What happened to Brittani Fulfer from My 600-lb life?

Brittani Fulfer is a woman who has overcome many challenges in her life. She is best known for her appearance on the TLC reality show My 600-lb Life, where she documented her journey of losing over 400 pounds with the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a bariatric surgeon. 

Brittani was born in September 1982 and grew up in Tualatin, Oregon. She has always struggled with her weight, which was partly caused by the trauma of being sexually abused as a child. She turned to food as a coping mechanism and reached a peak weight of 605 pounds when she decided to seek help from Dr. Now. After undergoing gastric bypass surgery and following a strict diet and exercise regimen, Brittani managed to shed more than half of her body weight and transform her appearance and health. She also underwent skin removal surgery and therapy to address the root causes of her food addiction.

Brittani Fulfer My 600-lb life Transformation

But who is Brittani Fulfer beyond her weight loss journey? How does she cope with the physical and emotional scars of her past? How does she balance her personal and professional life? How does she inspire others to follow her example and live healthier and happier lives?

These are some of the questions that we will explore in this article, as we get to know Brittani Fulfer better. We will also learn about her husband, Bill, who has been by her side throughout her transformation. We will also discover what happened to Brittani Fulfer since leaving My 600-lb life and what she is doing now.

Brittani Fulfer: Where Is She Now?

Brittani Fulfer was one of the most memorable participants of the reality show My 600 lb life, which chronicled her journey of losing weight and reclaiming her life. She appeared on season 4 of the show in 2016 when she weighed 605 pounds and struggled with mobility, depression, and anxiety. She underwent gastric bypass surgery and managed to lose over 200 pounds in a year, but she still faced many challenges and setbacks along the way.

Since then, Brittani has continued to work on her health, happiness, and self-love. She currently resides in Oregon, USA, with her husband Bill, and their dogs. She also has a close relationship with her nephew, whom she called one of the main reasons she kept going even when she wanted to give up. She has been active on social media, where she shares her updates, insights, and inspirations with her fans and followers.

Brittani has also pursued her career goals and worked as a bookmarker at Veterans Evaluation Services from September 8, 2020, to July 2022. She previously worked as an office/warehouse gopher at Kitz Corporation of America from November 15, 2018, to 2019. She has expressed her gratitude for having a second chance at life and being able to be part of the world, instead of hiding away

Brittani has also learned to love her body and her personality, and she does not let anyone judge her by her size or appearance. She has posted selfies and photos of herself enjoying life, with captions that reflect her confidence and positivity. She has also adopted the hashtag #tinybutfierce, which she explained is a play on her favorite quote by Shakespeare: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

But not everyone appreciates her hashtag. In December 2017, she posted a message on her Facebook page, explaining why she was annoyed by a question she received about her hashtag. She wrote:

“I just got asked this question and it rubbed me the wrong way. I was asked why I put #tinybutfierce when I am far from tiny. So I will explain…I am 5ft which is small stature and I am fierce meaning I am not going to let anything stop me. Also it is a play on my favorite quote by Shakespeare. ‘And though she be but little, she is fierce.'”

She went on to say that she understands that she is not tiny in weight per say, but she is not a big person either. She said she does not feel the need to explain herself, but she wanted to make it clear that she holds her hashtag dearly. She wrote:

“I never have claimed to be tiny by weight standards. I am a thick girl. But I really don’t take up much room. So that is where I stand on that.”

Brittani has also demonstrated her sense of humor and her adventurous side, as she has experimented with new things and experiences, such as getting a piercing, going to a comedy show, and traveling to different places. She has also expressed her interest in fitness and strength, and she has said that she does not want to look skinny, but rather strong and healthy. She says her goal is to be the best version of herself possible, and to live her best life possible.

Brittani has also shared what she is thankful for in her life, especially her husband, who has been her rock and her support throughout her journey. She listed some of the things she is grateful for, such as her life, her tribe, her weakness, her reality, and her lovelies.

Brittani has also revealed her passion for music and her favorite band, Third Eye Blind, which she finally got to see live in July 2017 after wanting to go for 20 years.

How Brittani Changed Her Life After Losing Over 400 Pounds

Brittani, a former participant in the reality TV show My 600-lb Life, has been inspiring many people with her incredible weight loss journey and her positive attitude. She has lost over 400 pounds since she underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2015, and she has been sharing her progress and challenges on social media.

Brittani has faced many difficulties in her life, such as being bullied, abused, and abandoned by her parents. She turned to food for comfort and reached a peak weight of 605 pounds. She was unable to walk, bathe, or take care of herself. She decided to seek help from Dr. Nowzaradan, a bariatric surgeon who specializes in treating morbidly obese patients.

Brittani underwent surgery and started to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. She also received therapy to address her emotional issues and trauma. She gradually regained her mobility, confidence, and happiness. She has been documenting her transformation on Facebook, where she has over 10,000 followers.

One of the most impressive aspects of Brittani’s journey is the difference a year can make. She has shared on Facebook a photo of herself from 2016 and 2017, showing how much she has changed physically and emotionally. She thanked her fans for their kindness and support, and encouraged them to keep fighting even if they mess up.

In another post, she shared an example of her daily diet, which consists of yogurt, cheese, almond butter, chicken, and vegetables. She advised her followers to make sure they are getting protein and water, and to consult their doctor or nutritionist before following any diet.

Brittani has also shared her view on beauty and how she has learned to love herself and see beyond the superficial standards of society. She wrote a long post about how everyone is beautiful, and how beauty is more than what is on the outside. She said that beauty is about what your soul looks like, and what you do in your life. She also told her fans to be kind and love themselves.

Also, one of the most touching aspects of Brittani’s journey is her friendship with Melissa Morris, another former participant of My 600-lb Life. Melissa was the first patient of Dr. Nowzaradan to lose over 500 pounds and to have a baby after surgery. She had been a mentor and a sister to Brittani, who credited her for saving her life. Brittani wrote in a Facebook post in October 2016:

“This lady! Love her! She is my sister. My family. My hero. She is the reason I am alive. I DO NOT know what I would do with out her. Melissa Morris is more amazing than she will ever know!”

Brittani has also been honest about her weight loss progress and the challenges she faced. In January 2017, she revealed that she continues to lose weight, but she is still under contract and unable to give exact numbers.

Brittani has also shared how losing weight has enabled her to play and take care of her nephew, who she adores. She wrote on Facebook in Feb 2016:

“When I weighed 600 lbs I knew I was missing out, but I rationalized it that it was okay. Before surgery I wasn’t able to do anything. This weekend I had my 14 month old nephew, I was able to play with him, chase after him, and honestly take care of him. I am so blessed to be able to do these things. I forgot what it felt like to be alive. I forgot what it was like to truly feel happy. I am slowly becoming who I was meant to be. This time with my nephew totally solidified how much I want to be a mommie. I have so much to live for, I will be a mommie. I will be able to truly take care of my kiddo when I have one. I truly believe that yes I may have taken the long way around, but this journey has lead to right where I need to be. Wishing you all a beautiful day. Be blessed.”

Brittani has also formed a friendship with her My 600-lb Life co-star Nikki Webster, whom she met during the show and who has also undergone a remarkable weight loss transformation. Brittani has praised Nikki by writing this about her on Facebook in October 2016:

“Nikki Webster is an amazing, gorgeous, smart, stunning, confident, positive, killing it, perfect eye lash, perfect teeth having, brilliant brain, person who made me laugh till my belly hurt, and person I am beyond blessed to have in my life one of a kind woman!”

She also revealed how she stays motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In an October 2016 Facebook post, Brittani wrote that Nikki who is her friend & My 600-lb life co-star, asked her if she ever forgets how things used to be. Brittani replied that she never forgets how hard her life used to be, and how miserable she was. She said that the moment she forgets that, she will think it is okay to eat unhealthy food, such as cheeseburgers. She added that she does not live in the past, but she has to remember where she came from, so she never goes back. She concluded by saying that she has to love herself more than that.

Brittani posted a photo of herself on Facebook in September 2018, showing her amazing transformation. The photo was taken on her birthday, just a few weeks before. She wrote a glowing update about her journey, looking happy and radiant.

“3 years ago I weighed 600 lbs. Now I am stronger, healthier, and more alive than I thought was ever possible! Am I skinny? Nope! Am I okay with that? Yep! My goal is to be healthy not skinny! Remember to love yourself today! Be blessed!”

Brittani is an inspiring figure for many people who face challenges with obesity, self-esteem, and mental health. She has achieved the incredible feat of losing over 400 lbs and reaching her lowest weight. She has demonstrated that with a support system, a positive mindset, and a grateful heart, nothing is impossible. However, Brittani has been quiet on social media lately and has not updated her followers on her current body weight.

Inside Brittani Fulfer’s marriage with Bill Fulfer

Brittani and Bill Fulfer are a married couple without any children. Bill, a graduate of Portland State University, is also obese but has decided against having the surgery that Brittani underwent. Nevertheless, he has shed more than 100 pounds since they met.

Brittani has shared pictures of her and Bill on her Facebook, whom she has called “my love, my life, my best friend”. She also went on to say that he is her strength, her soul, and her reason. “With him I can do anything,” she wrote in one of her posts.

Brittani is not afraid to defend her husband from negative comments and criticism. She says that he has always been there for her through everything and that he is her biggest supporter. She also respects his decision not to have the surgery and says that he has no control over what she eats or does. She says that weight loss surgery is not for everyone and that it is a physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental process.

In a long and heartfelt post on May 8, 2017, Brittani addressed some of the people who were talking poorly about her husband. She said that he has lost weight and that the reason he may look like he has gained is because of the contrast with her rapid weight loss. She also said that he is not sabotaging her or holding her back, but rather empowering her and lifting her up. She asked her followers to refrain from bad-mouthing her husband or saying that he needs to do something about his weight. She said that she can take criticism, but not when it comes to her husband. “Do not ever say he is anything but supportive of me,” she wrote.

Brittani Fulfer: Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameBrittani Renee Fulfer
Date of birthSeptember 1982
Place of birthTualatin, Oregon, USA
Religion Christianity
Previous ResidenceHuston, Texas, USA
Current residenceThe Dales, Oregon, USA
Marital statusMarried to Bill Fulfer
OccupationDocument scanner and data entry
Height5 feet
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
Starting weight605 lbs
Weight lossOver 400 lbs
Weight loss surgeryGastric bypass
Skin removal surgeryYes
My 600-lb Life debutSeason 4, (2016)
Childhood traumaSexually abused from age 5 to 11
Eating disorderBinge eating
Health issuesChronic pain, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, infertility
GoalsTo have a baby, to travel, to enjoy life
HobbiesReading, writing, painting, gardening
Social mediaFacebook, Twitter
PostsMostly motivational quotes, personal updates, and photos
TransformationUnrecognizable from her initial appearance, looks healthy and happy
FansSupportive and proud of her progress, often leave positive comments
InspirationsDr. Nowzaradan, her husband, her therapist, other My 600-lb Life stars
ChallengesMaintaining her diet and exercise, coping with her emotions, dealing with online trolls
AchievementsLost over 400 lbs, improved her relationship with her husband, regained her confidence, started a new life
Future plansTo continue her weight loss journey, to have skin removal surgery on her arms and legs, to adopt a child, to write a book

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