Who is Moonshiner J.B Rader? His wiki-Bio, career facts.

When Popcorn Sutton passed away in 2006, people never thought they would see another legendry moonshiner like Sutton. But in the span of a few years as the moonshine industry continued to go, JB Rader stepped up as one of the new generation-defining moonshiners. One of the best moonshiners, Rader may be old but he knows how to prepare a good moonshine. He is often considered as a legend in the world of moonshine and one good sip of his moonshine is enough to tell you why. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of JB Rader.

Rise to fame:

Little is known about Rader’s early life. Akin to most of the moonshiners, Rader has spent most of his life hiding from the authorities. Even though Rader gained nationwide recognition following his appearances in the reality TV series Moonshiners, it was not his first TV appearance. Before Moonshiners, Rader made appearances in two documentaries that documented the life of Popcorn Sutton. The first movie entitled The Last One was released in 2008, and Popcorn Sutton: A Hell of a Life was released in 2014.

Moonshiner JB Rader

Over the years, Rader’s fame grew so much that he had a song written about him. Singer/songwriter, Chad Triplett wrote a song honoring the legacy of Sutton while also praising the works of Rader.

Television Career:

Already established in the world of Moonshiners, Rader grew his stature in the world of reality television. According to IMDB record, Radar made his debut on reality TV show Moonshiners in 2015 and since has regularly featured on the show. As of 2020, he has made over 28 episodes appearances. In 2020, he also featured in the spin-off Moonshiners: Master Distiller.

Laying down Sutton:

When Popcorn Sutton left the world in 2006, he mentioned Rader and a few of his friends in his final wishes. Those were the only people who were allowed to attend the funeral of Popcorn Sutton. The will read,

“In burying my bodily remains, Mark Wayne Ramsey [of the Newport fire department] shall request the assistance of Big Dave Strange, J.B. Rader, Cookie Wood, and Gary Frost. Said persons are directed to engage in the consumption of intoxicating beverages during my burial. No other persons shall be allowed to assist in or attend my burial.”

Sutton and Rader shared a special relationship and Rader learned most of the tricks of the trade during his time with Sutton. The pair met when Sutton randomly walked into the store and asked Rader to come to watch the distillery. While Rader was there to just watch, he ended up working as Sutton’s assistant.

Laying Low:

One of the most interesting things about Rader is that he has never been arrested by law enforcement agencies. He lives a minimalistic lifestyle, which has been a trademark for Rader. An easy-going guy, Rader still loves to have a drink now and then.

Pairing up with local distillery:

In 2019, South Mountain Distilling Co paired up with JB Rader to produce a new line of moonshines. The owner, Don Smith, met Rader through mutual friends and Rader came down to the distillery to teach his techniques for making moonshine. As Smith revealed,

“We showed J.B. our facility here at South Mountain Distilling Co. and let him try all of our spirits. He was impressed with the quality of products that we produced, especially our Jasper’s Shine. After sampling, we proceeded to talk some business, and after a couple of weeks working out the details, we came to an agreement.”

The team’s very first collaboration project is the J.B. Rader’s Special Edition Honeycrisp Apple Moonshine. While Rader could not stay in the distillery, he did mention that he would come down twice or thrice on a year to see if everything is being done right.

JB Rader age, nationality, ethnicity, wife?

JB Rader was born on April 17, in United States. Born under the birth sign of Aries, Rader holds American citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian origin. Regarding age and how many birthdays Rader celebrated is yet to confirm among wikiportals. However, judging by appearances Rader looks like someone in the ’70s. Also, like most of his personal details, Rader has kept secrecy regarding his married life & children.

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