Jason Hawes wife Kristen Cornell dead or alive? Her wiki bio facts.

For all the fame Jason Hawes has reached in his professional career, he prefers to keep his personal life a secret. Founder of The Atlantic Paranormal Society, Hawes is one of the stars and co-producers of Syfy’s Ghost Hunter. Even though the series was renewed for a 12th season by A&E, Hawes never returned to the set. The series is now led by the former lead investigator Grant Wilson. Hawes now leads a brand new series Ghost Nation alongside Ghost Hunters alumni Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves. While details on Hawes’s professional career are for all to see, details on his wife and children are a secret. In this article, we will examine what little is known about Hawes’s wife Kristen Cornell.

Bits and pieces:

Kristen Cornell is not a huge fan of the camera and doesn’t like making public appearances. The pair met during Jason’s early years and tied the knot on the 20th of May, 1998. In 22 years as a married couple, the pair are proud parents to six lovely children. The pair have four daughters, Haily, Satori, Samantha, and Ellie Hawes, and two sons, Austin and Logan Hawes. Even though the boys are twins, they were born 11:55 PM and at 12:19 AM. As a result, the boys celebrate their birthdays on different dates. Of the siblings, Samantha is the eldest whereas Ellie is the youngest.

Jason Hawes wife Kristen Cornell
Jason Hawes wife Kristen Cornell

Both Kristen and Jason are firm believers of the supernatural and the pair bonded over the same. While raising a child and paranormal investigations are two different things. Jason finds similarities in them. In an interview with Geek Mom, Jason revealed that the most important thing was to watch and regularly communicate with them.

“On a case, I will watch the client; their movements, their mannerisms, etc. I watch that with my children as well. It allows me to see if something is bothering them, if they are upset about something, etc.”

In the same interview, Jason also revealed that his most scary moment was being with his wife during her ultrasound when she was pregnant with twins.


A few years back, it was rumored that Jason Hawes’s wife Kristen Cornell had passed away. As new spread around the world, sentiments poured for the Hawes family. And while there were some hate comments mixed, the whole thing turned out to be false. The rumor arose from a post where Jason mentioned that his wife had a near-death experience.

In 2013, during the Christmas period, Kristen had to be rushed to the hospital for a brain infection. She was admitted into the ICU and her conditioned improved in a period of few days. Kristen recovered later that year and Jason tweeted a photo thanking all his fans for their support.

Except for one-off appearances every now and then, Kristen has never appeared in reality TV. Even when Jason jumped ship and started a new show Ghost Nation, Kristen preferred to remain on the sidelines. Even though she is a firm believer of the paranormal, she likes to leave the investigations to her husband.

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