What happened to Kevin Hiatt from Gold Rush? His wiki, bio, net worth, wife, kids.

Kevin Hiatt is an American gold miner and reality TV star who is best known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel’s show Gold Rush. He joined the show in season 3 as a member of the Hoffman Crew, led by Todd Hoffman. But before he became a gold digger, he had a different life that was full of struggles and challenges.

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Early Life and Education

Kevin Hiatt was born in Dec 1976 in Gresom Oregon, USA. There is no information on his parents and siblings save for the fact he grew up in a Christian family and attended church regularly. He attended Sam Barlow High School and following matriculation, he joined Mt. Hood Community College.

Former Gold Rush cast Kevin Hiatt

Professional Career

He worked as an apprentice lineman in Oregon before joining the Hoffman Crew. Prior to joining the Hoffman Crew, Kevin was struggling in his marriage, as a father and at work. His life changed after Todd Hoffman reached out to him and offered him a position on his team. Kevin accepted the offer, even though he knew nothing about gold mining. He saw it as an opportunity to start fresh and pursue his dreams.

Gold Rush

Kevin Hiatt made his debut on Gold Rush in season 3, mining in the Klondike with the Hoffman Crew. He proved to be a hard-working and loyal crew member, who was willing to learn and take risks. He also became friends with his fellow miners, such as Dave Turin and Chris Doumitt. He continued to mine with the Hoffmans in Season 4, where they ventured to Guyana, South America. However, that season was a bust and Kevin returned home empty-handed. He had to take two jobs just to support his family. He felt like his mining days were behind him.

He was convinced to return for season 5, where he helped mine McKinnon Creek in Canada. It turned out to be the right decision as McKinnon paid out more gold than ever before. Kevin’s marriage was also stronger than ever and he was expecting another baby. He relied on Todd Hoffman to provide the gold so he could support his family.

He continued to mine with the Hoffman Crew in seasons 6 and 7. In season 8, he worked under Hunter Hoffman, Todd’s son, who was in charge of running the Holy Roller trommel. However, he made a mistake by forgetting to turn on the water for the spray bars and caused the trommel to stop working. He apologized for his error and tried to fix it as soon as possible.

However, after Todd Hoffman decided to quit gold mining at the end of Season 8, Kevin also left the show. He did not join Parker Schnabel’s crew or Tony Beets’ crew, unlike some of his former teammates.

Life After:

Based on his Instagram account, Kevin Hiatt’s life after Gold Rush seems to be filled with family, faith and fun. He posts pictures and videos of his wife, children, friends and pets, as well as his hobbies such as fishing, hunting, camping and riding motorcycles. He also shares inspirational messages and quotes about God, gratitude and positivity. He seems to be enjoying his life as a lineman and a father of four.

Net Worth

Kevin Hiatt is a former miner on Gold Rush who worked with the Hoffman Crew. He left the show after season 9 when the crew disbanded. His net worth is not publicly known, but it is likely much lower than some of the other miners on the show. For comparison, Tony Beets, the richest miner on Gold Rush, has a net worth of $15 million, while Parker Schnabel, the second richest, has a net worth of $10 million. Kevin Hiatt may have earned some money from his appearances on the show and from his gold mining activities, but he also had to pay for his expenses and equipment. He is now working as a lineman for an electric company in Oregon.

Wife and Kids:

Kevin Hiatt is not just a miner on Gold Rush, he is also a devoted husband and father who has overcome many challenges in his life. He has been married to Mindy Hiatt since June 16, 2001, and they have several children together. But their marriage was not always smooth sailing. Kevin struggled with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts before he found his faith and turned his life around.

Kevin was working as an apprentice lineman when he felt hopeless and lost. He didn’t care about his family or his future. He was ready to give up on everything. But then he prayed for a change and God answered his prayer in an unexpected way. He got a call from Todd Hoffman, who offered him a chance to join his gold mining crew in Alaska. But mining was not easy either. Kevin faced many difficulties and dangers along the way. He had to deal with harsh weather, broken equipment, low gold yields and hostile locals. He also had to be away from his wife and kids for months at a time, which took a toll on their relationship.

Kevin’s marriage is now stronger than ever. He loves his wife and kids more than anything in the world. He credits God for saving him from his dark past and giving him a new life full of hope and joy. 

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameKevin Hiatt
Birth dateDecember 1976
Age46 years old
BirthplaceGresham, Oregon, United States
OccupationMiner, lineman
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMindy Hiatt (m. 2001)
TV showsGold Rush
AffiliationHoffman crew
HobbiesHunting, fishing, camping
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

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