What happened to Jerod Sechrist from deadliest catch? His Wiki-Bio.

Jerod Sechrist is not the kind of guy to learn his lesson. The man was arrested for three different accounts of theft in a short span of six months. One of the stars of the reality TV series Deadliest Catch, Jerod worked under his alias, Captain Cautious. But in real life, Jared embodied the features of none of those words. His behavior was a source of trouble for the show which had no choice but to let Jared go. After all, you wouldn’t expect one of your lead actors to steal stuff from IKEA. In this article, we take a look at the troubling life of Jerod Sechrist.

Early Life:

Jerod Sechrist was born in 1986 to unnamed parents. Little is known about Jerod’s early life or how he found his way to the sea. The man is not forthcoming about his early life. But going from his troubles with the law, it might be safe to say that Jerod had a troubling childhood.

 Deadliest Catch ex-star Jerod Sechrist
Deadliest Catch ex-star Jerod Sechrist


Little is known about Jerod’s early life or how he found his way to the sea. He joined the reality TV series Deadliest Catch in 2016 as a crew of Commander Bill’s ship. While Jack’s skill was nothing out of the blue, he certainly knew his stuff. He made a regular appearance in the reality series until 2019. Following his problems with the law, the series had no choice but to let him go. Fast forward to now and we are sure the cast and crew were more than happy to have seen the back of Jerod Sechrist.

Problems with the law:

Jerod Sechrist has had his fair share of troubles with the law. Things reached new heights after Jerod was arrested three times in six months. His first charge was stealing silver, collectible coins, and a Rolex from an ex-roommate which he sold to a pawn shop. His second charge came soon after. He was issued a warrant for attempting to steal $800 of tools from a Home Depot in March of 2020. Jerod was spotted by a security guard on his way out and he ran from the shop dropping the bucket of items.

After getting caught by the police, Jerod revealed that he had a bad case of Heroin addiction and asked the police for their help. Jerod hammered the final nail in his coffin in November of 2019. He was arrested for stealing from an IKEA in Ybor City, Florida. Jerod was arrested in Tampa on a grand theft warrant and booked for allegedly stealing $1,034 in electronics. When he was brought in the police station to be booked, the police found a white substance in his pocket which was later revealed to be heroin.

Personal life:

Little is known about Jerod’s personal life. He is believed to be a single father to Ashlyn. According to the police, Jerod wanted to work in fishing so that he could spend more time with his daughter in the off-season. He burdened the captain with a hefty fine with his inability to tell the difference between male and female crabs.

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