Who is Jason Reid (Joy Reid’s husband)? Inside his life & marriage.

Joy Reid and Jason Reid are more than just a married couple. They are also a dynamic duo of media and entertainment, who have made their mark in different fields. Joy Reid is a renowned journalist and author, who hosts her own show on MSNBC, The ReidOut, where she covers the latest news and politics with a sharp and insightful perspective. She has also written several books, such as The Man Who Sold America and Fracture, that explore the history and impact of American democracy. Jason Reid, on the other hand, is a talented film editor who has worked for popular television networks such as Discovery and NBC. He has also benefited from his wife’s popularity and influence, as she has helped him gain more exposure and recognition for his work. Together, Joy and Jason Reid are a formidable pair, who share a passion for filmmaking and social justice. In this article, we take the spotlight away from Joy Reid and put it on Jason Reid.

Jason Reid Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameJason Reid
Date of birthDecember 8, 1969
Age53 years old
Place of birthUnited States of America
EthnicityAfrican American
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack
Zodiac signCapricorn
EducationB.A in film and video production from the School of Visual Arts
LanguagesEnglish and Basic Spanish
OccupationFreelance editor, co-founder of ImageLab Media Group, writer, producer
Net worthEstimated at $ 1.5 million USD
SpouseJoy Reid (m. 1997)
HobbiesTraveling, hiking, skiing, watching movies
Favorite foodUnknown
Favorite colorUnknown
Favorite movieUnknown
Favorite bookUnknown
Favorite musicUnknown
Role modelUnknown
PetA dog
Political affiliationUnknown
PassionTo create feature films, documentaries, and post-production efforts
SkillTo edit and produce high-quality videos for various platforms and audiences
WeaknessTo be self-critical
GratitudeTo have a supportive wife and family, and a meaningful career
Jason Reid and his wife Joy Reid

Fun Facts about Jason Reid’s Birthday

Jason Reid was born on December 8, 1969, in the United States. Here are some fun facts about his birthday:

  • His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the Archer. Sagittarius people are said to be curious, energetic, optimistic, and enthusiastic. They are also known for their love of adventure and freedom.
  • His birthstone is Tanzanite, a rare and beautiful gemstone that has a blue-violet color. Tanzanite is believed to bring good fortune, success, and high value to its wearer. It is also associated with wisdom, spirituality, and creativity.
  • His birth flower is Narcissus, also known as Daffodil. Narcissus flowers symbolize rebirth, new beginnings, hope, and joy. They are also linked to loyalty, honesty, and respect.
  • Some famous celebrities who share his birthday are:
    • Nicki Minaj, a popular rapper, singer, and songwriter who has won multiple awards and sold millions of records worldwide.
    • Jim Morrison, a legendary rock singer and poet who was the lead vocalist of The Doors. He is considered one of the most influential and charismatic figures in rock history.
    • Kim Basinger, an Oscar-winning actress and former model who has starred in films such as L.A. Confidential, Batman, and 9 1/2 Weeks. She is also an animal rights activist and a vegan.

Jason Reid and Joy Reid: A Love Story of Two Media Professionals

Jason Reid and Joy Reid are a power couple in the media industry. They have been married for over 26 years and have three children together. They are also the co-founders of ImageLab Media Group, a production company that specializes in documentaries, feature films, and post-production services. How did they meet and what is their secret to a successful marriage? Here is a glimpse into their love story and their respective careers.

How They Met and Got Married

Jason Reid and Joy Reid met in 1991 when they both worked at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. They hit it off and started dating soon after. They tied the knot on February 24, 1997, in a private ceremony.

Their Children and Family Life

Jason and Joy Reid have three children: Winsome, Nasir, and Jmar. Winsome is their eldest daughter born on April 29, 1995. Nasir is their second child born on June 15, 1997. Jmar is their youngest son, born on October 22, 1999.

Jason and Joy Reid’s three children

The Reids are a close-knit family who support each other’s endeavors. They live in New York City, where Joy hosts her popular MSNBC show, The ReidOut. Jason often accompanies Joy to various events and awards ceremonies, where they pose for photos and smile for the cameras. They also enjoy traveling together and spending quality time with their children.

Their Careers and Achievements

Jason Reid is a Filmeditor who has worked for various networks and platforms, including Discovery Communication and NBC Universal division Peacock Production.  He is currently a senior editor and a partner at ImageLab Media Group, which he co-founded with his wife in 2005. Here is the highlight of Jason Reid’s career:

  • He graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a B.A. in film and video production.
  • He worked as a senior editor at Discovery Communications from July 1999 to October 2011, where he edited the first promotional video for Toddlers & Tiaras in the Latin American television market and saved thousands of dollars in company costs by purchasing pre-constructed graphics.
  • He co-founded ImageLab Media Group in January 2005, a company that focuses on creating feature films, documentaries, and post-production efforts. He is still a partner of the company as of now.
  • He worked as a freelance editor at Universal/Peacock Production from January 2012 to January 2013, where he worked on a one-hour program episode called “Help is on the Way”.
  • He also worked as a freelance editor for NBC for a short period.

Joy Reid is one of the most influential and respected journalists and political commentators in the country. She has worked for various publications and outlets, such as The Miami Herald, The Grio, The Reid Report, and AM Joy. She is also an author of several books, such as The Man Who Sold America: Trump and the Unraveling of the American Story, which was published in 2019. She is currently the host of The ReidOut, a Washington-based weeknight show on MSNBC that covers the latest news and analysis on politics, culture, and social justice issues. She is the first Black woman to anchor a prime-time news show on cable television. She has also received numerous accolades and recognition for her work, such as being named one of The Root’s 100 Most Influential African Americans and one of Essence’s Woke 100 Women in 2017.

Jason Reid and Joy Reid are an inspiring couple who have achieved remarkable success in their respective fields while maintaining a strong bond with each other and their children. They are an example of how love can thrive in the midst of challenges and opportunities.

Jason Reid’s Childhood and Family Background

Jason Reid was born on December 8, 1969, in the United States of America. He is of African-American descent, and his ethnicity is an important part of his identity. According to a study by Phinney and Chavira, ethnic identity is a significant factor in the self-esteem, academic confidence, and purpose in life of adolescents, especially for minority groups. Jason Reid may have faced challenges and discrimination due to his race, but he also may have developed a strong sense of pride and belonging to his cultural heritage.

Jason Reid grew up in a family that supported his interests and talents. He had a keen interest in graphics and video editing. It was only fitting he decided to hone his skills by pursuing a college degree in his field of interest. Jason attended the School of Visual Arts and graduated with a B.A. in film and video production. He worked as a senior editor for Discovery Communications for more than 12 years, where he helped to create promotional videos and documentaries for various markets. 

What is Joy Reid’s Net Worth?

Jason Reid’s net worth and lifestyle are not very well known, as he prefers to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight. However, based on some sources, his net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million USD as of 2023.

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