Rhylee Gerber cast of Below Deck: Being boss on the set, Wiki-Bio.

Rhylee Gerber is not someone you would want to pick a fight with. The fiery Alaskan is no stranger to the sea. Over the years, Rhylee has captained a series of fishing vessels and has earned her credentials the hard way. Not a stranger to hard work, Rhylee has worked tirelessly to reach in the position she finds herself in. She joined the cast of Below Deck in the sixth season and returned for the seventh season. While her head steward Kate Chastain is glad to have Rhylee back, many don’t feel the same way. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Rhylee Gerber.

Early Life:

Rhylee Gerber was born on the 8th of February 1985 in Alaska. As a young kid, Rhylee spent most of her time fishing and later sailed out to see. Equivalent to the Alaskan lifestyle, Rhylee worked tirelessly to earn her credentials as a Captain. She earned her license in 2015 and started working co-captain and first mate of a 36-foot aluminum catamaran. During her time on the fishing vessel, Rhylee had to make sure the ship navigated through treacherous winds and currents.

Captain Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck Mediterranean.
Captain Rhylee Gerber from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Below Deck:

After years on a fishing vessel, Rhylee decided to embark on a new adventure. But this time on the white yacht that sailed through smooth ocean waters. Rhylee joined the My Seanna Crew in the sixth season and was involved in quite a few fights early on. She hated the exclusive “boys club” things and hated being left out. She has been openly critical of Captain Lee Rosbach and how he is also part of the misogyny onboard.

Shaking things up:

Even though the boys on below deck were always blamed for creating a misogynistic environment, things escalated after Rhylee joined the cast. Not afraid of anyone, Rhylee had a long-going feud with Ashton, who was criticized by fans for his attitude towards the girls. The pair got into a fight early on in season six and Rhylee made sure that she was heard. Not afraid to pull her punches, Rhylee was praised by her female co-stars for her head-on approach. When she returned for the seventh season, Head Stewardess Kate Chastain was back to have her on board.

“I think that this is the perfect time and the perfect person to come in because I think that the boys onboard are becoming a little too much of a fraternity. I think Rhylee’s good at her job, I’m happy to have her back because I like her, so I’m happy for so many reasons. Rhylee shakes things up wherever she goes. Animals fear her, deckhands fear her, men fear her: as they should”.

The seventh season saw Rhylee clash heads with Ashton once again. Even though Rhylee was all set to resolve her differences, Ashton could not let them go. Her discussions often escalated to full-blown arguments and Captain Lee has been vocal that he would not be hiring Ashley for the next season. Ashley divides opinions on the crew. Of all the crew, Ashton has been the most vocal.

“She hasn’t got along with six other men that’s worked above her, and I think it’s very easy to point a misogynistic finger, when it seems like you’ve got a problem with authority and working with men. If she had gotten along with four out of the six guys, I’d say maybe there was an issue here with some of the guys.”

With both Ashton and Rhylee not coming back for the 8th season, we are sure to see a lot of new faces on the yacht.

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