Who is “Catfish” Paris Dylan? Her boyfriend, untold truth, biography.

Paris Dylan was involved in one of the most elaborate catfish plans to have been featured on the reality series, Catfish. Planned by Shelley Chartier, the scandal involved professional NBA athlete Chris Andersen and his self-claimed best friend, Tom Taylor. As it was later revealed, both Dylan and Anderson were begin catfished to each other. The issue proved to be a blessing in disguise for Dylan who was working as a model. After her appearance in the series Catfish, Dylan started receiving more work as a model and she also got a chance to feature in several ads. In this article, we take a closer look at Paris Dylan and her wiki-bio.

Paris Roxanne Dylan was born on the 21st February of 1994 in Riverside, California. Born and raised in California, Paris shares a Caucasian descent. The youngest child of the family, Paris spent most of her childhood alongside her sister Courtney Crone. Courtney is a well-known figure in the racing tracks and is a professional racecar driver. Paris has not revealed many details about her education and early life. 

Setting out as a model:

Growing up, Paris started developing an interest in modeling and also had an affinity in the field. As such, she began working as a professional model from the age of 17. She is represented by a local modeling agency situated in Palm Desert, California. Among many of her endorsements, Paris is regularly featured by the Chivery’s campaign for its Black Friday Collection. 

Paris Dylan
Paris Dylan

Appearing on the reality series, The Catfish:

Paris rose to fame following her appearance in the reality series, The Catfish. She made an appearance in the second season of the series which aired in 2012. She wanted to appear in the series to stop people from stealing her identity and catfishing others. 

The infamous scandal:

The only reason why Paris Dylan appeared on the reality series, The Catfish was due to the 2010 scandal. In what can be only described as a bizarre set of events, Paris Dylan was involved with an online scandal with NBA player Chris Andersen. The pair met online and began talking to each other through text messages. The conversation soon turned X-rated and Dylan began sharing her nudes with Anderson. At the same time, Dylan was contacted by Tom Taylor who claimed to be Anderson’s best friend. 

It was Taylor who encouraged Dylan to meet Chris and even arranged for a flight ticket to Denver. The pair met and spent a week together before Paris journeyed back to California. One thing led to another and Tom leaked explicit photos of Paris online. This led the police to be involved in the case. 

Catfish star Paris Dylan

As the case started getting recognition, Chris Anderson was asked for an interview regarding the case. Chris sent his lawyer to attend the interview and it was later found out that Chris was under scrutiny for having a relationship with a minor. In his defense, Chris said that Paris had lied about her age and had claimed that she was 21. In reality, Paris was just 17 at the time. After investigating, the police found out that the entire chat was moderated by a third person, Shelley Chartier.

Personal Life:

After news of her relationship with Chris Anderson exploded around the internet, Paris remained low-key for a while. She is now in a relationship with the 73-year-old singer-songwriter, Don McLean. The pair have been together since 2016 and currently live in LA, California. 

Paris Dylan Boyfriend Don McLean
Paris Dylan Boyfriend Don McLean

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