Who is Lionel Richie’s ex-wife Diane Alexander? Wiki-Bio, Children.

While Lionel Richie has received worldwide fame for his musical achievements, his personal life is less successful. While he could not get things to work in two of his marriages, the third time seems to be the charm for him. The man is currently enjoying a loving relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Parigi. Before Parigi, Lionel was married twice, once to Brenda Harvey-Richie (m. 1975–1993) and then to Diane Alexander (m. 1995–2004). While both marriages did not work out, Lionel had some of his best years with his second wife, Diane Alexander. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Diane Alexander.

Early Life and meeting Lionel:

Diane Alexander was born on the 16th of July 1987 in the United States. Little is known about Alexander’s early life, parents and siblings. Details including or education status have never been revealed to the media. The pair met during the closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Lionel was invited to perform “All Night Long” at the closing ceremonies, and the pair began dating soon after.

Diane Alexander with her ex-husband Lionel Richie.
Diane Alexander with her ex-husband Lionel Richie.

Exposed by his first wife and legal troubles:

While Lionel has never confirmed or denied the rumor, it is known that he began dating Alexander while still married to his first wife, Brenda Harvey. It is said that in 1988, Harvey found Alexander and Lionel together in a hotel in Beverly Hills apartment after she pretended she was from room service. Following the incident, Brenda was arrested for spousal abuse, trespassing, and vandalism after attacking her husband. The People’s magazine reported the incident as,

“According to police, Brenda found her husband with Alexander and promptly drop-kicked him sharply in what everyone is delicately referring to as the ‘stomach area.’”

It is believed that Lionel called up the authorities to say that he had been assaulted by his wife. The charges were later dropped at a later date.

Marriage and Children:

Alexander and Lionel tied the knot in 1995 and stayed together nine years before calling things off in 2004. In their time together, Diane gave birth to Miles Brockman born on 27th May 1994, and Sofia Richie born on 24th August 1998. After the pair called things off in 2004, Alexander sought $300,000 a month in child support from Richie after their divorce. The divorce papers cited irreconcilable differences for the reason for the pair’s divorce. The court declaration also included a yearly expense of $20,000 for plastic surgery, $15,000 for clothing, and $3,000 for dermatology. While the amounts were certainly surprising, it was nothing when compared to the lifestyle Alexander and Lionel had. Talking to Divorce Magazine, Alexander revealed,

“[Lionel] and I had an extraordinary, extravagant lifestyle. We regularly spent in excess of $300,000 a month. We could comfortably afford to spend unlimited sums of money on everything and anything we chose. I had no limit on what I could spend.”

While Alexander worked as a waitress, dancer, and clothing designer, during her early years, she quit her job to marry Lionel. Following the divorce, Alexander has been quiet in social media and is barely mentioned by either Richie or the media.


Diane is in a happy relation with Dave Kenney since after meeting Dave in 2010. Diane and Dave Kenney (who is also the Ventura County Sheriff) stayed for five years in relation before getting engaged in November 2015.

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