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Nadine Caridi is former model who currently works as Marriage & Family Therapist. This British born lady was involved in modeling in 80’sand 90’s. During the time she appeared in ads of beer brand “Miller Lite” including featuring in its Nationwide Tv commercials in Monday Night Football. Although, her modeling days are well behind in the past, and so the fame associated with it. Still, this lady finds herself in the media spotlight for quite a different reason, her several years of a marriage relationship with ex-husband Jordan Belfort. Read below to learn everything about former stockbroker mogul Jordan Belfort’s second wife, Nadine Caridi.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameNadine Macaluso (née Caridi)
Date of birthDecember 24, 1967
Place of birthLondon, England
Zodiac signCapricorns
Marital statusMarried
OccupationPsychologist, author, internet personality, former model
EducationPacifica Graduate Institute (MA and PhD in psychology)
First husbandJordan Belfort (m. 1991; div. 1998)
Second husbandJohn Macaluso
ChildrenTwo (with Belfort) and has three steps daughters
NicknameThe Duchess of Bayridge
PetTwo dogs
Modeling careerRepresented by Elite Petite Management; appeared in ads for Miller Lite, Seagram, and Wrigley Company
Marriage to BelfortMet at a house party in Westhampton Beach, New York; had a lavish wedding in the Caribbean; owned a luxury yacht named Nadine
Divorce from BelfortSeparated after claims of domestic violence, infidelity, and drug addiction; divorced in 1998
Life after divorceMoved to California; earned a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in counseling and somatic psychology; remarried to businessman John Macaluso
Upcoming BookRun Like Hell: A Therapist’s Guide To Recognizing, Escaping, And Healing From Trauma Bonds,  which is set to be released in January 2024
LinkedIn profileNadine Macaluso
Movie portrayalNaomi Lapaglia by Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Movie accuracySaid the movie was accurate from Belfort’s perspective but not from hers
Movie involvementWas not consulted by the filmmakers or the actors
Nadine Caridi former model
Nadine Caridi former model

Early Life and Education

She was born in London, United Kingdom on December 24, 1967, which makes her age 50 years now.  Although she spent her earlier years in the UK, she was brought up in Bay Ridge, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. She attended John Dewey High School and graduated there.

Nadine Caridi
Nadine Caridi in her childhood

Nadine was a bright student in high school, alongside academics, she was curious about making a career in modeling hence followed after high school. She learned different prospect of the modeling also her captivating looks, and impressive body helped her ease in the profession. As a model, she appeared for several ads commercial of American Beer manufacturing company “Miller Lite.”

Later in her life, she endeavored for master study in Pacifica Graduate Institute getting a degree in Counseling Psychology and also completing Ph.D. in Somatic psychology and Neuroscience in 2015.

Personal Life

Nadine has been through few broken relationships, one thing she knows is how to tackle with heartbreak and move on for good. So far she has been hitched twice, Jordan Befort is her first husband and current John Macaluso is her second husband.

Nadine Caridi love affair and married life with Alan Wilzig

Before her high profile relationship with Belfort, Alan Wilzig was the man in her life. The two became a thing after Alan was out of college and Nadine was emerging as a model in the industry. The couple dated for one complete year even lived together, and then they had on and off relationship for another year.

Nadine Carid and her then boyfriend Alan Wilzig
Nadine Carid and her then-boyfriend Alan Wilzig

Although Nadine has not shared about her time with him, Alan side of the story reveals their second-year affair was kind of tense. In a Facebook post shared by Alan he wrote;

“We lived to together over a year and it was nice and then went on and off which was anything but nice. Like highschool but more adult-vicious.”

After the breakup, the two remained as friendly exes and kept in touch. Even Caridi new love life with Belfort is down to opportunity she had through Alan.

Nadine Caridi love affair and married life with Jordan Belfort

In late 80’s Nadine had come to attend 4th of July Westhampton Beach House party with Alan, by then were ex-lovers. She met Belfort at the party who was still married to high school sweetheart Denise Lombardo.

Belfort was famous for lavish lifestyle hosting parties and was involved with a lot of girls outside marital relationship, mostly they were short-lived. However, that changed once he met Nadine and their love affair quickly escalated. Belfort divorced his wife in 1991 and the same year took wedding vow to marry Caridi.

Back then Jordan affectionately had given her a nickname  “The Duchess of Bay Ridge.” Even named  his yacht after her, “Naomi.” The yacht sank off the east coast of Sardinia in June 1996.

Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi
Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi

As the years went on their marriage was also trading a thin line. Belfort was heavily hooked on to drugs especially methaqualone, and it did take a toll on the marriage. Nadien claimed he was abusive towards her and had affairs with other women before divorcing him in 1998.

Belfort himself has admitted some disturbing events from his marriage. In the memoir, he has written kicking his wife Nadine down the stairs while he was holding his daughter. Also about endangering their daughter Chandler as he put her in the front seat of the car without a seatbelt on before crashing while high on the substance.

From the marriage, Nadine had two children a son Carter Belfort and a daughter Chandler Belfort. After the divorce, Nadine moved to California with their children. The couple has kept their cool and remained friendly ex. When Belfort came out of jail after serving 22 months, his actual human contacts were Nadine and their children.

Life after divorce: Nadine Caridi and John Macaluso

After Belfort was out of the picture, John Macaluso came into her life. John is an entrepreneur and formerly Ceo of Wizard World. They married in a Manhattan Beach wedding on September 29, 2001. So far their relationship is said to be a blissful one. Together they are parents of 5 grown up children.

Nadine Macaluso and John Macaluso family
Nadine Macaluso and John Macaluso family

Career and net worth

Nadine started modeling in her Teenage years. She can be seen on several “Miller Lite” bear brand TV commercial during 90’s. After marriage to Belfort, she was involved in a fashion firm. In 1993 she founded Maternity Fashion Company with a partner. Later after divorcing Belfort, she moved to California to help run the firm.

Nadine Caridi
Nadine Caridi is now a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Over the years Caridi has changed her line of work. This lady has a Ph.D. in counseling and somatic psychotherapy, especially honoring the mind-body connection. She currently operates as licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in California. In her official website, she says being in the practice since 2008. Now, the information about her net worth is not available.

Nadine Caridi and Involvement in Jordan Belfort illegal activities

Nadine Caridi has not been accounted for helping her then-husband Belfort in unlawful activities. However, Belfort used her aunt who lived in England for money laundering purpose, although she did not know his intention. Also, he used Nadine’s mother as a courier for transporting large amounts of cash to Switzerland without reporting sum over $10,000 to U.S. customs. Law could have punished her before death took her life in 2001.

Nadine Caridi and Wolf of Wall Street

Former con men Belfort is no hero but a villain to many, in late 80’s and 90’s he defrauded his clients in penny stock scam causing them to lose approximately $200 million. Many lost their house and livelihood. Belfort served 22 months jail time relating to scam and his other unlawful practice. What he did was wrong, but still, it was an impressive feat inspiring few Hollywood movies as well as biopic hit “Wolf of Wall Street.” The movie is based on his memoir starring actor Leonardo Dicaprio as Belfort. Actress, Margot Robbie plays Nadine as Naomi Lapaglia.  Nadine herself has no onscreen involvement while Belfort has a cameo appearance in the final scene of the movie.

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