Youtuber Gabriel Zamora Cavallari: Wiki-Bio, age, career, facts.

The Cavallari siblings are a talented bunch. While Kristin Cavallari is undoubtedly the most famous of the bunch, her siblings don’t fall short either. Of her two brothers, Gabriel Zamora is a well known YouTuber. Gabriel is known for putting out make-up tutorials with comedic commentary. He currently operates a YouTube channel under his namesake and has developed an incredible partnership with fellow YouTuber Nikita Dragun. Over the years, Gabriel has gathered a large fan following especially since he is a guy who is into makeup. While his sister is a renowned figure in reality TV, Gabriel is yet to attain the same level of fame. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Gabriel Zamora.

Early Life:

Gabriel Zamora Cavallari was born on the 10th of March 1993. He was born to Mexican parents in Los Angeles California but later moved to Texas with his parents. After graduating from a local high school, Gabriel enrolled at San Jacinto College to studying Marketing. Even though he later switched over to Housten college to study business, he dropped out of college and moved to Los Angeles.

Gabriel Zamora Cavallari
Gabriel Zamora Cavallari

Professional Career:

After dropping out of college, Gabriel began searching for jobs in LA. He first started working in the marketing industry but was soon fed-up with a routine nine to five jobs. Even though Gabriel worked in fashion stores like Zumiez, Forever 21, and Rue21, he was never satisfied. Gabriel then thought of establishing a YouTube channel and has been at it ever since.


In 2014, Gabriel decided to build a YouTube channel under his name. The channel featured Gabriel as he gave makeup tips and advice to his fans. While Gabriel is really good at he does, he doesn’t like being called a make-up star. He just wants to be a boy who loves makeup. As his channel bio reads,

“I wear makeup because I like it and its fun. I have picked up a lot of tips and tricks that I like to share. I never went to school for makeup or worked at a makeup counter or store. The majority of what I know about makeup was because of youtube. I don’t call myself a makeup artist, I’m just a guy who likes to wear makeup.”

Since putting out his first video in 2014, Gabriel has gathered over 822K subscribers and has over 26 million views.

As Gabriel rose to fame, he was asked by several celebrities to endorse their products. The latest of the lot is entrepreneur and designer Lily Ghalichi. Lily hired Garbiel as a social media coordinator for her fashion brand, Lilly Lashes. 2017 was a big year for Gabriel as he signed with MAC Cosmetics with a deal to design his own Lip Stick for a limited edition project.

Personal Life:

Gabriel is openly gay and is quite closed about his relationships. He idolized Patrick Starr back from the start and is a big fan of his work. Even though Gabriel was mixed up in a controversy with Jeffery Star, the pair have since resolved their differences.

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