What happened to Doreen Lioy [Richard Ramirez wife]? An unusual love story.

Doreen Lioy was in the center of one of the most unusual love stories, the world has seen to date. She is the ex-wife of serial killer Richard Ramirez, and the pair shared an unusual relationship. Richard, who was dubbed the Night Stalker, is one of the most heinous criminals to date. Not only was the man convicted for 13 counts of murder, five attempted murders, 14 burglaries, and 11 sexual assaults, he showed no remorse for the killings. In his first court appearance, Richard showed the symbol of a pentagram on his hand and vocalized his worship of satan. While most of the people at home were chilled by his revelation, few sympathized with him. One of his sympathizers was Doreen Lioy who was a magazine editor from California. In this article we will bring everything to know about Dorren ioy.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDoreen Lioy
Date of birthMarch 1, 1955
Age68 years old
Place of birthBurbank, California, U.S.A
OccupationFreelance magazine editor
Former employerTiger Beat
Former colleagueJohn Stamos
First contact with RamirezSent him letters in 1985
Number of letters sent to RamirezAbout 75
Frequency of visits to Ramirez in jailFour times a week
Year of engagement to Ramirez1988
Year of marriage to Ramirez1996
Wedding venueSan Quentin State Prison
Wedding dress colorWhite
Wedding ring materialPlatinum
Reason for choosing platinum ringRamirez was a self-described Satanist and did not wear gold
Wedding guestsRamirez’s brother, sister, niece, lawyers, and a book author
Family reaction to her marriageDisowned her
Nickname for RamirezRichie
Claim about Ramirez’s innocenceBelieved he was innocent and framed by the police
Year of separation from Ramirez2009
Reason for separation from RamirezHe was linked to another murder case by DNA evidence
American serial killer Richard Ramirez wife Doreen Lioy
American serial killer Richard Ramirez and Doreen Lioy

Letters, Letters, and More Letters

After Richard’s courtroom proceedings were televised on live television, he started gathering fans. Like most infamous serial killers, Richard had a large group of fans who often wrote to him. One of those fans was Doreen Lioy. Lioy who worked as a magazine editor began writing to Richard daily. She began her endeavors in 1985 and wrote him nearly 75 letters while he was imprisoned. The two started seeing each other regularly, and Doreen visited around four times a week. Over the years, an unlikely romance blossomed between the pair.


Richard proposed to Doreen in 1988 and the pair got the okay for the marriage nearly eight years later. The pair tied the knot in 1996 at California’s San Quentin State Prison. In an interview with CNN, Doreen revealed what she thought of Richard.

“He’s kind, he’s funny, he’s charming. I think he’s really a great person. He’s my best friend; he’s my buddy.”

While Richard had a few sympathizers, many believed that he deserved the sentence. But indifferent to most of the comments, Doreen believed in her husband, which led to many people calling her delusional. In the same interview with CNN, Doreen revealed that she was well aware that people called her crazy or naive.

“Or stupid or lying. And I’m none of those things. I just believe in him completely. In my opinion, there was far more evidence to convict O.J. Simpson, and we all know how that turned out.”

Troubles along the Way

While Doreen had complete faith in her husband, she also understood that it was difficult to understand her love for Richard.

“I know it is. It’d be hard for me to understand if my best friend came to me and said, ‘You know, this guy Timothy McVeigh, who just got convicted? I really think he’s cute and I’m gonna write to him.’ I mean, I would think that’s kind of strange.”

While Doreen was convinced of her love for Richard, the love didn’t come easy. Following the revelation, Doreen was disowned by her family and all her family members cut their ties with her. Her marriage to Richard meant that Doreen could not realize her dream of having children.

“I love children. I’ve never made any secret to him that I wanted five or six children. But that dream didn’t come true for me and I’ve just replaced it with a different dream. Which is, being with Richard.”


Doreen Lioy was once a successful magazine editor who gave up her career and family to marry Richard Ramirez. She married him in 1996, after writing him dozens of letters while he was in prison. She claimed to love him and said she would commit suicide if he was executed. However, their marriage did not last until his death in 2013

Doreen and Ramirez separated in 2009, when DNA evidence linked him to the rape and murder of a 9-year-old girl in 1984. Doreen reportedly felt betrayed and devastated by this revelation and stopped communicating with him. She also received death threats from Ramirez’s fans and had to live in hiding.

Life After

Since then, Doreen has kept a low profile and avoided the media attention. Her current whereabouts and activities are unknown, as she has not given any interviews or statements since Ramirez’s death. Some speculate that she may have changed her name and moved to another state or country. Others suggest that she may have committed suicide or died of natural causes.

It is possible that Lioy is still alive and living a quiet life somewhere, away from the public eye. She may have found a new job, a new partner, or a new purpose in life. She may have also sought therapy or counseling to cope with the trauma and grief of her past relationship. However, these are only speculations, as no one knows for sure what happened to Doreen Lioy after the death of Richard Ramirez.


Where is Doreen Lioy now?Doreen Lioy’s current whereabouts are unknown. She has not given any interviews or public statements since Richard Ramirez’s death. She is believed to be living a reclusive life, away from the media and the public eye.
How did Doreen Lioy’s marriage to Richard Ramirez affect her career?Doreen Lioy’s marriage to Richard Ramirez negatively affected her career as a freelance magazine editor. She lost many of her clients and contacts, who did not want to be associated with her or him. She also faced harassment and threats from some of the victims’ families and the public.
Did Doreen Lioy ever write a book about her marriage to Richard Ramirez?No, Doreen Lioy never wrote a book about her marriage to Richard Ramirez, despite receiving several offers from publishers and agents.
Did Doreen Lioy ever appear in any documentaries or films about Richard Ramirez?Yes, Doreen Lioy appeared in a few documentaries and films about Richard Ramirez. Some of them are: ‚ÄúRichar Ramirez: The Night Stalker,‚ÄĚ ‚ÄúCrime Stories: The Night Stalker,” and “Deranged.” She also can be seen in the archive footage used on series such as “Very Scary People” (2020), “World’s Most Evil Killers” (2018) and “THS Investigates” (2005).
Did Doreen Lioy ever regret marrying Richard Ramirez?No, Doreen Lioy never regretted marrying Richard Ramirez, even after he died. She said she was proud to be his wife and that he was the love of her life.
How did Doreen Lioy deal with Richard Ramirez’s crimes and victims?Doreen Lioy said she did not condone Richard Ramirez’s crimes and that she felt sorry for his victims and their families. She said she prayed for them and asked for their forgiveness. She also said she tried to understand why he did what he did and what made him become a serial killer.
Did Doreen Lioy have any hobbies or interests besides Richard Ramirez?Yes, Doreen Lioy had some hobbies and interests besides Richard Ramirez. She said she liked reading, writing, gardening, cooking, and watching movies. She also said she was interested in psychology, spirituality, and astrology.
How did Doreen Lioy meet Cynthia Haden, the former juror who befriended her and Richard Ramirez?Doreen Lioy met Cynthia Haden in 1989, during Richard Ramirez’s trial. Cynthia Haden was one of the jurors who voted to convict him and sentence him to death. However, she later changed her mind and became sympathetic to him and his wife. She started visiting them in prison and became their friend.
How did Doreen Lioy meet Philip Carlo, the true crime author who wrote a book about her and Richard Ramirez?Doreen Lioy met Philip Carlo in 1995, when he contacted her and asked for her permission to write a book about Richard Ramirez. She agreed and gave him access to her letters, photos, and interviews with him. She also helped him with his research and fact-checking. The book was published in 1996 under the title ‚ÄúThe Night Stalker: The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez‚ÄĚ.
Did Doreen Lioy ever receive any fan mail or support from other people who admired Richard Ramirez?Yes, Doreen Lioy received some fan mail and support from other people who admired Richard Ramirez or were fascinated by him. Some of them were women who had crushes on him or wanted to marry him. Some of them were people who shared his views on Satanism or anti-social behavior. Some of them were people who were curious about his life or his mind.
Did Doreen Lioy ever face any legal troubles because of her marriage to Richard Ramirez?No, Doreen Lioy never faced any legal troubles because of her marriage to Richard Ramirez. She was not accused of any involvement in his crimes or any attempt to help him escape or evade justice. She was not sued by any of the victims’ families or the state for any damages or compensation. She was not arrested or detained by any law enforcement agency for any reason related to him or his case.
How did Doreen Lioy afford to visit Richard Ramirez so often in prison?Doreen Lioy used her savings and income from her freelance work to visit Richard Ramirez so often in prison. She also received some donations and gifts from some of her friends and supporters. She said she spent most of her money on travel expenses, phone calls, and legal fees. She said she lived a modest and frugal life, without any luxuries or extravagances.
Did Doreen Lioy ever try to appeal Richard Ramirez’s conviction or sentence?Yes, Doreen Lioy tried to appeal Richard Ramirez’s conviction or sentence, along with his lawyers and his family. She said she believed he had a right to a fair trial and a due process of law. She said she hoped he would be exonerated or at least get a new trial or a reduced sentence. However, all of their appeals were denied or rejected by the courts.
Did Doreen Lioy ever have any contact with Richard Ramirez’s family?Yes, Doreen Lioy had some contact with Richard Ramirez’s family, especially his mother and his sister.
Did Doreen Lioy ever change her name after marrying Richard Ramirez?No, Doreen Lioy did not change her name after marrying Richard Ramirez. She kept her maiden name and used it for her professional and personal purposes. S


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