Who is Val Morrison? Inside his marriage with Summer Glau.

Val Morrison is more than just an actor. He is a voice artist, a video game enthusiast, and a devoted husband. He has lent his voice to some of the most popular and action-packed video games in the industry, such as Resident Evil 6 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. He has also starred in several films and TV shows, most notably as Oliver Preston, the handsome and heroic doctor in the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives.

But perhaps his greatest role is being the husband of Summer Glau, the stunning and talented actress who has captivated millions of fans with her performances in science fiction and fantasy shows. Summer Glau is best known for playing River Tam, the mysterious and powerful girl in Firefly and Serenity, Tess Doerner, the troubled and gifted returnee in The 4400, Cameron Phillips, the loyal and lethal Terminator in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Isabel Rochev, the cunning and ruthless villainess in Arrow. In this article, we will explore the life & career of Val Marrison and his marriage with Summer Glau.

Summer Glau Husband

Fun Facts About Val Morrison’s Birthday

Val Morrison is also known as Val Marijan, which is his birth name. He was born in Jul 1979 which makes his age 44 years. Here are some fun facts about his birthday:

  • His zodiac is either a Cancer or a Leo. Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac and people born under this sign are said to be loyal, emotional, sympathetic, and persuasive. Meanwhile, Leo is the fifth zodiac sign that is associated with the element of fire and the ruling planet of the Sun. People born under this sign are usually confident, generous, loyal, and charismatic. 
  • His birthstone is ruby, a precious gemstone that symbolizes passion, protection, and prosperity. Ruby is also the traditional gift for the 40th wedding anniversary.
  • His birth flower is larkspur, a beautiful and fragrant flower that comes in different colors. Each color has a different meaning, such as pink for fickleness, white for happiness, and purple for first love.

Val Morrison: From Refugee to Hollywood Actor

Morrison is an actor who has overcome many challenges and hardships in his life. Morrison was born in a small country in Eastern Europe that was affected by war when he was young. He moved to the US with his family as a war refugee when he was young. He speaks multiple languages and has a Caucasian ethnicity. He started his acting career in New York City, where he performed in several theater and off-Broadway productions. He also worked as a runway model for some time. He later moved to Los Angeles and appeared in various films and TV shows.

Morrison made his television debut in 1999 when he guest-starred as Oliver Preston in the long-running NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. He then appeared in other TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live and Just Jordan. He also ventured into film, starring in Spin, What’s This World Coming to?, Hollows Grove, and others.

Morrison is also a voice actor who has lent his voice to several video game characters. He has voiced Albania VO in SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals, Enemies voice in Resident Evil 6, Bosnian Fighter in Medal Of Honor: Warfighter, and more. He has demonstrated his versatility and range as an actor through these different mediums.

Val Morrison and Summer Glau: A Love Story Beyond the Screen

Val Morrison and Summer Glau are both actors who have made their mark in the entertainment industry, especially in the science fiction and fantasy genres. They are also a married couple who share two adorable daughters. Here is a glimpse into their relationship, marriage, and family life, as well as their works and achievements.

How They Met and Fell in Love

Val Morrison and Summer Glau began dating secretly, as they wanted to keep their relationship away from the media scrutiny and the public eye. They enjoyed spending time together, whether it was going for hikes, watching movies, or cooking meals. Some sources indicate that they began dating in 2012 when both were rising stars in Hollywood. Also, their shared passion for acting helped escalate their love affair. They also supported each other’s careers and passions.

Val Morrison and his Wife Summer Glau

Their Marriage and Children

Val Morrison and Summer Glau tied the knot in 2014, in a secret ceremony. The wedding was attended by their close friends and family, who witnessed their vows of love and commitment. Val and Summer looked stunning in their outfits, which reflected their personal styles and preferences. Val wore a suit while Summer wore a white lace dress with a long veil and a bouquet of roses. The couple exchanged rings and kissed passionately, sealing their union. They welcomed their first daughter, Milena Jo Morrison, on January 26, 2015. Their second daughter, Sunny Izabo Morrison, was born in October 2017.

Val Morrison and Summer Glau are devoted parents who enjoy spending time with their daughters, taking them to parks, beaches, museums, and other places. They also encourage their creativity and curiosity, exposing them to different cultures, languages, and arts. The couple is also very protective of their children’s privacy and rarely shares photos or details of them on social media. However, they occasionally post glimpses of their family life, showing their love and happiness.

Their Works and Achievements

Val Morrison and Summer Glau are both talented actors who have appeared in various films, TV shows, video games, and short films. They have also lent their voices to animated characters and podcasts.

Val Morrison is known for his roles in “Spin” (2007), “What’s This World Coming to?” (2011), “Hollows Grove” (2014), “To Catch a Train” (2012), “Medal of Honor: Warfighter” (2012), “Resident Evil 6” (2012), “Viko” (2009), “Just Jordan” (2007), “In the Name of the Son” (2007), “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (2004), “SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs” (2003), and “Days of Our Lives” (1999). He has also performed in several theater productions and off-Broadway shows. He is fluent in multiple languages and has worked as a runway model.

Summer Glau has worked in several science fiction and fantasy television series and films. Some of her most notable roles are:

  • River Tam in Firefly (2002) and its continuation film Serenity (2005), where she played a young genius who was experimented on by a secret government organization and became a psychic fugitive. She won the SFX Award for Best Actress for her performance in Serenity.
  • Tess Doerner in The 4400 (2005–2007), where she played a paranoid schizophrenic returnee who had the ability to manipulate reality with her mind.
  • Cameron Phillips in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008–2009), where she played a Terminator infiltration unit sent back to protect John Connor and Sarah Connor from Skynet. She received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in this series.
  • Isabel Rochev / Ravager in Arrow (2013–2014), where she played a ruthless businesswoman and an enemy of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow.

She has also appeared in other television shows, such as Angel, Cold Case, The Big Bang Theory, Dollhouse, The Cape, Alphas, Hawaii Five-0, NTSF:SD:SUV::, and Sequestered. She has also starred in some TV films and short films, such as Mammoth, The Initiation of Sarah, Deadly Honeymoon, Help for the Holidays, Dead End, and Inside the Box. 

Glau is also a trained ballet dancer who has performed tango and flamenco. She was homeschooled from grades 3 to 12 to accommodate her ballet training. 

Val Morrison and Summer Glau are both accomplished actors who have made their mark in the entertainment industry, especially in the science fiction and fantasy genres. They are also a married couple who share a deep bond of love and respect, as well as two adorable daughters. They have managed to balance their personal and professional lives, keeping their privacy and avoiding the media spotlight. They are a perfect example of a love story beyond the screen.

What is Val Morrison’s Net Worth?

Val Morrison’s lifestyle is relatively low-key and private. He has a net worth of $1 Million as of 2023, while his wife, Summer Glau, has a net worth of $5 million. The couple shares a home in California with their two daughters.

Wiki/Bio Summary

NameVal Morrison
Alternative nameVal Marijan
BirthdateJuly 1979
Age44 years old
BirthplaceEastern Europe
Family & RelativesMilena Marijan, Risto Marijan
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSummer Glau (2014 – present)
Past AffairsUnknown
ChildrenMilena Jo Morrison (b. January 26, 2015) and Sunny Izabo Morrison (b. October 2017)
Height6 feet 2½ inches or (1.89 m)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
OccupationActor, Theater Artist and Voice Actor
Debut roleOliver Preston in Days of Our Lives (1999)
First video game roleAdditional Albania VO in SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs (2003)
First film roleBouncer in Spin (2007)
First reality TV series roleSerbian Translator in Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2004)
Awards and nominationsNone
Net worthEstimated to be around $1 million as of 2023
Hobbies and interestsPlaying video games, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.
Favorite movie genresHorror, comedy, and action.
Education and qualificationsUnknown education level and qualifications. Likely to have some formal training in acting and theater arts.
Social media accounts and followersUnknown social media accounts and followers
Charity and philanthropy activitiesUnknown charity and philanthropy activities. Likely to support some causes related to human rights, animal welfare, and environmental issues.
Political views and affiliationsUnknown political views and affiliations
Religious beliefs and practicesUnknown religious beliefs and practices
Tattoos and piercingsNone Found

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