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If you are planning to go ghost hunting, then Aaron Goodwin might be your best bet at finding them. The man seems to find paranormal everywhere he goes. Which is why Aaron is always the first one to jump into the fray. In the world of ghost hunting, Aaron is one of those rare front-liners who is ready to rumble with the paranormal. His unique stance in dealing with the paranormal has earned Aaron the nickname of Zak‘s bait of choice. But if there is one thing that Aaron hates, it’s being left alone. In this article, we will take a closer look at what is known about Aaron Goodwin.

Armed with lens:

The real paranormal investigators operate differently than the ones in movies. Instead of using crosses and holy water, the investigators often use high-tech equipment to listen to the audio. But unlike most of his peers who use audio interfaces, Aaron uses a camera. He is the team’s official cameraman and travels to haunted locations around the world, documenting his experiences on a camera. Even though Aaron first joined the reality TV series to help out with primary filming and B-roll taping, he soon established himself as one of the regular cast members of the series.

Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin
Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin

Signature phrase and memorable experiences:

The number one lesson of investing on the paranormal is to be ready to be spooked. One the set of Ghost Adventures, Aaron has had his fair share of memorable experiences. The first of those experiences was at the Preston Castle, where three marks similar to the “scratches” on Bagan’s back at Bobby Mackey’s, appeared on the back of Goodwin’s left leg as he felt them. The second was much scarier as Aaron was possessed by an entity that possibly traveled from Bobby Mackey’s Music World to the site of the experiment. Aaron is also known for his signature phrase “Dude”, which he says for more than 20 times in a single episode. The increasing number count for his catchphrase is also because he is often left alone ins ghost hotspots.

Life before Ghost Adventures:

Aaron may have risen to fame following his appearances in Ghost Adventures, but he was working with a camera for a long time. Before working for the travel network, Aaron worked in the UFC as a camera operator. He was responsible for several behind-the-scenes film premieres in Las Vegas. Born and raised in Oregon, Aaron fell in love with the camera from a young age and taught himself how to edit video and operate a camera. Over the years, Aaron worked for several sporting events and also covered red carpets. So when Zak came looking for a cameraman, Aaron was in a perfect position to fill that void.

Leaving Ghost Adventures:

In 2014, rumors started circulating that Aaron was fired from the series. Richard Roscolelli came out with an official statement of how Aaron was dismissed from the series. Although rumors were strong, Aaron never really left. However, Aaron’s co-star Nick Groff retired from the show in 2014. Two years later, Aaron revealed that Nick did not choose to retire but was rather fired from the show. One of the original cast members, Aron debuted Ghost Adventures in 2008 and has appeared in 266 episodes until 2020.

Personal Life:

Aaron may be a single man now, but he was once married to Sheena Goodwin. The pair had a short-lived relationship and Aaron blamed the supernatural forces for his divorce. Aaron is now single and is looking to focus on his career rather than relationship.

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