Faith Teng [Kevin Beets girlfriend]: Everything we know about her so far.

Faith Teng is one of the few female miners on the television show Gold Rush, and she has shown that she can keep up with the men in a male-dominated industry. She is also a positive and supportive partner for Kevin Beets, who often faces pressure from his father to perform well. Faith is also a part of the Beets mining crew, working alongside Kevin and his sister Monica. She has earned the respect and admiration of her fellow miners and the fans of the show. Here are some facts about the gold digger with a heart of gold.

Relationship With Kevin Beets

Faith Teng and Kevin Beets are a couple who share a passion for gold mining. They have been pictured together on Facebook since 2019. Faith was impressed by Kevin’s skills and experience as a miner, and Kevin was attracted by Faith’s adventurous spirit and hard work ethic. They soon fell in love and became inseparable.

Kevin Beets and his girlfriend Faith Teng

Kevin and Faith have been dating for over two years now, and they are still going strong. They have a great chemistry and a goofy nature that makes them a fun couple to watch. They support each other through the challenges and dangers of gold mining, and they celebrate their successes together. They also share a love for video games and their cat, which they often play with during their downtime. During the COVID-19 lockdown, they spent a lot of time together at home.

Kevin and Faith have not announced any plans to get married yet, but they are very happy with their relationship. They often post pictures of themselves on Kevin’s Facebook page, showing their affection and happiness. They also appear on Monica Beets’ Instagram page, who is Kevin’s sister and a fellow miner. Monica approves of their relationship and considers Faith as part of the family.

Faith and Kevin are an example of a couple who share a common goal and a common love. They are not only partners in gold mining, but also partners in life.

Gold Mining and Television Career:

Faith Teng is not a name that many people would associate with gold mining, but she is quickly making a name for herself on the popular Discovery show, Gold Rush. She is part of the Beets mining crew, led by Tony Beets, the “King of the Klondike”. Faith joined the show in 2020 and has since become a permanent cast member and a part of the Beets mining crew. Faith works alongside Kevin and his parents, Tony and Minnie, as well as other crew members. Faith has proven herself to be a hard-working and capable miner, who can handle the challenges and dangers of working in the Klondike. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and she is always ready to take on new challenges. 

She has learned from Kevin and his family how to operate heavy machinery, such as excavators, rock trucks, loaders and wash plants. She has also shown her courage and resilience in dealing with breakdowns, accidents and weather conditions.

Faith is one of the few female miners on the show, and she has earned the respect and admiration of many fans. She has also appeared on Gold Rush: The Dirt, a spin-off show that features interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of the miners.

Net Worth:

Faith Teng’s exact net worth is not known, but we can assume that she earns a decent amount of money from her participation in Gold Rush. According to some sources, the cast members of Gold Rush make between $10,000 and $25,000 per episode, depending on their experience and role. Additionally, they also get a share of the gold that they find at the end of each season. In season 11, the Beets crew mined gold worth over $1 million. Assuming that Faith gets a fair cut of that amount, she could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nationality and background:

Faith Teng has not revealed much about her background on the show, but fans are curious to know more about her. Based on her appearance and name, it seems that Faith Teng has some Asian heritage, but it is not clear what country or region she or her ancestors are from. Some speculate that she might be Chinese, Korean, Japanese, or Filipino, but there is no official confirmation from Faith Teng herself.

Faith Teng’s nationality is also a mystery, as she has not disclosed where she was born or raised. She could be American, Canadian, or from any other country that has a large Asian population. She might have also moved around a lot in her life, as she seems to be adventurous and adaptable to different environments.

Whatever her nationality and ethnicity are, Faith Teng is a strong and independent woman who is not afraid to get her hands dirty and work hard in the mining industry. She is also a supportive and loving partner to Kevin Beets, who has been with him for several years. Faith Teng is a valuable member of the Beets crew and a fan favorite on Gold Rush.

Physical traits:

Faith Teng has a slim figure and dark hair. She usually wears practical clothing for mining, such as jeans, boots, jackets, and hats. She also wears safety gear when operating heavy machinery or working with explosives. She has a friendly and cheerful personality and gets along well with the Beets family and crew.

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