Chris.

Taking legal action:

Recently, Susan filed a case against Vicky for failing to pay child support for Susan’s daughter, Lillian. In response, Vicky released a statement saying that she had always paid for her stepdaughter’s child care and tuition fees. Talking about the whole ordeal, Vicky’s lawyer revealed,

“Vicky Cornell, the Personal Representative of the Christopher Cornell Estate, has filed a motion to dismiss the inappropriate and frivolous claim filed by Susan Silver. Vicky has paid every penny of child support which is required to be paid including all high school and college tuition, educational expenses, and health insurance. In fact, she has even over-paid the tuition by paying for the last semester of Lily’s college without Lily disclosing that she had dropped out of school just a few days after the semester began.”

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full NameSusan Silver
BirthdateJuly 17, 1958
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsSamuel Silver, Emmogene Jean Silver
EducationUniversity of Washington
ProfessionMusic Manager
Net Worth$5M
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandChris Cornell (m. 1990–2004)
ChildrenLillian Jean Cornell

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