O.j Simpson’s child Sydney Brooke Simpson, what is she doing now? Her bio, net worth, boy friend, family.

The daughter of Orenthal James Simpson, former NFL football star also known as ‘O.J. Simpson’ is Sydney Brooke Simpson. Her father was tried on the court for two murders, Nicole Brown Simpson who is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s mother and Nicole’s friend Ron Goldman. Sydney has been living a low-key life until now she was found in public. She has four siblings, Jason Simpson, Justin Ryan Simpson, Arnelle Simpson, and Aaren Simpson.

Read along to know more about O.J. Simpson’s child Sydney Brooke Simpson, her education background,  her biography, boyfriend, career & net worth, family, and what she is doing now.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Early life

Sydney Brooke Simpson parents are O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. Her father O.J Simpson killed her mother Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman when she was just nine years old. After the murder, she maintained a low-profile life and stayed away from media and public. According to some sources, it is said that her family moved to Miami and she got accepted at Boston University. Her father, O.J Simpson helped her with her University just like every normal dad. However, she did not have any love for her father, and some witnesses heard her shouting “You murdered my Mother” at her father.

Sydney Brooke Sympson

O.J Simpson daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Career and net worth

Despite, her father’s cruel murder act The Simpsons children did not lose hope and worked for a living. In 2010, she graduated from Boston University with a Sociology Degree. If you want to know about her net worth, you should first know what she did post graduation. After her degree, she started working as an Events Coordinator at Canoe in Atlanta. The strong independent girl also opened her own business called Simpsy LLC in 2014 after moving to St. Petersburg. Currently, she is into real estate and owns a couple of houses. She also owns a restaurant. Hence, Sydney Brooke Simpson has many sources of incomes. Her estimated net worth is $500,000.

Who are the other children of O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson?

O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson had two children Sydney Brooke Simpson and her younger brother Justin Simpson(31). Her other siblings, Jason Simpson, Arnelle Simpson(51 years) and Aaren Simpson(died on 1979) are from O.J first wife Marguerite L. Whitley. They are very close to each other and support each other.

Short Wiki of Sydney Brooke Simpson

Daughter of the ill-framed O.J Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on October 17, 1985. She is 33 years old and owns many business, restaurants and is involved in real estate too. Her height is 5feet 8 inches and celebrates her birthday on October 17.

Explore her love affair. Is Sydney married, children?

By now you have learned Sydney is popular due to her father’s fame. Nonetheless, she likes to live on her own term and keeps her life away from internet fame. She is not even active on social media and does not wish to share her personal life. Despite all the efforts, media has caught whisker about her love life. She was reported in a relationship with her boyfriend Robert Blackmon who indeed is in the same line of profession as real estate investor. Blackmon even flipped a house he bought for $38,800 to close friend Justin Simpson, Sydney’s younger brother.

Sydney Sympson boyfriend

Sydney Simpson and her boyfriend Robert Blackmon back in 2014 [Photo: Dailymail.com.uk]

Despite several reports including a claim from New York Post, on 31 July 2017, Blackmon denied dating Sydney with TampaBay. Instead told being close to her as a friend. Sydney neither confirmed nor denied their relationship. As of now, we are not sure if the two are even a thing since both have not addressed or seen together for a long time. Regarding the marriage part, Sydney is yet to tie the knot and has not given birth to any children.

Sydney Brooke Simpson controversy

Sydney finds herself surrounded controversy regarding her real estate although no proof has come out that her father paid money for the houses. Eyebrows were raised when Sydney and her brother Justin who is in the same line of the profession bought over $500, 000 worth of real estates between 2015 to 2017 which had no mortgages suggesting they were bought in cash. Meanwhile, their residential houses in St. Petersburg had mortgages. If their father who has since released from jail on October 2017  helped may result in debt fraud. Since he is yet to pay a major sum of $33.5 M to the victims family for wrongful death as issued by a civil court judgment against him in 1997.


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