Who is Guy Fieri son Hunter Fieri? His Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki facts.

Hunter Fieri takes after his father in all regards. While most celebrity kids tend to shy away from the profession their parents are in, Hunter wants to succeed his father. After all, the apple never falls far from the tree. But this is not an easy task for young Hunter. You don’t get chefs like Guy Fieri every other day, and to succeed and potentially surpass him is no joke. Regardless of the challenge, there can be no one better than Hunter Fieri to do the job. Tutored by Guy himself, maybe Hunter has what it takes to get the job done. 

A Life Away from the Kitchen

For the longest time, Hunter Fieri dreamed of being a Supercross racer. As a kid, Hunter was drawn into the world of Supercross racing and wanted nothing more than to own a bike and let loose. But over the years, Hunter’s passion shifted towards the kitchen. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and wanted to surpass him. In an interview with Delish, Hunter stated his desire to surpass his father,

“I want to follow the same path because I feel like I can kill it with that. I want it all… to open my own restaurants. “I want the restaurants and the shows and the cookbooks and more.”

Guy Fieri son Hunter Fieri
Guy Fieri son Hunter Fieri

Born with a silver spoon?

Many celebrity kids tend to follow the same pattern. They use their parent’s name and fame to shield themselves from the real world. After all, their parents can take care of everything. But for Hunter Fieri, things were very different. As a young kid, Hunter had to work for everything he needed. Similar to his father, Hunter owned a mobile food joint – The Kulinary Gangstas. The joint sold pizzas and Neapolitan pies and was Hunter’s first foray into the world of professional cooking. Even when he worked in his father’s restaurants, Hunter had to work from the bottom up. This meant that his first job was scrubbing pots and washing dishes. 


Hunter Fieri was born on August 7, 1996, in Santa Rosa, California, to Guy Fieri and Lori Fieri. He has a younger brother, Ryder Fieri, and a cousin, Jules Fieri, who are also involved in the family’s culinary adventures. His middle name is James, and he is the grandson of Jim Ferry and Penny Ferry. Hunter Fieri developed a passion for food and travel from an early age, accompanying his father on many of his trips around the world. An athletic kid, hunter played basketball, soccer, surfing during his high school years. After graduating from Sonoma Academy, Hunter studied at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration. After the success of his food joint, Hunter went off to the University of Nevada. He graduated with a degree in Hotel Management in 2019 and finished his internship under Caesar’s group of restaurants.

Reality TV

Over the years, Hunter has made a few appearances in reality TV. He often accompanies his father to red carpet events and the pair are often seen fishing together. The father-son pair are incredibly close to each other and often share lovely snaps on Instagram. Since his graduating in 2019, Hunter has started working in his father’s restaurants learning the tricks of the trade. But as Hunter time and again reminds, nothings is handed to him on a silver platter. Hunter has worked his way up in the culinary world, following the footsteps of his father, Guy Fieri. He has appeared in several TV shows as a producer, actor and self, showcasing his passion for food and travel. Some of his notable credits include:

– Guy’s Hawaiian Eats (2022): A TV series where Hunter joins his dad to explore the diverse cuisine and culture of Hawaii.
– Tournament of Champions (2021-2023): A TV series where Hunter serves as a backstage correspondent for a culinary competition featuring 16 of the nation’s most celebrated chefs.
– Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (2006-2023): A TV series where Hunter also acts as a producer and occasionally joins his dad to visit local eateries across America and beyond.
– Guy’s All-American Road Trip (2022): A TV series where Hunter accompanies his dad on a road trip across the USA, celebrating the country’s history, landmarks and flavors.

Personal Life

Hunter Fieri has found his perfect match in Tara Bernstein, a talented and driven entrepreneur, creative director, and pickleball player. The couple made their relationship Instagram official in July 2023, sharing adorable photos and videos of their happy moments together. Hunter expressed his gratitude for Tara’s support and love, while Tara praised Hunter’s energy and drive. They also celebrated their anniversary on a pickleball court, showing off their skills and passion for the sport. Hunter’s father, Guy Fieri, approves of his son’s girlfriend and says that she has good values and fits in well with his tight-knit family. 

Net Worth

Hunter Fieri’s net worth is estimated to be around $2M. This is mainly derived from his appearances on his father’s shows and his partnership with ZENB. His father, Guy Fieri, has a much higher net worth of $70 million, thanks to his successful career as a chef, restaurateur, author, and producer.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameHunter James Fieri
Date of birthAugust 7, 1996
Place of birthSanta Rosa, California
EducationUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas (BS)
OccupationChef, television personality
FatherGuy Fieri
MotherLori Brisson
BrotherRyder Fieri
Cousin brotherJules Fieri
NicknamePrince of Flavortown
First business ventureKulinary Gangstas, a mobile pizza trailer
TV shows he appeared inGuy’s Big Bite, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy’s Grocery Games, Guy’s Family Road Trip, among others
TV show he co-hosted with his fatherGuy & Hunter’s European Vacation
Net worth (as of 2020)$2M (estimated)
Height (as of 2020)N/A
Weight (as of 2020)N/A

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