What happened to Donnie Wahlberg ex-wife Kimberly Fey? Wiki-Bio facts.

The Whalberg’s are a popular bunch. While Mark Wahlberg is undoubtedly most famous of the nine Wahlberg kids, others have followed suit. While Mark decided to make a name for himself in Hollywood, his siblings have made a name for themselves in business, music, and other fields. The eighth child of the Whalberg family, Donnie is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer, and film producer. While Donnie has been quite open about his professional life, he doesn’t like discussing his personal life with others. As a result, very little is known about his ex-wife Kimberly Fey and their time together. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Kimberly Fey.

Early Life:

Kimberly Fey was born in 1969 in the United States of America. For a couple of years Kimberly spent in the spotlight, she never talked about her personal life. She never liked giving interviews and details on her early life are scarce. Details on her parents, early life, and siblings have remained a complete mystery. On the academic side of things, while it is known that Kimberly graduated from high school, it remains to be known if she has a college degree.

Donnie Wahlberg ex-wife Kimberly Fey
Donnie Wahlberg ex-wife Kimberly Fey

Professional Career:

From a young age, Kimberly was interested in music. Following her interests, Kimberly began working as a sound engineer and musician. In the course of her work, Kimberly met her future husband Donnie Wahlberg. By the time the pair met, Donnie was starting to make a name for himself as the frontman of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.


Eventually, Donnie got Kimberly to work on one of the band’s albums and the pair grew closer. The pair began dating after a while and remained together for around 15 years. The pair first announced their relationship in 1991. Kimberly was 22 around the time, and two years later gave birth to their first child, Xavier Alexander who was born on 4th March 1993. The pair made things official in 1999. Following their marriage, Kimberly got pregnant with their second son. Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg was born on 20th August 2001.

Divorce and life ahead:

Following the birth of their second child, things started to get rocky between the pair. However, nothing substantial had occurred and the pair loved spending time together. As Donnie’s fame grew in the industry, things started to get wobbly once again. And in 2008, the relationship could no longer hold up. The pair decided to get a divorce in 2008 and called it quits after 9 years as a married couple.

Kimberly Fey now
Following the divorce, both Donnie and Kimberly wanted custody of their children. But the case was never revealed to the public, and the judgment was never known. While neither Donnie nor Kimberly revealed any reasons for their divorce, fans speculated it was because of her relationship with the Canadian model, Michelle Tomlinson. Following the divorce, Kimberly has decided to lay low and little is known about her life. On the other hand, Donnie has continued to grow in stature and is married to actress, Jenny McCarthy.

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