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One of the greatest debates in human existence is the reality of Ghosts. Some believe they exist while some believe they don’t. Brushing with the supernatural is a story that every one of us has heard at some point in our lives. If you belong to the group that believes in ghosts, then the cast of Ghost Hunters is here to prove you wrong. The reality series is centered around a pair of plumbers moonlight as ghost busters who investigate paranormal phenomena on the request of their clients. Led by Jason Hawes, the documentary series is based on the exploits of the Atlantic Paranormal Society. In this article, we take a closer look at one of the cast members, Steve Gonsalves.

Early Life:

Steve Gonsalves was born on the 23rd of October 1975, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His family relocated to Philadelphia when Steve was young and he spent much of his early life in Phili. From a young age, Steve was curious about the paranormal. With the passing years, his interest grew and by 20, Steve had formed an investigation team. Little is known about Steve’s life as an academic and his exploits in University. But it was during his time at University when Steve established The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS).

American paranormal investigator, Steve Gonsalves
American paranormal investigator, Steve Gonsalves

Professional Career:

Steve launched TAPS alongside James Haves and Grant Wilson. The trio then launched the Para-magazine to record their exploits. Things started working out for TAPS and the trio was approached by SyFy with an idea for a TV documentary series. Named Ghost Hunters, the reality series also featured several other paranormal investigators. The series aired its first episode on the 6th of October 2004 and continued for 12 seasons. The final episode of the 12th season was released on the 4th of September 2019. But Steve didn’t feature in the 12th season of the series. 

Alongside his appearance in Ghost Hunters, Steve also worked in other series including, Ghost Hunters Academy (2009-2010), Destination Truth (2009), and The Captured Bird (2012). 

Continuing hunting for ghosts:

After Steve wrapped up his work in Ghost Hunters, he started working on solo projects. In 2018, he worked in a documentary entitled, Haunting on Finn Road: The Devil’s Grove. In 2019, Steve got back with Hawes and Dave Tango and began working on a new TV series. Entitled Ghost Nation, the series was picked up by the Travel Channel. The series is currently working on its second season which is scheduled to air on the 24th of April 2020.

Ghost Hunter, Steve Gonsalves
Ghost Hunter, Steve Gonsalves

Personal Life and Net Worth:

For the longest time, Steve was dating his high-school girlfriend, Alyce Haynes. The pair called it quits in 2014 and Steve has decided not to get back into the dating pool. Steve prefers to keep details about his relationships away from the media and is now fully focused on his career. Currently, his social media fan following is increasing where he is having good number of fan following in his social handles(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

His several creative endeavors have netted Steve a total net worth of USD 1 million. 

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