Sandy Mahl biography, know what happened to Garth Brooks’ ex-wife.

The 90s was a confusing time for Garth Brooks. The singer had just tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Sandy Mahl. However, 13 months into the marriage, Brooks met his now-wife Trisha Yearwood. Even though the pair felt an instant collection, both Yearwood and Brooks were married at the time. As the years went by, Brooks and Mahl separated mostly due to their career and it got to a point where even Mahl was happy to see Brooks tie the knot with Yearwood. Despite the pair’s separation, they took to co-parenting seriously. So, for this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Sandy Mahl. 

Early Life:

Sandy Mahl was born on the 16th of January 1965, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US. Born to John Mahl and Pat Mahl, Sandy spent most of her early life with her sister, Debbie Mahl. Her father owned a music store and always had something to play at all times. Mahl learned both the guitar and the piano during her early years. She graduated from a public high school in Tulsa and enrolled at Oklahoma State University in 1983. During her time at the University, Mahl played basketball and was an active cheerleader for the varsity team. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987.

Sandy Mahl

Professional Career:

There is no clear timeline for Mahl’s professional career besides some information here and there. She is a businesswoman and also has been credited as a songwriter.

Mahl helped Brooks write a few songs but none more renowned than, “I’ve Got a Good Thing Going.” Mahl received recognition for her contributions and her career as a songwriter took a stumble after the birth of her children. In addition to her work as a songwriter, Mahl is into animal welfare and runs the non-profit organization “Wild Heart Ranch.” Since the split, Mahl has stayed out of the media, and the last time she was seen on camera was on the A&E documentary on Garth Brooks.

Life with Garth Brooks:

Brooks and Mahl met during their college years. Even though both Mahl and Brooks were a part of their varsity teams, they didn’t meet on the field. At the time, Brooks worked as a part-time bouncer at a local bar and had to break up a fight. As it turned out, Mahl was one of the brawlers and Brooks ended up dropping her home. The pair began dating soon after and tied the knot on May 24, 1986. They moved to Nashville in 1987 as Brooks looked to start a music career.

Sandy Mahl & Garth Brooks

The pair had their first child, Taylor Mayne Pearl, in 1992. She was followed by a baby sister, August Anna in 1994, and in 1996, the pair welcomed their third daughter, Allie Colleen Brooks. While the pair enjoyed 15 years of togetherness, things weren’t how they wanted them to be. Brooks’s budding music career put a huge strain on their marriage and the pair ultimately called things off in 2001. 

“People constantly wanting your attention and yanking and pulling on him. He’d be gone eight to 10 weeks at a time. He’d come home, [and] there would be number-one parties, or shows, or CMAs, or ACMs, American Music Awards, so it was constantly going. But we both grew apart really, really quickly. I don’t think either of us had stopped to think about how this would change our lives.”

Despite the divorce, the pair took co-parenting seriously. Following the divorce, Brooks tied the knot with Trish Yearwood and Mahl has remained single.

What is Sandy Mahl doing now?

After the divorce Sandy moved to Oklahoma where she lives now. There she joined a non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary center, Wild Heart Ranch in Rogers County, north of Claremore Oklahoma. Initially, Wild Heart Ranch was owned by Annette Tucker after its establishment in 1996 and sandy joined around 2008.

An abduction attempt:

In 2006, Mahl was involved in an attempted abduction. One of the workers on her farm, Quintine Cornelius Harper, reportedly tried to kidnap Mahl at gunpoint before she escaped. At the time, Harper was involved in an embezzlement case but never showed up at court. So, when the bondsman arrived to arrest Harper, he held Mahl at gunpoint and forced her to open the car for him to escape. Mahl managed to flee to a nearby convenience store after driving for a few miles and Harper was later arrested. 

A quick write on Garth Brooks:

Garth Brooks is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Brooks first rose to prominence in the late 1980s and early 1990s, with the release of his self-titled debut album, “Garth Brooks,” in 1989. He went on to release a series of successful albums, including “No Fences” (1990), “Ropin’ the Wind” (1991), and “The Hits” (1994), which established him as one of the best-selling and most popular country music artists of all time.

Throughout his career, Brooks has received numerous accolades and awards, including multiple Country Music Association Awards, Grammy Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

In addition to his music career, Brooks has also made a name for himself as a successful performer, with a number of highly successful tours and live performances. He is known for his energetic and engaging stage presence and has been praised for his ability to connect with his audience.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name:Sandy Mahl
Other Name:Sandy Brooks
Birth Date:January 16, 1965
Age:58 years old
Birth Place:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Father’s Name:John Mahl
Mother’s Name:Pat Mahl
Siblings:Debbie Mahl
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Divorced
Husband:Garth Brooks (m. 1986–2001)
Children:Allie Colleen Brooks, August Anna Brooks, Taylor Mayne Pearl Brooks
Education:Oklahoma State University
Net Worth:$125 M
Source of Income:Divorce
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Blonde
Social Media Handle:Private


Who is Sandy Mahl married to now?

After the divorce from Garth Brook, Sandy Mahl has remained unmarried. She has dedicated herself to co-parenting their three daughters. She became a grandmother in 2014 when her daughter August Anna Brooks gave birth to her first child. Mahl’s youngest daughter, an aspiring singer Allie Colleen Brooks got married to Jonathan Roberts in 2018.

What is Sandy Mahl’s net worth?

Sandy Mahl has a net worth estimated at around $125 Million. The major source of her wealth is her divorce from country singer Garth Brooks. Although it was an amicable decision to part ways, the divorce turned out to be an expensive one. And given Garth earned his wealth after the marriage Mahl was bound to receive a huge amount of sum. Garth paid $125 Million in the divorce settlement.

Is Sandy Mahl suffering from cancer?

Sandy Mahl was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. After treatment and therapy, Mahl indeed beat the disease and is now cancer-free.

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