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The Landry armada shows no signs of stopping and Holden Landry is the latest addition to the family. He is the nephew of Troy Landry and is working as a deckhand for his cousin, Chase. One of the youngbloods in the Swamp People, Holden stepped up after Chase lost a man halfway through the season a few years back. But fortunately for Chase, Holden rose to occassion. A quick learner, Holden quickly understands what’s expected of him and gets to it. Chase and Holden get on well, a relationship that is often visible during some of the tensest moments in the swamps. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Holden Landry. 

Early Life:

Holden Landry was born on November 10, 1997, in Louisianna, U.S. At 24 years of age, Holden is one of the youngest gator hunters in the business. Little is known about Holden save the fact that he has always lived in the swamp. Born and raised in Louisianna, Holden shares his passion for gator hunting with his cousin and uncle. He has always worked in the swamp and looks to follow in the steps of his family. Born and raised in a family of hunters, Holden seems to be the next-in-line.

Swamp People star Holden Landry
Swamp People star Holden Landry

A Family man:

Even at such a young age, Holden values his family above everything else. After all, when it comes to hunting man-eating gators in the swamp, there is no one better to watch your back than family. His love for family is not just engraved on his heart, but also on his arm. Tattoed across his forearm is the Spanish word, FamilleThe literal meaning of the word is family. 

Coloring his skin:

Alongside his tattoo of the word Famille, Holden also has a bunch of stuff tattooed across his body. He loves inking his skin and is love for the medium can be seen on his body. Some of his visible tattoos represent the swamp and his passion for gator hunting. As far as the visible part of his body goes, Holden has covered most of his arms and doesn’t have much space left. Going from the number of tattoos on his arms, Holden must have a whole bunch of them hidden in other parts of his body as well. 

Swamp People:

Holden is one of the newest and youngest cast members to join the reality TV series, Swamp People. He joined the cast as a deckhand for his cousin Chase Landry. However, Holden was forced to up his game when the Landry crew lost a member halfway through the season. This meant that the brothers not only had to get through the season but also needed to fill in their gator tags. Holden is the newest member of the Landry family to join the gator-hunting business. Holden joined the the cast of Swamp People in 2014 and appeared in 10 episodes until 2019. He shares the swamp with his uncle Troy Landry and cousins Jacob and Chase. And while Troy and Chase have been around the series since it’s inception, Jacob joined the series during its third season. 

Personal Relationships:

Despite his young age, Holden is not the one to shy away from commitment. Holden is active on social media where he shares bits and pieces of his life. From giving the taste of his swamp adventure to showering love for his family he is in for all. Other than being a supportive person Holden is a proud father and shares a son with his partner. However, there is little or no information is available about his better half.

Holden Landry son
Holden Landry son

Wiki/bio Facts:

Full name Holden Landry
Age 24
Date of Birth November 10, 1997
Place of Birth
Pierre Part, Louisiana, U.S
Profession Television Personality, Gator Hunter
Net worth Under review
Wife N/A
Kids One
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Siblings  N/A
Mothers Name Juanita Landry 
Social Media Handle Holden Landry Facebook

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